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Are you ready?! It’s time for the Dan and Phil Secret Santa!!!

Yupp! It’s that time of year again. Where the phandom all comes together to partake in the magic of gift giving :’D How warm and fuzzy~

What is the Phandom Secret Santa?
A Secret Santa is an event that randomly and secretly assigns people to each other as giftees and gifters. Everyone works hard to make a gift for the person they’re assigned to, and in return receive a lovely present of their own from their own Secret Santa! For the Dan and Phil Secret Santa 2015, we will assign people URLs and inform you of them by December 7th, and you will secretly work on and submit your gifts accordingly. 


  1. Head over to this google form to submit your name for the secret santa event!
  2. On December 7th we will send out emails on who you are santaing for!! (URLS are due by 11:59pm EST on December 6th!
  3. Please note: You do not have to ship phan in order to participate! The only thing you need in order to participate is liking Dan and Phil C:
  4. Submit your gift to us before December 23! Starting December 24th we will start posting the gifts to this blog and tagging the recipient in it.
    DO NOT POST YOUR GIFT TO YOUR BLOG. That ruins the secret Santa aspect! 
  5. Around New Years we will post the reveal sheet, in which you can then reveal yourself! Please refrain from letting yourself known until then

What counts as a gift?

  • fic (no less than 1,000 words)
  • art (a finished piece, can be uncolored but put effort in!)
  • fan video (no less than 1:30 minutes)
  • if you’d like to do anything else, just check in with us first!

More questions? Check out our FAQ! And drop us an ask if you’re still confused! Please reblog this post so we can reach as much of the fandom as possible before the participation deadline! :D

Have fun! <3

Edit: Gifts are all virtual! (Example: a fanfic, a video, art, etc.) This is NOT a secret santa in the case of getting addresses and sending your santa physical gifts. All gifts are submitted to us, and then we post them on this blog starting Christmas Eve! :D So if you were worried about spending money or giving out your address, fear not! There is none of that in this event :D

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