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Cryptid  Profile: Pinky (AKA: The St. Johns River Monster)

On May 10th, 1975 at 10am, near Jacksonville Florida, a boat carrying five people down the St. Johns River came across an unknown creature. The passengers of the boat stated that what they saw had been much like a dragon with a long neck, it raised its head out of the water quickly and was gone just as fast. The five individuals clearly saw the creature only 20ft away and were left stunned. But this wasn’t the first time the creature made itself known. As far back as the mid 50’s, the St. Johns River Monster had been giving a shock to locals fisherman and residents of the area.

Between 1955 and 1961, there were a considerable amount of sightings of the river monster. A majority of the sightings took place between Astor Park and Lake Monroe. One witness claimed that he saw the monster out of the water near the edge of the river. He stated that it was eating the large plants growing close to the water. As the monster moved around, it left a flat and smashed path of vegetation below it. It also easily crushed bushes and moved a considerable amount of earth. Another sighting came from two fishermen out on the St. Johns River. The two men claimed to be sitting in their boat when a great bubbling came up from water beneath them. Suddenly, the bubbling turned into a great force and the boat was almost flipped over. The men quickly raced towards shore.

In the 60’s, a young woman by the name of Mary Lou Richardson was out bow hunting with her father and friend near the St. Johns River. When the trio got closer to the rivers edge, Mary noticed something large swimming through the water and brought it to the attention of her father and friend. All three witnesses stated that the creature was an extremely odd looking animal with a large flat head sitting upon a somewhat long neck. The creature looked almost like that of a dinosaur. During that same day, four other separate groups of people sighted the exact same looking creature in the same stretch of river originally seen by Miss Richardson. This sighting was later retold to famous Cryptozoologist Ivan T. Sanderson who then wrote an article about the whole thing for the magazine Argosy.

The clearest description of the river monster comes from one of the 5 boaters in 1975. Dorthy Abram stated that the monster looked almost like a dinosaur but that its skin was pulled “back” so tight, that you could see almost all of its bones. The head, which sat on the top of a 3ft long neck, was almost the size of a full grown mans, and sitting on top of it were two snail-like horns that each had a little bone like knob at the end. On each side of the head, there were flaps of skin that hung down over what appeared to be gills. The mouth was large and was turned downward, and the eyes were slanted and very dark. The skin was almost pink in color, much like that of boiled shrimp. It is this defining feature that gave the St. Johns River Monster its new nickname, Pinky.

The other four passengers on the boat (including Abrams’ husband Charles) all agreed that Pinky looked almost prehistoric. As if a dinosaur walked right out of the past and ended up directly in front of them. All five individuals stated that when the monster submerged back into the river, it left absolutely no ripple on the surface of the water.

Eventually, as the years went on, fewer sightings of Pinky were made. It seemed as if years passed between sightings and eventually they seemed to stop all together. Because of this, fishermen and residents along the river believed that Pinky may have died. But that doesn’t mean that a monster has stopped residing in the St. Johns River. Sporadic monster sightings continue to this day from Florida residents. Although these sightings make no mention to a creature with pink skin and clearly seen bones. The modern reports of river monsters talk about what appears to be large serpent like creatures that resemble giant eels or snakes.

So what was the monster known as Pinky? Some cryptozoologists today believe that the St. Johns River Monster could have been a new species of giant salamander. The Japanese giant salamander can grow to a length of 5ft long and the Chinese giant salamander can grow to a length of 6ft long. Both species can also have a pink skin color due to their diet. It is not unbelievable that a North American sub-species could grow larger than this. Others claim that Pinky could have been a large albino manatee, alligator, or pink dolphin. Still others believe that the monster was a surviving species of Thescelosaurus neglectus (a dinosaur that lived during the Late Cretaceous period in North America). These dinosaurs could grow to be 11ft long and were related to Iguanodons.

At 310 miles long, the St. Johns River is the longest river in Florida. The mouth of the river begins at the Atlantic Ocean, so this opens up the possibility that Pinky is originally from the open ocean and every once in a while, swam up the river where witnesses were able to lay eyes upon it. Eventually, the creature could have made its way back out to the ocean and simply chose never to return.

