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Whoo hoo it’s finally done!

This is my entry for the Specter of torment art contest! I wanted to do a fun cafe scene and it was quite the challenge to get this up and running in time but I’m glad I got to try. I’ve seen so many other entries and I’m so excited for everyone, and I wish you all the best! Please zoom in for details


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There is a certain spot in the cave that is perfect for brooding. The glare from the monitors offers dramatic lighting, the bats’ screeches echoes just the right amount, and it is directly in line of sight of all entrances. Everybody knows this; everybody has used it from time to time. So after an especially intense night of crime-fighting, they race to the cave to get there first. If they don’t? They. Will. Wait. In. Line.

(Submitted by @fidothefinch)

I drew and painted this in one of my journals. It was inspired by the works of Gustav Klimt. In the original painting that was similar to this, the woman in the painting seemed to be naked but maintained composure. It really stood out to me because it made me realize that nowadays we put too much importance in the things that aren’t really meant to matter and in the end those things are the ones that ruin us and it’s all our own faults. Now every time I’m stressed about something I realize I am creating my own stress.


VHSPositive Submission Contest

high-five to @themightythornicus for submission to the contest.

this image was one in a series of three submitted by @themightythornicus (i had to pick one though). I couldn’t ignore this entry due to the overwhelming number of likes/reblogs, clearly setting it apart from the rest of the awesome submissions I recieved. well done @themightythornicus

Takin’ the Wheel is a movie about hamsters that milks the fact that it’s a movie about hamsters.

The story is that two hamsters live in a cage. They have food, water, a wheel, and a loving owner- everything a hamster could want, right? But Henry the hamster is tired of his old surroundings and wants to see what else life has to offer. He drags himself and the beautiful lady hamster, Tina, out into the outside world to explore for just a little while. However, after a serious of contrived accidents, they find themselves right in the middle of the big city far from home. Along the way they meet Robbie, a street rat who knows his way around the city, and together they get into all kinds of zany situations. Will they make it back to their owner? Or will the mean, stuck-up Snowball stop them in their tracks? Buy tickets to find out- or don’t, because the movie is predictable to anyone who sees the first five minutes of it.

Bonus things: 

  • There are way too many poorly thought out jokes about “hamster balls.“
  • The fact that male and female hamsters shouldn’t be kept together is never acknowledged.
  • The social media marketers tried to make #GetHammy trending to hype up the movie’s release. It didn’t work. 
  • 28% on rottentomatoes. 

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: a youthful looking brown tiger/tabby cat is laying on her back, paws folded elegantly across her chest, eyes closed, sleeping peacefully. she is laying on a sheet with a bird of paradise design. she looks like the happiest, most content kitty. one ear is sticking out and one is folded under her head as she naps, but she doesn’t seem to mind.]

This is Isis. My ex and I adopted her from GAIN the animal shelter in Guam. She fell in love with me and is the best thing my ex ever did for me. If I’m home she’s either circling my feet or in my lap. ❤

Isis submitted by @tiddysprinklesx will be supporting a shelter of her human’s choice!

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