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Another request of @jazzzasaruss: Date Night Shallura

So, they’re having a movie night in a pillow fort. Shiro just has to show her Star Wars, ok, it’s a requirement.

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Submitted by @hemmosidal: “I saw this and couldn’t help myself. (Does this still count cause it’s irl manga? Idk. Oh well)”

  • Widowmaker: (In a match with Soldier 76 on the other team) Are you upset you don’t get to be on the same team as Morrison?
  • Reaper: Have you ever played a game with Morrison?
  • Widowmaker: No.
  • Reaper: Have you ever gone into a steel cage with a Wolverine?
  • Submitted by LegendWeaver

Submission from anon who wanted to talk about the four letter ship system in the Invader Zim fandom! Thank you!

Caption: The first and third letters are the Character’s initials and the last letter is the type of relationship in your story/art/whatever :>

So, ZADF is Zim and Dib Friendship, and ZADR is Zim and Dib Romance, and ZADE is Zim and Dib Enemies.  I hope this helps!

yfip: anders and sebastian romances
  • where are their romance favors
  • anders deserves something nice and red like fenris and isabela get
  • and sebastian should have a full magical girl transformation like merrill
  • even though his armor is already so shiny i don’t know how it could get better
  • bioware please i’m just a sad console player who wants to show all of kirkwall how much i love my boyfriends
  • and you won’t let me, bioware

nicole submitted:

Hello minty! Hi nacho it’s me kitten!anon here to submit you this…. I’ve planned to go as your Chara because… why not? This May at  Bon Odori… also one more thing….. how long is the knife that Chara weilds?

This looks so cute! I am so so so excited to see your cosplay come this May. Be sure to share it! Chara’s knife is 12 inches long: the hilt is 5 inches and the blade is 7 inches. I actually have a perfectly safe fake version of it (perfect for cosplay!) that I got on ebay! You’ll have to paint it to make it look less like a toy knife.