Whatever Pinky was, it is fondly remembered for being one of the most original river monsters to date. It’s pink skin and skeletal appearance set it aside from its cold gray snake like cousins found throughout the world.

-The Pine Barrens Institute

The last time Celina Cass (11) was seen alive, was the evening of July 25th, 2011. She was using the computer in the New Hampshire house she shared with her mother, Louisia, her stepfather Wendell Noyes, her younger sister and the 22 year old son of one of Louisia’s ex boyfriends.

She was reported missing the next day and an intense search ensued. Sadly, her body was found submerged in the Connecticuct River six days later, wrapped in a blanket. Her cause of death wasn’t released at the time.

From the start, police focused on the family, particularly on stepfather Wendell Noyes, who’s shown off behavior in several instances and has a history of mental issues. In fact, in 2003 he was found incompetent to stand trial for breaking into an ex’s house and threatening her.

After almost 5 years of mystery, on June 19th, 2016, police finally arrested Noyes and charged him with second degree murder. He was arraigned today. He’s currently 52 years old and has since separated from Louisia, who blames him for her daughter’s death and has said she wants him to “rot”.

This is Wendell:

The body of deceased 10 year old Barway Collins, who was publicised as missing in early 2015, was found submerged in the Mississippi River a number of weeks later. His hands and feet had been bound with duct tape before he was dumped into the water.

Throughout the inquiry into his death, Barway’s 33 year old father Pierre Collins became a prominent suspect in this case very quickly. He had given inconsistent answers to the questions put to him by police as well as failing a polygraph test, and also held a criminal conviction relating to child abuse. He later confessed that he had continuously hit Barway until he fell unconscious after asking him to stop playing outside and come back into the apartment where they lived. Accordingly to his version of events, Barway had not followed orders and done as he was told. After his son became unresponsive, Mr Collins panicked and placed him into the river in order to hide what he’d done from authorities. This confession provided by Collins only came after cellphone records placed him near to the river around the time of Barway’s disappearance, which he failed to produce any viable explanation for. It was also noteworthy that Mr. Collins had been unemployed and significantly in debt whilst having life insurance policies on Barway which totalled around $50,000. Suspiciously, Collins had been in touch with the insurance providers just days before Barway’s disappearance in a bid to raise the amounts. 

Barway’s mother Louise Karluah, who lived in Liberia at the time of Barway’s death, was granted a visa which allowed her to travel to the US and attend her son’s funeral. She also chose to attend court proceedings and watched emotionally, at one point speaking out to express how she felt “so lost” since receiving the news of her son’s death. Barway’s stepmother Jennifer Beaver, ho thought of the young boy as her own son, also spoke out against Pierre: “He’s asking forgiveness, but I will never forgive him.” Collins has since been sentenced to spend 40 years in prison.

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Hello! I have a question about horses and hypothermia. In my non-Tumblr friend's story, a horse gets submerged in a freezing river and pulled out as quickly as possible, the horse emerging alive and unhurt but soaked. What is the best way to dry them off, with the caveat that they are in the wild? What are signs of hypothermia in horses? Would building a fire help? Thank you for running this blog and any help you can give!

PS, I’ve done a bit of research on hypothermic horses, but most of the advice was clearly for helping them in a place with lots of supplies. In my friend’s story, what supplies the horse was carrying (not much) also got wet. The most useful tip that I could find was getting the horse to drink lots of warm water; would you agree with that? Is there anything else that could be done?             

Greetings Animated Dinner Fare!

Hypothermia is defined by a drop on core (rectal) body temperature can ranges from mild to severe. Without a thermometer out in the wild, you can’t be certain whether a horse genuinely has mild hypothermia or whether it’s just cold, though rest assured if you leave it wet and cold for a prolonged period of time, it will end up with hypothermia eventually.

Symptoms of possible mild hypothermia your character might notice without any fancy technology include:

  • Cold to touch
  • shivering
  • poor pulses to feet
  • slow heart rate or pulse rate
  • sluggish, uncoordinated
  • reduced bowel movements

These symptoms will be more severe as hypothermia progresses, and affected horses will eventually stop shivering. This is a really, really bad sign if they do so.

