We cannot escape every pain, heartbreak, and disappointment. No matter how hard we attempt to isolate ourselves, pain will still find you. Rather than fear it, embrace it. Let life teach you what you do not know and with its lessons, you will grow. It’s very easy to say, difficult to do, however I believe in you.
—  anthonycq 

We’ve just finished an arena fight and are drinking in a bar with drinks paid for by the king.
Me: So, who’s ready to get drunk and hit on NPCs?
Dm: Oh god not again…
Me: I walk up to the bartender, wink, and start flirting.
Rogue: What do you say?
Me: What’s your AC? Cause I want to hit that. *rolls* 19.
Dm: *rolls* …9…
Rogue: Roll athletics!
Me: *rolls* 18. See you guys tomorrow!
Rogue: Have fun!

I Cali, and i love my hooman! sometimes he close door and accidentually leave me out of room (silly hooman, what he do without me!), so i go UNDER door! is genius! hooman not impress. he jealous of kitty flexiability! but he still give me scritches (even if have to yell to reminds) and foods, so i love him! even if he stoopid, he my responceebilitie and fren!


So, apparently, the lavabending we see in LOK (Ghazan’s at least) is somewhat inspired by the bājíquán martial arts form which uses a lot of elbow and knee strikes.

As for Avatar Jafar and why he’s using something akin to waterbending form I can provide some possible explanations:

  1. Avatar Jafar just has more bending/elemental knowledge (Even if the URN citizens know how to incorporate other bending forms into their style, not many benders in the URN stick to traditional forms. Beside, Ghazan and Bolin grew up in the EK/United Republic of Nations which is heavily influenced by the Hun gar/earthbending style of fighting. Although we see some airbending influences with probending, most URN bendrs seem to stick with an earthbending-influenced style).
    1. Interestingly, Unalaq, the Water Tribe Twins, and Tonraq all seem to have an earthbending-based fighting style despite not being from the URN. I bet we can attribute that to cultural and environmental influences.
  2. Bending lava from a volcano isn’t the same as bending lava out of the earth. The lava in a volcano flows more freely and does not need to be coaxed from the earth.
  3. Going along with the second point, it could also be that the Avatar State just makes bending lava easier, and because of that Avatar Jafar can have an easy time using waterbending form to bend the lava.

I would have definitely loved to have people bending lava like a waterbender though.