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lately I haven’t been able to post art very often except on twitter, but here are some previews of illustrations I did for two separate mystic messenger zines!

the first is for the “let’s eat!” mm food zine (preorders are over unfortunately!) but the second is for the “day 12″ mysmes zine! preorders for the latter haven’t opened yet but they will soon! I hope you’ll be able to support them both! ^^

hey y’all! i’m making my very first collaborative zine! the deadline to submit is dec 3rd! the goal is to get enough submissions 2 make a ~very cool~ free digital publication and also continue this again.

this zine is about queerness: anyone can submit, but voices of color will be given focus as they are the most marginalized.

if you have any questions, feel free to ask me on here, or email me at

when submitting, make sure you submit a name/pseudonym, title of work (optional), brief bio (optional), or contact (optional, but can be an email/blog/twitter/etc)

please reblog if you can!

Call for Submissions!!

We are looking for trans writers and artists to submit work for our zine about trans embodiment! It can be any work relating to how you define your experience as a queer or trans person. What do these identities mean to you? You will be credited as you wish, even if you wish to remain anonymous! 

You can submit to or contact us there or through tumblr with any questions! 

Please signal boost! Thank you!

call for submissions

looking for anyone and everyone who is able to draw your favorite ghost pokemon for a zine.

this zine will be used for a fundraiser for my partner’s facial feminization surgery and all of your entries will be accepted because she really likes ghost pokemon.

you will be credited unless you wish to remain anonymous.

all entries should be square aspect ratio, 300 dpi, no bigger than 10 x 10 in.

all skill levels accepted, even if you’ve never drawn before. especially if you don’t draw.

duplicates are ok, draw any ghost pokemon you feel like

the final product will be a pdf, released sooner if a certain donation goal has been met, otherwise released for free, to the public, sometime in february 2017

entry cut-off is mid december

i reserve the right to reject any entries i deem unfit or unsafe

please e-mail with subject “ghost pkmn zine”, your entry attached and the name you wish to be credited under in the filename, or with any questions you may have. you can also direct questions to my tumblr ask box.

Hello everyone! I know I’ve been quiet here on tumblr (I’m more active on twitter), but I just wanted to tell you all about the Cabin Fever Art Zine I am co-curating this with a few other amazing artists (Matt, Hannah, and Joules). I’m very excited about this zine and the amazing art we will be showcasing! 

We picked a very simple yet fun subject to base this zine off of: Winter

It’s an open submission zine where we will be taking submissions from anyone and everyone.  I’m not going to go super into detail because there is a whole tumblr dedicated to the submission guidelines, rules, and other fun info that you can check out!  

Thank you, and I hope y’all are excited for Winter ❅❅❅
VAST Zine Application
PLEASE READ: This zine is intended for non-fandom related works. This means you can include original characters, places, ideas, etc. as long as they pertain to space, space exploration, the vastness of the void (joking, but not really), etc. However, you are more than welcome to include fanart in the samples of your work! Please answer these questions as fully as possible! After submitting, please keep an eye on your email in case we send you questions c:

Applications are open! Please follow the link above to fill out and submit C: 

Chubby Anthology Volume Two: NOW OPEN!

Hey! Who want to write and draw chubby LGBTQ comics? I know I want to read and write it so lets get some artist on board with this project.

Chubby Anthology Volume Two

This time the theme is LOVE with the sub-theme being winter & Cozy. 

Chubby Anthology, Chubby Love and Winter & Cozy! Take this theme at any interpretation and diversity.

Sub-Theme final submission deadline for volume one is January 7th, 11 PM Central Standard Time (CST)

Please submit all original art and comics to

What Information should I send with my submission?

  1. name you’d like to be referred to by on the Chubbies website and in the book if your work makes it to publication.
  2. an email address we can contact you at (will not be published)
  3. you Pay-pal email address (for payment of artist profits if your work is accepted, will not be published)
  4. website(s) you would like linked with your name
  5. the titles of your submission

For further question about the Zine please see


Falling and Flying: A Destiel Fanzine

Hey folks!

We are excited to announce  the open call for our Destiel fanzine “Falling and Flying”. This is a multimedia art and comics zine that we will go on preorder in February 2017 to print in full color!

This is a non-profit zine. 

All funds raised that don’t go towards printing or shipping are going to be donated to RandomActs. 

What are we looking for?

Art, illustrations, and comics! We’re open to artists contributing multiple pieces or multi-paged works.

Unique interpretations and original work celebrating Dean Winchester and Castiel. We want to put together a beautiful collection of pieces to honor the way these boys changed our lives. Work can be canon based or any AU you can possibly dream up! 

Rights & Payment

Contributors retain full rights to their work. Intellectual property and trademarks belong solely to each creator/creative team.

Pending zine success, all artists will receive at least 2 copies of the zine.


November 4: Submission period opens
November 30: Submission forms and pitches due at 11:59 PM
December 10: Responses and acceptances sent to applicants
December 12: Full contributor list announced
December 23: The big check in
January 15: Final pieces due!
February 15: Pre-order launch!

Pitch & Submission Guidelines

There are three ways to become a contributor, either being contacted directly, submitting a pitch, or sending in a previous work.

  • Send us an email with a brief written summary of the piece you’d like to do. You may include thumbnails or sketches if you want. Send us a link to your artblog or an online portfolio.
  • We ARE accepting previous work, as long as it is in a format that suits our guidelines. You don’t have to create anything new if you don’t want to! New work is preferred, but we also understand that artists are busy. The work still must meet the required specifications.
  • We are contacting several artists directly, but if we haven’t reached out to you, this doesn’t mean we don’t want you to contribute! 

Send your applications to Please include your name, how you can be reached, and links to either your previous work or an online portfolio.

Please also feel free to send any questions through our ask box or to our email at, we will be compiling a FAQ soon.

We look forward to hearing from you!


once upon a time I made a shitty comic about coming out

Send us a piece of artwork inspired by a song that got you through this shitstorm of a year!
Email submissions to!
Deadline is December 20th!
About playlist: There are certain emotions (feelings, vibes, whatever you want to call them) that are almost impossible to describe, no matter how many emphatic hand gestures you use. Sometimes, however, a song clicks. Something about the lyrics, the melody, the voice of the singer or the key of the instruments manages to capture and re-create that mood in a way no coherent sentence can. So we’ve created this series, to convey these strange and specific sentiments as wholly as our ipods allow.

Miss us? Then we have some good news - Trump and all his horrors have brought us back to life for a special edition issue!

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, we want to remind you that loving and caring for yourself is essential. Amid all the madness and protests, the threats to your safety and rights, these needs may fall by the wayside. But when we’re led by a president who wants us to hate ourselves and each other, self-love and care are not only necessary, they’re radical.

With that, we invite you to submit your art and writing on the topic by February 10th. Send to and be sure to include the name you’d like to be credited with in the body of the email.

We can’t wait to see what you’ve got!