I re-watched one of Chinchi’s art streams and when you two were talking about how Virus gets attached to things and Codex is just kind of like “Meh” and when ice cream was mentioned I was like “I have to make this a short comic” so this was made XD.

—TheNobles’ Reaction:

PFfffft! Yes, Thank you! This is one of our favorite events we made up for them. Thank you for drawing it!

What Is This?

Last night, this video was posted into my submissions anonymously. I have not played it, as I felt it was likely a virus, or spam. However, I wanted to know if anyone else have received anything similar, or the same. If you have, please either message me, or like this post. If you have played it, please let me know the outcome. Thank you.

Please reblog this so it can reach a wider audience. Stay safe, guys.