I’m curious if anyone else experiences empathetic ‘clockout guilt’ like this… I work in restaurant and when I clock out and there are still people working, I get nauseous and feel guilty that I get to go home… full disclosure, though, I am autistic so it may just be something empaths experience but it’s something I’ve noticed about myself lately which makes me hate western society and capitalism extra hardcapc

"May writing prompt #5"

Submission from:  thecatandlavender

He leaned forward, his elbows resting on his knees. A bloody knife hung loosely between red finger in the center. His black trousers were blood soaked, dry in some spots and wet in others.

Her eyes traveled up his body, taking in his crimson smeared white shirt. It was torn across his chest revealing a large gash from his right shoulder to his lower left abdomen. It didn’t look deep but she blood running from it, being absorbed by his shirt, did not look good.

Her hand flew to her mouth as she held back a gasp.

His face wasnt better. Scarlett streaks ran from his nose, streaming from the corner of smirking bruised lips. His jaw was swollen, as if he had a golf ball stuck in it. She reached his piercing blue eyes, a beacon against all the red. They seemed to glow, eerily, like florescent lights in a black room.

She was scared.

No. She was terrified.

She took a stumbling step back and she thoughts she saw a flash of hurt in eyes before they turned malicious again.
“W-what did you do, Luka?” She couldn’t help the stutter.

Luka rolled his shoulders, tilting his head from side to side before falling back into the black leather chair. He raised the knife in front of him, holding the sharp point against his left forefinger and the butt of the hilt with this right.

He twirled it between his hands and she saw the little stream of blood run down his finger. His eyes watched it with some time of passion clouding them.

Kahli felt as if she were frozen to the spot, her mind and body at war with each other. Her mind yelled at her to run. Run far far away and never look back. But her body didn’t want to leave. Instead she found herself taking a step forward.

“Luka, please tell me what happened? Whatever it is we will deal with it. Together. Like always.”

His eyes snapped to hers, an undefiniable heat blazing behind their frozen shells. His head tilted to the side a little bit, as if he was analyzing her. They both knew he didn’t need to, he seemed to know her better than she knew herself.

“That’s the problem though isn’t it, Kahli? We can’t do this together. I can’t do the things I need to do with you next to me. Look at you now? You’re terrified of me. You think I would hurt you? That I’m that evil?”

He flipped the knife in the air, jumped up so his feet were tucked under him. Squatting on the chair like a truly insane person. He snatched the knife out of the air by the hilt with his right hand, blade point out.

He pointed the hand holding the blade toward me, a slim finger directed at her. “Breaks my heart but you see, my love, I had to do this. I had to become the man that I really am. I was weak before, blinded by love and trivial things that don’t matter. What really matters is power. It’s what everyone strives for really.

You dont put a weak man in the High Septoms seat and expect a good outcome.” He jumped down from the chair and seemed to glide over to her as if he was being carried by water.

“What I’m trying to say, sweet, is I had no choice. It was this or watch my entire life burn to ashes because I was a stupid boy. Blinded by pretty things with plum eyes.” His nose brushed against her cheek as he whispered the last words.

Before it would have made her crave his touch, drown in his love. Right now, it made her veins turn to ice and her stomach churned.

He leapt away. He gave in to the power within him, gave into his dark side. She gulped. She didn’t know what to do, didn’t even know how to breathe. She had never seen him this bad. All she felt was a frosty wave of energy, it bit at your skin as if millions of tiny needlepoints were pricking all at once.

He waltz back to the leather chair and fell back, arms rested on the sides, knife hanging from one hand, “How does that quote go again? If you can’t get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance.” She would never forget the burning insanity in his eyes, the cold air in the room, the blood soak smirk meant for her.

She turned and rushed from the room, her feet clumsy beneath her. She bumped into the corner of the wall as she turned down the stairs. The force causing her to stumble down a few steps before she caught herself on the mahogany banister.

She ran down the winding staircase as fast as her feet could carry her, slipping once her feet hit the recently waxed marble floor of the foyer.

Finally she swung the wide double oak doors wide open and was met by the chilly fall air. She wrapped her arms around her body as she took gulps of fresh air. Tears streamed down her face.

Blinded by pretty things with plum eyes.

She wanted to fall to her knees and cry until she couldn’t anymore. She wanted to stomp up there and show him what she was made of and put him in his place. Tell him to let go. Come back to them. To her. But she didn’t think it was that simple.

Lost for good this time, she shoved the thought away. He isn’t. This isn’t permanent. She needed to find Zora and Alki still. Sven and Myra still were out searching for Jayla to help find the sapphire. She had no one to help her figure out what to do about Luka. She definitely couldn’t take him on her own. She wasnt sure how powerful he was in full bloom. Or how much time she had to save him. Save him or save everyone? She knew the answer, it just wasnt the one she wanted to choose.

She took one last breath and straightened her back. She would find Zora and Alki first, then they would deal with Luka.
Walking down Luka’s stone steps she faded into the crowd of oblivious town folk. A loose cannon was on this very block. The thought made hervwsnt to laugh.

How long has it been since she was as oblivious as the rest of them? Ignorant of the danger that lurked in every corner. Her mind wanted to take her back to before her entire life changed. Before her best friend was murdered. Before her parents disappeared. Before when all her and Luka were, were two classmates who didn’t know each other.

She raised her hood to cover her raven black hair. She needed to focus. Eyeing a pair of dark sunglasses sticking out of a man’s coat pocket a few feet ahead of her. She picked up her pace and with a quick sleight of hand, a twist of her body, she was walking in front of him, sunglasses concealing her purple eyes.

