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So, we find out there’s a little sweets shop on the edge of town. So—we go. And—it’s closed. So there’s me and my mates breaking into that little sweets shop, eh. Well, instead of a dog, they’ve got this bloody great big rainbow tiger. I managed to take out the tiger with a phial of vitriol, but the shop owner and his son… That’s a different story altogether. We had to beat them to death with their own shoes.
—  Random adventurer overheard in the Quicksand.
I'm not your meme source

I’m not your meme source, I love rebloging memes but it’s so disheartening when I reblog one and then EVERYONE on my dash starts rebloging it from me and I don’t get any back. Yes, some memes you can’t send back; but if it’s a headcanon symbol meme, a munday meme, a fmk, or even a ‘tell me what you like about my rp style’ SEND IT BACK TO ME FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! It makes me feel like you don’t even value my interactions when you just use me for ask memes. And lemme tell you how that feels: not good.

Send me a ship and I'll tell you.. (KITCHEN/COOKING HABITS)
  • Who washes the dishes by hand and who uses the dishwasher?
  • Who cuts vegetables, fruit, etc by hand and who uses the easy to use chopper?
  • Who pours the cereal into the bowl first and who pours milk before the cereal?
  • Who buys/drinks bottle water and who uses/drinks from the tap?
  • Who hoards disposable containers and who throws them away?
  • Who buys milk in a paper carton and who buys it in a plastic jug?
  • Who picks paper bags and who picks plastic bags after grocery shopping?
  • Who HOARDS the plastic bags and who recycles them?
  • Who hoards salt/pepper packs, togo silverware and other togo condiments?
  • Who lets the garbage can overflow before throwing it out?
  • Who gets annoyed when someone doesn’t use the clips for the potato chips?
  • Who uses paper plates?
  • Who uses coasters?
  • Who licks the spoon/butter knife after they use it?
  • Who loses the bread ties?
  • Who kicks the ice under the fridge when it falls on the ground?
  • Who constantly cuts/burns themselves when they cook?
  • Who organizes the spice rack?Who uses the microwave more?
  • Who stops the microwave one second before time's up?

I swear I am not IGNORING you. ever. unless you have given me a reason to not reply to you, I swear that I am never purposely not replying right away. real life is a thing, and I know it can become overbearing when someone doesn’t reply fast, but I promise from the bottom of my heart, I’m 100% NOT ignoring you.

-- psa.

I’m ALL for cute things. you have a cute plot for me? send it to me! you have a love for adorable scenarios? hell yes! you wanna make your mean muse deal with a cute situation? fuck yeah! I’m all for things that create NEW EXPERIENCES for our muses, so don’t be too shy to come up to me with ideas! 

“And then he called me a stupid cactus! Would you believe that?”
“I know right?! Just because I’m a succulent doesn’t mean I’m some stupid cactus!”

Ochara likes to associate himself with roses because of having thorns and feeling important and gets angry really fast when someone points out the truth. Then again pretty much everything makes him angry, he’s worse than an angsty teenager and just complains about everything ever. Others like to make fun of him because of how easy is to make him angry :>

Ewoqi is mute, so he can’t exactly talk back, but for some reason still tolerates Ochara and enjoys his very undemanding company.


imagine being with harry and you are at like a gathering with your family and he keeps referring to you as your bedroom name (kitten, petal, etc) in front of your family but they dont realize whats going on and when you get home its crazy wHAT HAVE I DONE please do a smut like this

It’s probably embarrassing for you first because you think that your family will get it but after a few times of hearing “kitten” by him, using his sexy deep voice which he usually use just while he fucks you, you’re getting angry. It’s having this kind of influence on you that you keep staring at the table and not talking to anyone because you can feel how wet you are. It’s making you so horny and you’re starting to imagine some things that you shouldn’t because every member of your family is wondering why are your cheeks so red.

In the car you’re quite and you don’t do anything still because you want to give it back to him as bad as you can.

But when you get home you go first to your bedroom where there’s a lot of your lingeries. You undress your summer dress but keep your heels on your legs because you know how much they turn him on.

“Babe” he shouts from whatever in the house he is.

You don’t say anything in return and stay in front of the mirror, still checking how you look. You don’t hide how much you love your body and this is what he likes so much about you. You’re confident enough to take his compliments.

“Babe” he shouts again.

You decide to keep silence and the results are soon standing in front of the door, eyes popping up from his eye holes and lip bit.

“What, Harry?” You ask with an innocent voice and you start walking to him. “Need help with something?”

“Umm…” he starts but he’s unable to continue because your hand is on his a crotch now.

“Need help with making me wet while we’re meeting my family and having dinner? Or with calling me kitten in front of every single one of them? I think you already did both. So what do you need help with?” you whisper in his ear.

“Stop, pet, you’re getting yourself in trouble right now. Get dressed and go brush your teeth.”

