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My Immortal is better than KS

Hi my name is Ugly Sang’woo Killing Stalking Way and I have a really ugly design (that’s how i got my name) with blond hair in an undercut and a lot of people tell me I look like a horse’s ass (AN: if you don’t know who dat is then get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Gerard Way but I wish I was because he’s a total fucking hottie. I’m a murderer by my fans think I’m hot anyway. I have dark circles under my eyes. I’m also an abuser and I locked a guy in my basement where I abuse him but my fans think it’s hot. I’m a killer (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly bland stuff which makes people lose their shit for some reason. I love Sears and I buy most of my clothes off the clearance rack there. For example today I was wearing a butt-ugly turtleneck sweater, a pair of khakis, loafers, and gloves. I was walking outside my house. Some antis stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

- Mod Roman

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☕  - cafes / coffee shop scenarios

“Decaf no-whip low-whip maple syrup extra fat high fructose to go?” mumbles a sleepy-looking redhead, placing the coffee cup in front of Tara. It’s empty.

“Um,” says Tara.

“Oh,” says the redhead, then, slightly tearful and very exhausted, “Oh, my boss is going to kill me, I’ve already gotten so many complaints from customers today a-about bad sleepy service, and I stayed up super late talking to my ex-girlfriend because she needs chemistry help for her chemistry class and oh my gosh I’m talking to you about all my bad life choices I am so sorry,” she finishes, sniffling.

The only part of the sentence that really registers with Tara is ex-girlfriend. “It’s okay,” she says shyly. “When’s your break?”

“You were supposed to be my last customer,” says the girl, scrubbing at her face with her sleeve.

“So–what if I ordered two coffees?” Tara suggests gently. "You can sit w-with me, if you want, um–” Her eyes find the girl’s nametag. “Willow,” she says. “That’s such a pretty name.”

The girl blinks, then smiles, beautiful and bright. “Thanks,” she says.

There’s literally a million and two things I can say about this couple. I know I know. It’s cheesy and cliché to be that one lesbian who is in love with the lesbian couple. Tara is my favorite character, and I know there’re a million people who will tell me “She was so boring” or “She didn’t have any character” or some other stuff, but idc. You think what you want and I’ll think what I want. To me, Tara had an amazing, strong, grounded character. She had her flaws and she had her strengths. She only seems “boring” because she had her morals straight. She fit in with the BuffyVerse extremely well. After all, Joyce died a natural death too. But she was grounded in the abilities she let herself reach with her magic. Honestly, she was probably just as powerful as Willow was, but she didn’t let herself use that amount of power for fear of using magic selfishly. She had her own struggles too, though. People will say she never changed but honestly her character went through a major development. She started out barely able to speak to anybody, and then she got the courage through Willow’s support and love to tell her shit excuse for a family to screw off. Then, she had the courage to leave Willow when she knew the relationship was toxic after Willow’s magic abuse and the mind erasing spells. Believe me, it hurt when she did, but I was so proud that Tara had the strength to walk away from Willow when she knew that she wasn’t getting through with her warnings of magic. Tara from season 5 of 4 would have most likely stayed with Willow for fear that she wouldn’t find someone else, but I think she knew that she would be able to come back to Willow after she had learned to control her magic abuse. She knew that her staying with Willow was only saying that even though she didn’t like it, it must be ok because she was still with her. And it was good for Willow too. With Tara’s absence, she managed to learn to control her power and stop using magic, and then Tara was strong enough to return to her. She was strong enough to admit that she still loved Willow and that she was ready to be with her again. And while Willow focused on getting better, Tara didn’t play with her and toy with her feelings. She didn’t show up and flirt or make any suggestions. She was just there for Willow, ready to step away when she needed to, ready to step back when things were better. She became Willow’s rock, just like Willow was her rock in season 4 and most of season 5. They brought out the strength in each other, and even though it was a tragic episode their relationship was never stronger than the episode when Tara died. And I’ll never understand Kennedy. Sorry to anyone who likes her, but seriously? She and Willow had NO chemistry. At all. Kennedy was just this prissy bratty girl who had her sights set on Willow from the day they met. Willow didn’t even seem interested, then one random day she did. Out of nowhere. I’d have preferred if Oz came back. Actually, the best return would have been Tara coming back from the dead, but since she didn’t Oz should’ve come back. Or Willow could’ve stayed single for awhile. She was just visiting Tara’s grave in episode 4 of season 7 and then 9 episodes later she’s ready to move on? Are you kidding me? And obviously, because she subconsciously chose her punishment to turn into Warren in episode 13, she had not moved on from Tara. And all throughout that episode, Kennedy wasn’t even trying to be supportive for Willow’s sake- she just wanted to know if they were still going out. Like really? I’m glad they broke up in the comic books. I’m still hoping Tara comes back, even though it’s unlikely. And hey I’m 15 years old but I’m still obsessed with a TV show that ended when I was celebrating my second birthday. But oh well.

And just so we’re clear… This kiss? Is the absolute best lesbian kiss on TV. Always has been, always will be. For me, no topping this one.