She didn’t need anyone reporting her to the Blue Jackets. Pushing her hands in her pocket she walked with the crowd down the street. Even if it was suspicious to where glasses at night, she didn’t think she would be stopped.
She turned down the alley, slipping into the the darkness, lowered her hood and slipped the sunglasses into her pocket.

She looked both ways before unlocking the worn green door near a broken lampost and slipping inside. She flipped the deadbolt lock before flipping on the lights and peeling off her jacket, tossing it to the side.

She went to her fridge and took out a can of pop, breaking it open and taking a long sip. She set it on the table, walking to the cabinet to get bread, peanut butter and then the fridge for jam.

She sat at the worn wooden table, pushed into the corner of her already small, cramped kitchen. She set her food down and before slipping her phone out of her pocket, sliding into the creaking chair. She couldn’t wait to get out of this damp hideout.

She unlocked her phone and called Drako, he picked up on the third ring, “Little Bird, so glad to hear from you,” his thick Croscka accent warmed her from the events of earlier.

“Have you heard anything about Zora and Alki?” As much as She wanted to talk all her problems away with him, she had more pressing matters.


This is actually a draft from a scene in a book I’m writing but your writing prompt inspired me to add to it a bit.


“You can’t use your homemade chew necklace. It looks disgusting.”
“But I chew on stuff. It helps with my nail biting.”
“Well I like chewing on pen caps but I don’t.”
Managers at my old job that I got fired from after an explosive meltdown. 

Like, no. Habit and need are not the same. Your “stimming” is habit. I chew on everything because it’s a stress response. I can’t stop it anymore than a hamster can stop biting their cage bars. I literally suffer from dermatophagia because I get so stressed during an average work day and you’re telling me I don’t “need” a chew necklace? F**k you, former managers. I’m glad I left.

Submitted by @vampiregirl2345

Heya kai! Thoughts on me Stahl? I’m thinking switching qr3 as a seal opening his B slot for idk and maybe also his A skill
Thanks for everything you do!

He’s pretty solid! Obviously close defence is an option when you can get it, though I would like to suggest brazen atk/def now that it’s at 4 stars from ares, which means he’s gonna be bulkier once out for QR. I’d suggest swordbreaker as an option, or axebreaker to help beat axe units like Amelia

Activity ??

I wanna keep this blog active, even if it’s not me posting wrtitings so I’m thinking maybe posting submissions people can send in. Or maybe have people write little blurbs through the ask box. Or mini “blurb” requests throughout the week. Not sure, but I want to be active & make friends here :))

Let me know if anything sounds interesting because at one point I hit 200 followers which is pretty damn cool

(obviously one thing i plan on doing is reblogging more posts)

Nomad Of Remnant (Continued)

Okay so I previously submitted a post about Winter and Skout swapping bodies somehow, but now that I’ve watched more NON I’ve got more ideas for this au;

Winter is super confused at first when she tries to use her semblance but nothing happens which is how she figures out something’s wrong. When she tries to fight a monster of some sort that shows up, she’s shocked when she gets cut because she expected to have her Aura. Meanwhile Toth is freaking out about ‘Skout’s safety because of that until Winter, in typical Winter style, completely destroys the monster whilst being extra as H-E double hockey sticks and makes Toth freak out for an entirely different reason. When they have to report back to Don Paragon, Winter mumbles about how he reminds her of Whitley and actually gets his attention because of 'Skout’ suddenly having amazing fighting skills which leads to 'Skout’ being promoted to an actual solider, and when Red makes his usual snide comment about Skout because of that, Winter kicks him into next week. So Winter joins the hunt for the Nomad, although when she actually sees his magic she’s like “Yeah that’s cool and all but I can summon literal monsters.”

Meanwhile with Skout, she’s absolutely terrified at first but when she realizes she’s in the middle of always snowy Atlas she begins to nerd out because she’s actually never seen snow before, so Ironwood goes to find 'Winter’ only to see her just quietly standing in the snow, catching snowflakes on her tongue and happily ranting about how she’s only read about snow. Ironwood asks if she’s okay and when 'Winter’ freaks out and asks who he is in Skout’s adorable Southern Accent, his general response is “I HAVE SEVERAL QUESTIONS” and when Skout explains everything to him he so Ironwood takes 'Winter’ to Vale (and Penny is probably also there because this is an au where NOTHING BAD EVER HAPPENED. EVER.) so Ozpin can figure this out, and when Weiss gets all excited to see her sister (not knowing about all of this) she’s stunned into silence when 'Winter’ waves happily, takes two steps, then trips over a rock or something and falls on her face then grumbling “I’m such a dunderhead…” which quickly tips her off. The rest of team RWBY meets 'Winter’ with varying responses. (“WOW your accent is so cool!” “Huh so your sister is possed or something? Cool.” “Pfft- I really wish this was actually your sister, she’s awesome!”) At some point Skout meets Penny and says 'You look just like me!’ which confuses Penny to no end because 'Winter’ looks nothing like her.

Also just some bits that would happen in this AU;


'Skout’: Firstly, I am not a Scout. Secondly, I suggest you stay back so you do not get hurt.

Toth: *o-o* wut

'Winter’: So, why do you like yer’ sister so much? She seems kinda’ like a stick in thuh’ mud.

Weiss: Well… She’s really strong, and brave, I always wanted to be like her…

'Winter’: Reckon I could meet 'er som'day?

Weiss: Maybe, maybe…