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Teen Top ENG SUB Masterlist

I thought I’d create a master-list of places you can find good English subtitles for Teen Top videos, so here we go.


Teen Top Shows & DVDs

Reality / Vareity 


I worked hard to compile this list so please tell me if you want anything added, if you have any questions or if this simply helped you!

It makes me sad that it’s been so long since Teen Top debuted yet there are still so many Teen Top “fans” that hate on Niel for the amount of lines he has or the tv shows he gets. He’s already said that he begs producers to give his members more lines and that there are shows he goes on that he doesn’t want to do. He works so hard and he promotes his group every chance he gets. It makes me sad to see him have to tiptoe around his own groups fans just so they won’t hate on him more.