His voice is husky and you can feel how hard he is even trough his jeans. But he deserves it so you move your hand under his boxers and get on your toes to kiss him.

“What do you think for a blowjob with a lot of teasing?” you ask.

“And what do you think of getting your butt spanked?”

His fingers tingle in your hair and tug slightly but enough for you so you can’t reach his mouth.

“Please…” You beg, biting your lip and making him angrier while he looks at your underwear. “Daddy.”

Calling him like that is the last drop of the cup and he pushes you to the bed. You try to kiss him again but this time is unsuccessful too and you end up lying on his lap, waiting for your punishment even tough he was the annoying one.

“Count” he demands and his hand rubs your ass cheeks before smacking them.

“One” you say, wondering how many of them are you going to get.

He slaps you again, this time harder.


He get rid of your panties and you can hear him smell them.

“Always tasting so fucking sweet.” He says before his hand smack your ass again.

“Three.” You moan, reaching down for you clit.

“What are you doing?” He asks you and his hand freezes on your ass.

You remove you hand and put it back down on the bed.

“Nothing” you say, trying to avoid what is coming.

“Tell me, babygirl, what are you doing”

“Nothing” you repeat.

He smacks you one more time, the hardest of all times before and rub your cheeks, squeezing them hard.

“If you tell me now, i won’t spank you with my belt.”

“Just… Touching my clit.” You try to explain.

“Fine” he says, lifting you up and starting to undress himself. “You want pleasure, i’ll give it to you. But i’m warning you - you won’t be able to sit in the next three days.”

You bite your lip as you see his cock, amazed of his length like every single of the hundreds times you saw it.

“C-Can i ride you?” you ask, wanting to take control just for once.

“Sounds like a good idea, kitten, but not this time. I’m going to destroy your little wet pussy now. Get on yout knees and turn to face the wall.”

You do as he say so and soon you can feel his cock rubbing at your entrance.

“Please” you beg him and you almost reach down to touch yourself because you can’t wait anymore.

“Please what?” He asks, his hand smacking your ass.

“Please, daddy.”

As soon as the words fall of your mouth his cock is deep in you and he’s trusting rough. His fingers are tingled in your hair once again and his grip is causing you slight pain in the scalp every time he trusts in you.

“Tell me what you want.”

“Touch my clit” you beg, almost reaching heaven.

“Kitten, you’re so needy for me. I like it.” he says as he starts rubbing slow circles on your clit and soon you both reach your orgasms.

“Fuck.” You say as he lies next to you in the bed, exhausted.

“Yeah, imma fuck you all night, don’t worry.” He says with a cocky smile and sits up, finally kissing you.

-- psa.

Let’s touch on something IMPORTANT, if we could?? Because I keep seeing a LOT of this in the roleplay community and some people are just too dense to understand it soooo –

When you send someone in a COMPLIMENT on their blog – be it for their writing, characterization, for who they are as a mun, etc. Whatever it is. You are sending a COMPLIMENT. You are sending something to be APPRECIATED and that deserves to be ACKNOLWEDGED. You are kind, for taking your time out of your day to compliment someone and make them feel great. It is an amazing thing and should be promoted more.


Some people take this as a LIBERTY to approach the person against their rules – now, hear me out. Let’s say, if they are NOT mutuals, but they send in a COMPLIMENT and the mun answers it, THAT DOESN’T NOT PLACE THE MUN UNDER ANY OBLIGATION TO INTERACT WITH YOU.

You are sending in a COMPLIMENT because that’s how you truly feel, not because you want to CHARM your way into interaction. You cannot send in nice things and then when they don’t want to interact, get both petty and pissy with them. It just isn’t right????? That’s like giving a GIFT and then getting pissed off when they don’t give you something in return – they are under NO OBLIGATION TO GIVE YOU A GIFT. Especially if you’re breaking their rules.

Valentine's Day Question Meme!

Send for an answer!

😗: Are you single or do you have a date?

👗: Do you like to dress up for Valentine’s Day date? Or dress up in general for the holiday?

😈: Expecting to get laid or spend a night alone?

💋: Expecting a kiss on Valentine’s Day?

🌺: What’s your favorite flower? How do you feel about roses?

🍒 Do you prefer chocolates or flowers? If neither explain what you would like on Valentine’s Day!

🍫: Do you like chocolate? If so, which chocolate do you prefer?

💘: How do you feel about Valentine’s Day?

📔: Did you celebrate Valentine’s Day as a child/teenager? Did you ever receive Valentine’s Day when you were younger? Do you still do?

✏️ : How do you feel about love letters? Ever received a love letter? How do you feel about those Valentine’s Day cards that children use in school? 

💕: What is your ideal/fantasy date? 

🍜: Do you prefer a fancy dinner, casual dinner or stay at home dinner when on a date?

