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How dan and Phil probably broke up #56
  • Phil: Dani Snot On Fire

HI FRIENDS!!!! do you remember a blog called nonbinarypoc that kinda just disappeared???? well i used to run that blog and i got super sad and had to delete everything etc etc etc but now i’m back! and tumblr is still struggling with an utter lack of NBPoC representation so please, submit your selfies! submit your musings! sumbit anything that’s relevant to you as a queer person of color! OR just tag your cute selfies #nbpocparty and i’ll do the rest~

HC: How Kylo shows he loves you

A/n: Thought I’d write a lil something for you guys since it’s May the 4th! Requests are still open, so if you want to send in any Star Wars stuff feel free :)

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  • To him, words meant little. He rarely ever said “I love you” unless he felt it was necessary - He preferred to show you with actions how much you meant to him
  • He would reserve his affections to little instances, not the type to make sweeping romantic gestures
  • This meant leaving notes for you to wake up to, letting you know when he would come back and how much he’d miss you
  • Putting singular flowers in the places he knew you would visit; you making a game of spotting them in peculiar places, knowing he had left them there for you to see
  • He was violently jealous, demoting those who even dared to look at you for too long. You often had to console him and tell him that you’d never leave him
  • After particularly hard days, he would squeeze you in a hug, letting his tears sink into the skin by the crook of your neck
  • He trusted you, and only you, to see him at his weakest
  • It took him a while to open up, but once he felt comfortable, he would tell you about his family life and how Snoke frightened him, placing all his insecurities and bad memories on the table for you
  • He would allow you to shoulder some of his burdens
  • On special occasions Kylo would take you to beautiful planets, spoiling you rotten with luxurious garments and food
  • It was tough for him to show physical affection at first, leaving you only with fleeting kisses and gentle touches
  • But once his walls came tumbling down, he would begin to shower you with it
  • PDA was a no go for Kylo since he had a menacing reputation to uphold, but you managed to sneak in a few kisses to his blushing cheeks, enjoying the way he squirmed in protest
  • He would force you to take gruelling self-defence lessons
  • Sometimes he would get really mad at you, seemingly for nothing
  • When you asked why he was so upset he would simply yell at you, saying you were “too beautiful” or he was “too in love with you”. Your personal favourite was that he was “a fool who submits to your lips before anything else”
  • He laughed at all your jokes, making effort to at least crack a small smile even at the horrible ones
  • During dangerous missions he would send you away, never detailing anything about what he was up to
  • And even though you hated it, he rarely filled you in on the happenings of the First Order, in fear that you would be kidnapped by the Resistance for information
  • But eventually there would come a day when his enemies learnt of how much he cared for you, and you would be taken, used as a bargaining chip
  • Kylo would go crazy, mowing down Resistance soldiers in his pure rage
  • When he rescued you he would suddenly become calm, his being filling with bliss as he saw you unscathed
  • And the most ultimate way he would show that he loves you – he would abandon the First Order and Snoke, letting go of his anger and fear and want for vengeance
  • Kylo would take you and go to live on a quiet far-off planet, never looking back

Quick thing for @springtrap-trash! Happy birthday!

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900 Followers, and an Announcement!

So, this blog has officially hit 900 followers, which is CRAZY to me because it was just how long that I was announcing 800? Or 700? Even 600 wasn’t that long ago! Now we’re nearly at 1,000! I can’t thank you all enough for this, and I honestly can’t express how excited I am that so many people love this blog.

But I can try 😉

Which is why I’ve decided to give you a heads up. Originally I wasn’t going to do this this early, but due to a recent message I got (shout out to the fan art anon!) I’m bumping up my announcement to give people some time if they wanted to create something specific. Once we hit 1,000 followers, I want to add your submissions to this blog! Alongside your regularly scheduled Pidge, every day I will post your submitted content. You’re welcome to submit anything from your own personal favorite screenshot to a piece of fan art to fan fiction. As long as it’s Pidge (and sfw!) it’s welcome!

In the meantime, to celebrate 900 followers I’m opening submissions up for pictures only. There is no limit to how many things you can submit, but please do be aware that your submission might not get posted immediately as I am currently busy at school (Pidge is on a queue, but I have to do those in batches).

