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SVAD Prompts!

Good evening/morning/afternoon everyone! 

I have some pretty exciting news! To celebrate the upcoming ScarletVision Appreciation Day on June 1st, I want to do something fun. Sooo, since I haven’t written any fan fiction lately, I’d like to take ScarletVision prompts! Nevertheless, I will only write out ONE prompt. 

So, everyone, please submit me your prompts and reblog this post. You can submit until the 28th of May and maybe I’ll upload YOUR story on June 1st! 

I’d love to see all of your creative ideas, so don’t hesitate sending me your prompts. Love you all and let’s make it a day to remember! 

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Please evaluate these two drawing please! =3

Submitted by @windex-noises

No prob man!

Hmm… Okay you have pretty good proportions, at least they aren’t these huge Giants with tiny chicken arms. Or legs, but these two don’t have those so I have no where to stand on that. Other than that work on face anatomy. They aren’t bad by any stretch of the imagination, but the faces look a tad bit awkward. I think that’s cause of the eyes. Also necks aren’t that long. But work on faces and necks and you seem pretty much good to go!

This Week’s Requests

If you want to type one of these characters, please submit a post. :)

Arrow: Roy Harper

ER: main characters

Bates Motel: Dylan (Mod: ESXP, I think ESFP)

Fallout: Caesar,

Fallout New Vegas: Benny

Hellboy movies

Murdoch Mysteries: Rebecca James

Everything Everything: Nick Robinson

Beverley Hills 90210: Dylan McKay


Dark Crystal

Sisters 8  (children’s book series)

(If yours didn’t show up on this list, you got lucky: the mod decided to do it. ;)

  • Bitty: You're smiling, did something good happen?
  • Dex: Can't I just smile because I feel like it?
  • Chowder: Nursey tripped and fell in the parking lot.

Just some Dutch nonsense

[image transcription: Dutch phrases saying “he has played with my rhinoceros, and now he can’t move anymore”, “even the dogs in the Netherlands are tolerant”, “I have no balls”, “sleep is for weak people”, “I am decreasing the distance between my mouth and the cheese” and “why are you throwing a stone at my cat?”]

How Dan and phil probably broke up #26
  • Dan: what's the devil's surname?
  • Phil: West
How Dan and Phil probably broke up #23
  • Dan: Phil you left all the cupboard doors open again
  • Phil: godDANit