💔: Were you ever dumped or rejected on Valentine’s Day?

💝: Do you have a valentine? Crush? Someone you like?

🎆: Are you going to send a Valentine to anyone? Secretly or out in the open?

🎬: What’s your favorite romantic music?

🎤: What’s your favorite romantic song?

🍬 Lastly, how do you feel about sweethearts aka candy hearts/conversation hearts? 

Story hooks that start on an Inn! (That aren't just "meeting at a bar")
  1. Your party goes to sleep. They get woken up to find a group of bandits in the room. Turns out, the Prince of the neighboring Kingdom is staying at the room just next to yours, and there is a price on his head.
  2. After paying, you get settled in your room. When you set your armor in the chest, the bottom gives away and you find a little girl tied up, looking up at you with wide, terrified eyes.
  3. After spending a splendid afternoon in town, looking at the attractions of the local festival and singing merry with the other patrons, when you step out of the Inn the next day the town is completely in ruins, and it has been like so for quite a while if the skeletons are anything to go about.
  4. Every day at the same time, a bedraggled man enters the Inn and takes a loaf of bread and a jug of water from the counter, sits at the side of the fireplace, and eats quietly. He ignores you when you approach him. Except that the next day, everybody in town ignores your existence. When the man comes back to the Inn that day, he looks at you and whispers “I’m so, so sorry”
  5. There has been rumors that dead people are coming back to life spontaneously, just attacking everything in sight. You don’t pay attention to them, but when you look outside the window, you can see suspicious figures flitting around. And some patrons are not looking healthy…
  6. After spending a night in town, you are constantly plagued by nightmares of it’s eventual destruction. One day, a traveler arrives in town that feels familiar to you, like you saw them in a dream…
  7. After a rowdy night, you are helping the Inn owner clean the main hall. He asks you to please take some stuff back to the larder, and you do, but before leaving, you catch a sickly green light coming from the back wall.
  8. You wake up with a huge headache, and stand up. When you see your bed, there is a dead body that you don’t recognize, impaled with you weapon. Just then, a group of guards open the door.
  9. Rifling through the Innkeeper’s office, you stumble upon the King’s signet ring. The ring that was supposedly lost after the King died in mysterious circumstances.
  10. You are drinking merrily with the rest of the Inn’s patrons when there is a sudden earthquake. Once everything is settled down, looking through the window you don’t recognize the place you are in, hell, you aren’t even sure you are still on the same plane/planet.

Looks like they found a new lookout spot.

*You hear a familiar melody. Join in?



Oh my gosh!!! Ok, so as soon as I saw this the shape tricked me for a second and the frame of the drawing made me think this was a picture of embroidery art.

I like so,so much the colors you used! I mean, look at that sky! Thank you so much aaaaa!

Oh! And Pumpkin sure is going to join in whatever, they are going to watch the sky and find made up constellations, because none of them are very familiar with sky stuff anyway.

Fire Emblem Fates Private Quarters sentence starters

“Did you need some music to relax to?”
“I would love to hear the story of how you fell in love…”

“I’m glad we’re finally getting the chance to know each other.”

“Is this about the thing I broke? I am SO sorry!”

“I brought you a snack…Oops.”

“thanks for inviting me over…and for not asking me to clean your room!”

“Thanks for always being so nice to me…”

“I know we’re friends, but I’m still happy to work for you.”

“I’ll always walk by your side. And hopefully not trip you constantly.”

“Care for a cup of tea? I brought a hot kettle just in case.”

“I though you might be famished, so I brought you some refreshments.”

“Do other guests get the same sterling treatment here?”

“When we’re together like this, it feels just like old times.”

“Would you mind if I hide out here awhile?”
“Thanks to you, I am still alive. Thank you, my friend.”

“I shall dedicate every waking moment to securing your health and happiness.”

“I hope you like talking about animal husbandry and cooking…”

“I’m not sure it’s good for me to be seen in here…”

“Teaching you to pick a lock won’t take long, but I gotta ask… Why?”

“I can think of a few people who’d hate to see us being friendly like this.”

“Y'know, if things had turned out differently, we could have really gotten to be friends.”

“I’m glad you invited me here. I really needed a break.”

“If this is how it is, I’ll get my slippers. We can all cuddle.”

“What’s with all the racket in here? Are you playing the drums or something?”

“Why did you invite me here again?”

“I finally feel like I can trust you. What? It’s a compliment!”

“I Really appreciate you offering to help. You give the best advice.”

“Your room is so nice… Thanks for giving me a tour.”

“If you don’t mind, maybe we could spend more time together. Is that selfish?”

“You make me want to try my hardest to be a better person!”

“You sent for me? Well, I’ve got a few questions to ask you too.”

“That seemed completely pointless, But I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.”

