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PART ONE: How about, Soldier 76 with a female S/O who's a hunter? S/O knows she's a great hunter, perhaps uses a sniper rifle as a weapon? Anyway, so maybe S/O has known 76 since before the fall of Overwatch, and worked by his side. The two are just now meeting after years, and S/O knows 76 is a vampire. Though, S/O never hurt him, because she had loved him for a long time, despite her factions wishes for her to kill him. They meet just as S/O is finishing up a hunt, and perhaps NSFW follows?

“ PART TWO:As far as kinks go, dominant reader, submissive-ish 76, and (I KNOW THIS WOULDNT WORK BC VAMPIRES ARE SKINNY BUT) chubby 76???? Like, a bit bigger than typical “dad bod”??? THANK YOU I LOVE YOU SO FUCKIN MUCH AAAAAAAAAAAA “

Soldier 76′s slot is now closed!

The slots left open are for Genji, Pharah, Reaper, and Tracer.

There’s one for Reaper I’m debating on, but feel free to still send in prompts for him right now!

Swapped AU

During a mix-up at the hospital, Characters A and B were switched at birth and went home to different families. This becomes a problem later in life as Character A (a human) grows up in a household of demons, and Character B (a demon) grows up in a family of demon hunters. So while Character A eagerly awaits the day when their horns will finally grow in, Character B is having to find new and clever ways to keep their demonic form at bay.

  • Mikuni, about Tsurugi: I may have had… briefly, mind you… stirrings.
  • Johannes: Stirrings?
  • Mikuni: Stirrings.
  • Johannes: What, like…feelings, you mean?
  • Mikuni: No, no, no, no, not quite all the way to feelings. More like… all right, feelings, damn you.
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Ah geez! You’re so sweet! 💖 I haven’t had one of these since what-? Grade school??? Aha- It really takes me back. Thank you so much!! Happy Valentine’s day to you too! ☺💕


@sleepyfan-blog sent me a wonderful ficlet based off of one of my fanarts! =D
aaaaaaaaaah ♥♥♥ thank you hon, I love it!
it’s a beautiful fix-it!!!

Characters: Haytham and Connor Kenway

Warnings: canon-typical violence, AU – Haytham lives

Words: 2,322

Based off of this.

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