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There are just so many times, I can’t tell you when they happen. Selfishly they are my moments. If I broke that moment with words, it would be lost.

For a few seconds I just have to stop, it’s an uncontrollable feeling, I just freeze. Time slows down and I just look at you, take you all in.

The adrenaline mixed with love and lust creates a powerful feeling and I see you, there before me, and the moment takes hold.

The sheer beauty never ceases to take away my heavy breath, knowing what I see is mine leaves me speechless. A few seconds where I’m vulnerable, not weak, just outside myself looking in.

You don’t realise how much you mean to me. My words don’t do my feelings justice.

I process the mental picture and store it with the thousands of others. All you. All perfect. Like a work of art…


Hi! You can call me Cinnamon, I write on the fan fiction blog, @cinnamon-writing, and I’ll be running Symmrat week. This will be a week in which you can submit your wonderful Symmrat fanfiction, art, playlists, and videos! You can totally do nsfw, but it has to be under the cut. 


  • Day 1- The First
  • Day 2- Alternate Universe
  • Day 3- Angst/Fluff
  • Day 4- Role Reversal
  • Day 5- Wedding and Family
  • Day 6- WASH THE RAT
  • Day 7- New Beginnings

~Explanations and Examples of Prompts~

Day 1- The First is the first of anything. First time meeting, first time kissing, first time fighting, or of course the first time having sex together. Literally, if it’s the first of anything, it works.

Day 2- Alternate Universe is any au you can think of. College, high school, kids, coffee shop, 1920′s bootleggers, 50′s, medieval, supernatural, roommates, enemies-to-lovers (I personally detest this one but to each their own), fairy tales, zombie apocalypse, the list goes on and on. Any AU you can think of goes here. 

Day 3- Angst/Fluff is going to be either the most gritty, painful, and heartbreaking angst you can think of, or the most tooth-rotting, sugar-laced fluff ever created. On day 3, you can either submit something absolutely soul-crushing, or soul-crushingly cute. Fuck, you could do a mix of the two if you want. Give your damnedest to hurt us or make us giggle.

Day 4- Role Reversal is going to be a switch-up of Junkrat and Symmetra’s characters. Symmetra the junker and Junkrat the Vishkar agent- give us the best role reversal stuff you’ve got! This day will be super great for artists, because of the complimentary color palettes these two have going for them.

Day 5- Wedding and Family will show an insight into Junkrat and Symmetra’s lives as husband and wife, or as parents. I think we’ve all seen @raedoodles absolutely fantastic Symmrat parent stuff. It’s disgustingly cute, and I can safely say we all want more of it. Day 5 is the day where the community can come together and make more for ourselves. Though, wedding fluff and honeymoon smut is also accepted and appreciated.

Day 6- WASH THE RAT is when we’re going to divulge in this community’s favorite cliche: making that smelly-ass trash man take a bath. This could very easily be NSFW, or SFW, depending on how you take it. Does Symmetra drag him in and force him to scrub his ugly butt clean, or does she lure him in with something else? 

Day 7- New Beginnings is a very hopeful entrance into the new year. Remember, Symmrat week begins on January 9th, which coincidentally is 9 days after the beginning of a new year. I think most of us agree that this has been a very rough year, and hope for 2017 to be more positive. So, for New Beginnings, put Symm and Junkrat in situations where they’re forced to begin something new together. A new apartment, new pet, or maybe making a new invention together! Something about starting fresh, and new.


EXCITING NEWS! The Road to Nerdfighteria is announcing another open call for story submissions. As a thank you for the warm reception on our P4A video (huge thanks to John Green for giving us a shout-out in the livestream!), anyone who submits a story by December 31 will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE SIGNED POSTER from John and Hank!

As we’ve seen from P4A, there are lots of nerdfighter artists out there. We’d love to showcase your art! If you’re an artist and you’d like to tell your nerdfighter origin story through visuals as well as text, we strongly encourage you to submit your story. All art submissions will be featured on Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! 

Questions? Check out our FAQ.

Massive thank you to @sylviaodhner of @hanklerfishcomic and @feministengineer for contributing their artwork to this project!

Friends, friends, friends! I’ve made a new blog and I’m so excited about it!

Okay, so this new blog was created to the fans! There you’ll find EVERY kind of art about twenty one pilots and its members! It’s dedicated completely to the skeleton clique artists!

You can submit your arts or just ask us to reblog your posts! 

We all know that in this clique, art is something that we always support. Creating is our way of dealing with everything that we are going through. Creating is to be alive. We all know this. And together we create. We sing. We breathe.

So feel free to visit it and know more about this new blog! Hope you guys love it as much as I do. (Access it in HERE and I follow everyone back, okay? Unless it’s +18 blogs)

Thank you for the support. Love you all. 

Stay safe. Stay alive.

P.S.: If you guys could reblog this post to spread the world, I would appreciate it a lot.

Accepting requests and submissions!

Do you have a request for Spam Sunday, Man Crush Monday, or Woman Crush Wednesday? Do you have some fan art you’ve been dying to share? Do you have a fun would you rather you’d like to share?

If you answered yes to any or all of those questions then keep on reading!

Spam Sunday: Send me a ship or character through ask or private message only and your ship/character may be spammed on Sunday!

Man Crush Monday and Woman Crush Wednesday: Send me the name of an actor or actress through ask or private message only and they could be featured on Monday or Wednesday!

Would You Rather Tuesday: Send me a fun fandom-related would you rather through private message, ask, or the “submit” button and it could be featured on Tuesday!

Fan Art Friday: Submit all your wonderful fan art either through private message or the “submit” option on my page to be showcased on Friday!

This is an interactive community. If you have any questions, feel free to message me any time!

Miss us? Then we have some good news - Trump and all his horrors have brought us back to life for a special edition issue!

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, we want to remind you that loving and caring for yourself is essential. Amid all the madness and protests, the threats to your safety and rights, these needs may fall by the wayside. But when we’re led by a president who wants us to hate ourselves and each other, self-love and care are not only necessary, they’re radical.

With that, we invite you to submit your art and writing on the topic by February 10th. Send to and be sure to include the name you’d like to be credited with in the body of the email.

We can’t wait to see what you’ve got!