“I’m sorry that you’re totally wrong about everything.“
“I know you wanted to talk to me about something, but I forgot what it was…”

“I wonder how you’d look in something new?”

“I don’t like being inside. I’d rather be outside training.”

“Shall I perform for you? Reciting poetry is one of my gifts…”

“My room was dark. You don’t mind if I sleep in here…do you?”

“Do you have anything to eat? I’m starving!

“I really miss my family sometimes…”
“Hey if you’re ever lonely… I’m here.”

“I’ve never felt so taken care of. I wouldn’t mind coming here more often…”

“Ok. Let’s hear your latest knock-knock joke. I hope it’s good.”

“You’re not going to lecture me on my temper again, are you?”

“I Brought some more face paint like you asked.”

“It’s brave to summon me when I’m all worked up. Are you ready to fight?”

“I’d be glad to help you with some chores. It’s no trouble at all…”

“Nothing is more important than training, but I suppose one must also rest every now and then.”

“Did you have a long day? Let me rub your head.”

“Just tell me who I need to kill to make you happy, sweetie.”

“What are you doing? You’re obviously not studying.”

“Are you ready for our tickle fight?”

“I’m planning to chat up some girls later. Mind if I run some lines by you?”
“This has been fun, but I need to get in some dance practice today.”

“You know what would look great on you? The blood of our enemies!”

“Next one I slay in battle is all for you!”
“You’re not going to make me play that game again, are you? I won fair and square!”

“I brought the poison like you asked. Do you want to taste it? A sip won’t kill you.”

“You didn’t summon me here to braid your hair, did you?”

“Who did you want to exact revenge on this time? Go ahead… you can tell me.”

“You seem nervous. Was this meant to be a date?”

“If you don’t have anything planned for tonight, I can think of a few suggestions…”

“It’s so revealing to see your room like this.”

“I’d offer to give you a massage, but…. I might break you.”

“You need a jar opened or something? No problem.”

“I am ready to administer Justice!”

“Tell me…. Does a vigorous romance keep you young at heart?”

“I hope you’re grateful to have such a safe haven.”

“I don’t know why…but I get exited every time you invite me over!”

“This was fun. Ok, bye.”

“Your room is looking really clean. Here. Let me sprinkle some dust around for you.”

“I’m ready to plan our next prank. So who’s the unlucky guy this time?”

“Kind of you to have me over. and not to clean, right?”

“May I assist you? We must keep your things in working order.”

“I’m here! Where are the appetizers? What kind of party is this?”

“It’s so weird to be a guest and not the host. I think I like it!”

“Your party games are the silliest. I’m taking notes…”

“I don’t need any divine insight to know we’ll always be friends.”

“I’m home! Are you going to ask me about my day now?”

“I’ve been rehearsing our duet. Should we do some vocal warm-ups?”

“Are you going to show me your drawing? I’d love to see your artwork.”

“Are you going to teach me that tune you were whistling?”
“I just clocked out. This won’t take long, will it?”

“Shall I brew you some coffee now? I could use some too.”

“I have up on a nap to come visit you… and I’m glad I did.”

“Are we here to chat, or is there something I should be apologizing for?”

“I’m glad we got to talk. It helps me forget about the bad stuff.”

“I picked some fragrant herbs for you… wanna smell?”

“So are we going to hang out…together?”

“Maybe i’ll bag a bear soon. I’ll bring it here if I do!”

“I came all the way here, so you better make it worth my while. A few cupcakes will do the trick.”

“Why would you invite me over during snack time? Snack time is sacred!”

“Let’s play! The floor is hot lava. Quick! Jump on the bed!”

“I didn’t realize this would be such an…informal…get-together”

“Is it customary for people to spend together time like this? I wasn’t aware…”

“You summon me here / For some poetry lessons. / Too bad you’re hopeless.”

“How very tranquil it is here. I wish the world was the same.”

“Wow. This room really IS a mess. You should really let me help.”

“I hope I’m the only one you invite back here….”

“I know I don’t NEED to put a spell on you…but I think I’m going to anyway.”

“May I look at your book collection again?”

“I wish you’d let me help you decorate. Some of these fabrics are so dreary!”

“All right, here’s my greatest beauty tip: love yourself, no matter what ugly things other people say.”

“Did you just invite me here to tease me… or what?”

“We’re not planning on staying up all night telling each other ghost stories, are we?”

“Anytime you want to clean, just ask me! We might find some lint!”

“Your room is huge! There’s tons of space to play!”

“I love hearing about your dreams.”

“I swear that when I achieve true transcendent power, I will use it in your service!”

“I’m here for my singing lessons. I know… I’m hopeless!”

“Do you want me to do the cheer-up dance? It will turn your frown upside down!”

“Whew…it’s hot in here! I’m just gonna take off my–Oh, sorry. Is that not appropriate?”

“You know what this place needs? Kitten posters!”