If you have any questions you are of course welcome to ask me! Thank you again for 900 wonderful followers!!!

Just traced and colored it, nothing special but I thought I would show you. Keep up the awesome work. 

(Drawing belongs to shush-bot)

I’m sorry for not seeing this sooner but the fact that someone took the time to color one of my terrible sketches is just??? Incredible??? Thank you @raered123!

Hey wonderful people of Tumbler. I need help from artists who draw. I need a pen/marker or whatever which meets the criteria … Something that when used to color in a object looks like pure ink. No marks, no lines. I want the piece to look like it was printed from a computer.

Hi littles/doms

I promise to be more active , I will message all of you back🍭there’s just been some grown up things that have kept me busy but I will be posting and answering back more often, submit your drawings, stuffies or anything you’d like 🍭🍭I’d love to see it.


“Go! Styles! Go!” the crowd cheered when the match started.

Your boyfriend was the most famous boxer in the whole world and, in every state you would go together, he would have a massive crowd, sticking up for him.

He has tons of girls throwing themselves at him, but, luckily, he has eyes only for you.

He winked at you before throwing a punch directly on the other guy’s face. You blushed and your heart flattered.

He always had this kind of effect on you, and always will.

You loved watching Harry fight. Even though you were always worried in the back of your mind for his safety, he looked incredibly hot when he fought. Arms tensed and hair damp with sweat, his bak muscles in full strain when he threw an upper cut. He just always made it look effortless. But then again, that was the famous Harry Styles. Some shuffling behind you merely made you flinch as you watched in awe.

“Are you Harry Styles’ girlfriend?” A man beside you asked.

“You could say so” you rolled your eyes, not leaving your gaze on Harry.

“We should prove how much he cares about you, shouldn’t we?” he said and you could feel his smirk in his words.

“What do you mean?” you sighed and turned your head to look at the man.

Just then, you recognised him.
Harry’s worst enemy.
You knew that, anything he said, he would do, just because your boyfriend had beat him a long time ago.

He grabbed your arm roughly and pulled you away from the side of the ring. Harry still jumping in his stance not noticing your absence yet.

You were yanked out the club into the alley next door, then shoved up against a cold wet brick wall.

“Hmm, where’s this hero Styles’ then? His beloved and very hot girlfriend’s gone and he doesn’t know the difference”

You didn’t let his harsh words get to you, you knew Harry loved you and that meant more than whatever this piece of shit would say.

"C’mon baby don’t be shy. I’m sure Styles’ won’t mind if I share his girl for a while” He tried to creep a hand up your neck but you shove him off and almost into the wall behind him.

"Bad move bitch” He stepped forward and raised a fist only to be knocked back by another.

You look up to see Harry, dripping with sweat from his previous fight, swinging punches at this douche once again.

He lifted him up off the ground and onto the wall.

"You ever dare go near her again and I swear to god you’ll get worse than this” The man nodded weakly and Harry released him, letting him tumble to the floor again.

"Baby I’m so sorry are you okay?” He cupped your face in his hands and looked over yours face and shoulders, checking for developing bruises or cuts.

“No Harry I’m fine, did you just run out?” He still had his eyebrows in a worried frown but nodded. “Why Harry? You can’t just run out of your fights!”

“One minute you were there, the next you weren’t, and I couldn’t see you anywhere, so I panicked and jumped the ropes” He shrugged and you rolled your eyes at your ‘forever laid back at his own actions’ boyfriend.

Harry shook his head at you and lead you by the hand back inside, where he was greeted by loud and quite pissed off bookies and fans. He just shouted an apology and ushered you into the training room for safety.

“I’m always gonna have to keep an eye on you aren’t I?” He winked at you as he pulled a shirt over his head.

“Yeah and what do you think I’m doing when I’m watching some bloke swing a fist at your face every week?”

He now had his jumper on and training bag over his shoulder, he strolled over and swung his arm around yours.

“Yeah okay I guess, but I’m still hot though right?” He flashed a cheeky grin earning a poke in the ribs, making him let out a high pitched little giggle.

Boxers aren’t always as hard core as they seem.


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