I think one of the stupidest things I’ve seen a customer do at my store has to be the guy who came up to the checkouts when there were no other customers up there, looked at me, the only cashier at the front of the store, standing at the only register without a closed sign, and then put his stuff on the register across from me. He stood there for a few seconds before looking at me again and saying ‘Are you open here?’

Yes. Obviously I am open at the register I am not standing at. Why would I be standing at the register I’m open on? That’s just crazy!

So something that happened yesterday. I was ringing up this woman’s stuff, and she got some flowers. They rang up at $12, and she mentions that she thought it said $7 where she picked them up. We have a policy that we can make changes for people within $20, so I offered to knock down the price for her and she says no, it’s fine, so I continue checking her out. About 30-45 minutes later, she comes back and goes “I went and checked and the flowers were $7. Can you give me my money back?” Then she proceeded to get very angry with me when I told her that she would have to go to customer service because she’d already paid on her card. Mam, I asked if you wanted me to change the price for you, don’t throw a fit because you said no!

the best nights
we had together
were getting
fucked up in a friend’s
and having couples
twerk off competitions
we’d always win
cause you had back
and gave me some,
so we’d twist our arms
around each other
to rock shots
and let our friends watch
us be crazy together,
i’ve never
felt better
than laughing
so stupidly
as i held your hand
on the car ride
home and you’d run
your thumb along
the veins
in the back of my hand
and draw
a heart
in patchy lipstick
you thought i never noticed
but i’d repeat
the pattern
on your shoulder
with my lips
as you fell
in my arms,
you always left
a mark on me
for the world to see
while i loved you invisibly -

(Written and submitted by @brokenbrushpoetry)

Last two things for tonight.

Double ask combo since I want to be able to go to bed:

Oh, well would you look at that? A nice little dagger to match the big freakin’ sword in my heart. As if the actual chapter wasn’t enough, Kakashi’s B-plot came right up behind it. I can’t take these feels man! It’s too much! *sobs in a corner*

Seriously though, Kei really doesn’t realize how important she is to everyone, does she? It kills me. I also wish Minato would stop sending her off places when it seems like she needs to be around all her loved ones now more than ever. I do feel kinda bad for him though since he seems to realize just how much he royally screwed up. Though if you don’t mind me asking, what exactly about what Kei said during the meeting with the clan heads got them so angry? Maybe I’m just being blind about it, but it does confuse me.

Anonymous said to cyb-by-lang: The Shimura clan I get but the Hyuuga clan ?? What’s got their panties in a twist ???


It was easy to say that only the Shimura and Hyuga clans are involved. But Kei made Minato reveal that he had a prominent member of the community killed without trial. Without actually bringing any evidence to light before having him taken out.

Other clans get nervous. Unless they have direct contact with Team Minato or their associates, and have a sort of social debt owed by the head of the clan, which lets Minato and Kushina negotiate directly.

And besides that, 92 was a bit rough.

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