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Sweet dreams

TITLE: Sweet dreams



ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that you have an ability to choose, what you dream of as well as control, what other people dream of. You work in the Avengers tower and so far yo have kept your ability a secret.

When Loki is brought to the tower to carry out his punishment, you start noticing that he has severe nightmares and you feel sorry for him. So you sneak into his bedroom every night, when he’s asleep and change his nightmares into beautiful, peaceful dreams.

WARNINGS: none except, sorry for any grammatical mistakes. Thank you!

Opening her eyes to a new day, she smiled thinking in the sweet dream she had that night, a memory of her childhood with her siblings and cousins in little trip to a lake. While (Y/N) was preparing for the day, she couldn’t stop thinking how blessed she was to have the ability to control dreams, more like an ability (Y/N) liked to think it was a blessing gift. But she had to be really careful about it, because people tended to ask her to change their dreams, like some supposed friends in school when she was a child. That’s why (Y/N) didn’t said anything to her superiors in the Stark’s tower. She lived happily working as a negotiator for Mr. Stark, though her direct superior was Miss Potts, without having anyone asking her about her ability.

When (Y/N) was walking hours later through the corridors to go to Miss Potts office, she walked pass the Asgardian gods. She remembered well the day Loki was brought to the tower and all the stir it had raised, but as far as she could tell, the destructor of New York was trying not to cause any trouble. (Y/N) nodded to Thor and Loki, the first one nodding back as a salute while Loki didn’t even seem to realize the gesture of the woman. (Y/N) couldn’t help but analyzing his tired face, really paled and with dark circles under his emerald eyes. But she couldn’t stop to talk and kept her walking.

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