Preventing hypothermia should be attempted by trying to achieve a state that is dry, warm and out of the wind. Horses are big and often have a lot of muscle mass, which is in their favor, but going for an icy swim can still be very dangerous for them.

Now, I don’t know what resources are available in this story, but any sort of shelter is highly desirable for preventing hypothermia. Wind chill is a major factor in livestock loss due to cold weather, and anything you can do to avoid this is advised. Whether this is a cave, or a tarp suspended between trees as a windbreak, or anything else they have to hand, it will help. It doesn’t matter if the tarp is wet necessarily either if it’s windproof. The shelter can be cold (just about everything will be), but wind chill will be worse.

Drying is also vital. Removing wet gear/blankets/ and either brushing off excess water, or patting dry, will help reduce heat loss. Vigorous rubbing can make hypothermia worse by promoting vasodilation (dilation of capillary blood vessels) in the skin, so be careful doing so. Pushing the flat of your hand along the body of a horse like a squeegee can remove a reasonable amount of water from the coat, depending on coat length.

If the horse will tolerate being near a fire, an external heat source is good. You need heat when you’re battling cold, and it’s useful for drying gear that the horse was carrying/wearing when it was submerged and for making warm water.

If hypothermia has actually set in, then the aim of therapy is to warm the body core before warming the periphery. This is why giving warm water to drink is recommended, but you know what they say about leading horses to water that you want them to drink.

If your characters had suitable tubing available they could consider giving a stomach drench of warm water, or a warm water enema, but that may not be necessary in a mild hypothermic case. This is especially true if the horse was in good health and muscular condition. If you can’t convince the horse to drink, and don’t have a stomach tube, then adding warm water to chaff might help, even if any carried chaff got wet, adding more hot water could at least make it warm.

Originally posted by equineflo

Horses are pretty tough when it comes to surviving the cold because they are large, muscular and have a high fiber diet. If you can keep them warm, dry and out of the wind, their own shivering may be enough to prevent or treat mild hypothermia. Failing that, tubing for drenching would be the next most useful piece of equipment you could be carrying to help the horse warm up in this situation, and that doesn’t matter if it got wet in the river.

I’ve answered a similar ask about survival times for a horse in a blizzard if any of that information is useful to you too.


New Jersey man kills 3 year old son to save his relationship with his teenage girlfriend

David Creato Jr, 24, pleaded guilty to the October, 2015, murder of his son, Brendan Creato, 3. Authorities say that Brendan was reported missing on October 13th, 2015. David told police that when he woke up that morning Brendan was missing from the apartment. His body was found partially submerged in a river about 3 hours later. An autopsy revealed that Brendan had been smothered to death before being thrown into the water. 

In January, 2016, David was charged with Brendan’s murder. Police had determined the motive behind the murder was that David was trying to save his relationship with his girlfriend, Julie Stensky, 17. The couple had been arguing over everything, but especially over Brendan. Over 9,000 texts were exchanged between David and Julia for 4 months prior to Brendan’s murder. Julia would get extremely upset if she came home from college for the weekend and David had Brendan with him. Julia also didn’t like that David had to keep in constant contact with his ex-girlfriend just because they shared a child together. Julia made it very clear how she felt when she sent David this text:

“I don’t want to spend my precious time near your kid, or any kid”

Although David initially told Julia that Brendan would always be a part of his life whether she liked it or not, he seemed to decide in the end that Julia was more important to him. David was convicted of aggravated manslaughter and could serve up to 10 years in prison for Brendan’s murder. 

Uncharted Spring Week Day 3

12th/Wednesday - Sun-kissed, Baby animals, Gardening, Mauve, Nest - Nate/Elena

[was i the only one who loved their domestic chapter?]

Sometimes, driving home from Jamieson Marine after a long day of stamping forms - or alternatively, being submerged in the Mississippi River - Nate considered going straight to the airport and getting the hell out of New Orleans. On some particularly difficult days, the thought followed him all the way home on the I-10, right up to the front door. The small townhouse looked unremarkable from the outside, and it made him yearn for the scenery that covered the walls inside: photos and watercolour pictures from trips long taken.

Opening the door gently, Nate fought against the urge to say, “honey, I’m home” - they were domestic, but they weren’t quite that domestic. He could smell something tasty permeating from the kitchen, which meant Elena must have finished the report she was writing. Nate tried to remember what the article had been about, but couldn’t get beyond the subject matter: Vietnam, he thought. They’d been to Vietnam - a few years ago now - and he wondered if he’d be able to persuade her on a return visit. For research purposes, he’d claim.

“In here, Nate.” Her voice called out from the same origin as the smell, and he was lucky that he hadn’t been in his wetsuit that day - on those days he’d be in the shower for a good forty minutes before the smell of river water came out of his skin. Tonight he was clean enough to shuck his shoes at the door and go straight into the living room.

His wife was perched on the couch, her legs tucked underneath her as she perused a book in her lap. And God, she looked so gorgeous that he’d travel the world - or stay for eternity in New Orleans - just for her. Her hair was beginning to come down in places, and her skin was delightfully sun-kissed even in the spring.

Elena looked up when she sensed him enter, giving him the tired smile of a woman who’d been staring at a computer screen all day. Nate crossed the room and kissed her without preamble, buckling unceremoniously to his knees to remedy the height difference.

They parted after long minutes, cuddled up together on the couch with his sweatshirt discarded on the floor and their meal long forgotten.

“Hi,” she said, biting her lip. “What’s the occasion?”

He smiled at her, memorising the flush of her cheeks and the grin threatening to spread across her face.

“Just missed you.”

Spectrum - Ch 8

Chapter Index: [ 1 ] - [ 2 ] - [ 3 ] - [ 4 ] - [ 5 ] - [ 6 ] - [ 7 ]

Bit of a slow, exposition chapter, here. I’m probably gonna go back and check for any inconsistencies, but for now I’m just gonna leave it.

Chapter 8! In which Gaster has a workout, a certain lizard comes back into the picture, and four tired people stare at a river and dance around topics.

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The difference between an atom and a molecule is that a molecule consists of several atoms linked together to form itself, and an atom is a single particle of matter. The difference between a word and a poem is almost no different that the relationship stated before; a poem consists of multiple words strung together to form itself and a word is simply syllables with a meaning. Your name is different. I don’t exactly understand how one word can feel like a million, How the syllables of your name have such a true definition, When your parents picked you out, were you born with a name tag? Hi, my name is– and if so, why did they stay with that? You don’t need a nickname to help people remember who you are. Because the words that you have used to speak are great enough by far. You’re not a third-place man, And if you were, it’d be because you let them beat you, Nobody could naturally defeat you. On account of the fact that you were completely submerged in your own river of Styx. No one else experienced this. And I am solely convinced. That this is the reason they all love you. But maybe some of that water got in your eyes. Because you don’t recognize the fact that we do. I used to call it humble but now it’s just ungrateful. A chemical bond can be broken if something comes between the bonded molecules, And at this point I’m afraid your low ego is what’s tearing us apart. Why does your hamartia have to be a broken index of self worth? The worst part about falling in love with someone who hates themselves is that you have to come up with enough love for both of you. But if you’re constantly reminding me of your flaws, what am I supposed to do? I feel like you’re expecting me to finish the 50 piece puzzle with 8, And your eyes are like some timer counting down to remind me I’m always too late. To save you from your meltdowns, But honey you’re magnificent to me. So why can’t you just grow a pair and try to see what everyone else sees? We all still think you’re beautiful.The law of conservation states the matter is neither created nor destroyed, But every time I look at you, you make me feel like I matter. You made me feel like I mattered. That’s something I’m not exactly used to. Like the way my heart used to be two. But then you formed some poetic bond between the pieces. Still, my heart holds onto things, not releases. So I’m harboring heartbreak like it’s a used article the past donated. And tonight, it is freezing outside so I will wear all that I have. You’ll be chilling in some ice castle because you’re better than that. In my dreams I am imagining that we still have some heated chemistry. But I know that your name is not charted in my textbook. Your name is something that my lips could trace for hours upon hours, Like I’m breaking scientific laws with your name’s poetic pronunciation. Your name is what I called out as you walked away, What I typed into my phone, dialing it over and over. And maybe we should have taken things slower, But I’ve never known atoms to break apart. I never expected your name to tear me apart. And now, Now that the two particles that we were are floating away into space like they never even mattered, Now, I wish I would have said it more
—  K.G., Your Name

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have you thought of dark headcanons for the Seven + Reyna and Nico?

aCTUALLY…Yes, yes I have. I did the ones I haven’t seem much of if that’s okay, anon?

Annabeth Chase

  • The Olympians have never known fighting a war against wisdom. The day they meet a dark and empty Annabeth Chase is the day they meet their end.
  • Shortly after The Last Olympian, Annabeth still grieves over Luke - slowly and eventually blaming the gods for their ignorance. The night Percy disappears, she loses it.

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                      Lady Stoneheart

Death has changed Catelyn. She is less gracious and forgiving than in life and is consumed with a desire for vengeance on anyone she thinks betrayed her and her son, Robb. She hangs any men associated with the Freys, Boltons, or Lannisters, even if they had nothing to do with the “Red Wedding” or if they are boys, as was the case of Podrick Payne. Her appearance has been altered as well, with her flesh becoming soft and the color of curdled milk due to her corpse being submerged in river water for days. Half of her hair is gone and the rest is white and brittle. In addition, her wounds have not healed with her face covered in scratch marks and her throat still slit open. To speak she must cover the wound on her throat; even then she is difficult to understand.

Living The Path: Sacred Acts Everyone Can Perform

One of the questions I get asked more often from our customers is “I want to have a Spiritual Path – how do I start?” - well, the answer couldn’t be simpler: Living It Every Single Day. Entwining your everyday life with a set of regular devotional practices will gradually increase and empower your energy, connect you with the energies and entities around you, ground you, and build the Personal Power you will need to have efficient results on more demanding practices like Spell Work.

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Byrgenwerth etymology

Bergen- Old Frankish, “to give protection, to save, to rescue”

Werth, wurth, worth, ort- Middle High German, “islet, holm, a place of semi-submerged flatland by a river, lake, or estuary.”

From the Lake Runes: “This rune means ‘lake,’ and those branded by it enjoy augmented defense. Great volumes of water serve as a bulwark guarding sleep, and an augur of the eldritch Truth.”


We’re remarkably OK with splash damage during these rage benders, and because fact-checking gets in the way of righteous indignation it’s incredibly common for hordes of wannabe vigilantes to rain hell down on the wrong person.

Hey, notice how all the victims in these cases of mistaken identity are women? That’s another weird pattern: Internet mobs have a weird tendency to strike out at ladies, and researchers have found that young women experience disproportionately high levels of “severe” harassment. Women tend to walk (or limp) away from their brushes with internet justice far more traumatized than men.

While I was working on this article I conducted an interview with veteran Republican strategist Rick Wilson. He’s one of the main faces of the #NeverTrump movement and the guy who famously called Trump supporters “low information voters” and “childless single men who masturbate to anime.”Obviously, his Twitter feed spends a lot of time submerged in a river of fire. But Rick is a veteran political brawler and self-professed expert in attack ads. There’s not much angry Trump supporters on 4chan can do to him, so they went after his 22-year-old daughter, who just graduated from college.

“They stalked her at her school, they followed her, they put notes on the door where she used to live,” he says. “They’ve got people calling University of Tennessee saying, ‘Eleanor Wilson’s involved in prostitution and drug sales,’ and all this other shit.”

Ten seconds with Google, or just clicking this link, will bring you even more stories of internet mobs venting their wrath on the wrong person.

How Our Reaction To The Stanford Rapist Was Insane

i want to live in otherworldly moments: lost in a book, deep in a windy forest, starry-eyed at the carnival, in the velvet curtains of the theater, submerged in a rushing river speckled with sunlight


“–and said, damn! Look at that fat kid go!’” It seemed so wrong, but the two teenagers listening intently to the story their friend told, could not help but laugh at his misfortune. The exaggerated arm gestures, the sight of his buggy eyes, and the simple way he spoke each word made the whole thing hilarious.

It was a simple activity. But those days, weren’t those moments the most special? The sort of interaction many craved so desperately, removing them from the heavy nature of the world?

There was always war, always a fight to be won. It was nice to forget sometimes.

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