submerged lake

john mulaney and pancakes

ok SO john mulaney has a new live show on the netflicks (the comeback kid) and i was lucky enough to see him do this act live in milwaukee this summer!!! but the recorded show is missing something special

so summer in milwaukee is known for being like. comically humid. disgustingly, oppressively humid. ‘can’t tell the difference between being downtown and being literally submerged in lake michigan’ humid

and poor john mulaney was wearing a nice-looking but also very warm suit. so once about every 10-20 minutes he would pause whatever spiel he was on, wipe his forehead, flutter his jacket about, regret his fashion choices and ask what was wrong with us that we don’t properly air condition our venues

about halfway through the show, a woman in one of the front rows stood up and started to walk out so in classic mulaney fashion he razzed her that she couldn’t take the heat either and asked her to bring him a pepsi - she didn’t break stride (i would try to play it cool too if over a thousand people were suddenly watching me get razzed by mulaney)

as soon as she was out of the theatre, he turned his mic off and started yelling to those of us who were still in there

okay guys, we’re going to play a little prank on her! can everyone hear me? WE’RE GOING TO PLAY A PRANK! at some point later in the show i’m going to say ‘you know what they say in milwaukee!!’ and you’re all going to wave your arm around like this’ - he jauntily waved his arm with his first finger outstretched, like an 80 year old man doing the charleston - ‘and you will all shout ‘gimme some PANcakes!!!’’

we did a few rehearsals of this until he was satisfied, and he turned his mic back on and continued with his act

a few minutes later the woman walked back through the theatre but passed her row, walked all the way up to the stage, and set a can of pepsi at mulaney’s feet. he stopped, mouth agape for a moment and touched his chest. ‘is this really for me?’ he asked. ‘did i ask you for pepsi? i have no idea why i would do that, i hate pepsi.’ he thanked her sincerely several times, and when she turned his back to him to return to her seat, he made frantic ‘kill’ motions across his throat to signal to us that the prank was off

he continued to lament the heat for the rest of his act, eventually lost the jacket and drank the gifted pepsi, grimacing cartoonishly every time. at the very end of the night he thanked us for being a great audience, thanked the woman in particular for her kindness, and triumphantly said ‘BECAUSE YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY IN MILWAUKEE!!!’ and 1 very generous women was hopelessly confused when 1299 people shouted ‘GIMME SOME PANCAKES!!!!!’

The Jacksons

ask : yo, so I’m a real sucker for sis!reader fics, no matter the fandom. Can you write something about Percy’s twin?

this is based on semi-true experiences with my family, so enjoy 😭

warning : language


You gritted your teeth. How many times have you repeated his name?

Ten times?


“What?” Percy hung over his bunkbed, acting innocent. You had to resist the urge to knock him off the top bunk. Sighing loudly, you closed your ocean blue eyes.

“If one more drop of water from my water bottle falls on me again, I swear to the gods-” You opened your eyes, glaring daggers at your twin brother.

“You could stop me, you know, if you had Dad’s water powers.” Percy teased.

“I have them!” You spat. It’s true, you did have Poseidon’s gift of controlling and manipulating water, but not to Percy’s extent. What you did have, was geokinesis, and that came to your aid often.

Like now.

Hovering your hand over the floor, the ground shook, and Percy screamed, landing with a thud on the floor in your shared cabin. You leaned over the edge of your bed, laughing hysterically at your brother on the ground. Percy waved his hand, and your water bottle ended up above your head.

“Percy I’m sorry, don’t-” Soon, your dark locks were drenched with water, and you gasped.

“PERCY!!” You screeched.

“Y/N!!” He mocked you. You gritted your teeth.

“That’s it you little shit.” You glared at him, and he quickly got up, slamming into the doorway before bolting out. You bolted after your brother, nearly slamming into your cousin, Nico.

“Percy?” He asked, stopping you. You nodded at your cousin, and Nico let you go, a smirk on his face. You cut Percy off at the Infirmary, tackling him buy the waist. Percy let out a yelp, and we both landed on the ground. Both laughing, Percy recovered quickly, picking you up and tossing you over his shoulder.

“Guess who’s going for a swim?” He asked playfully.

“PERCY NO!!” You screamed.

“PERCY YES!!” He screamed in response, and you clawed at his shirt, but he had a firm grip on you, and you felt him jump.

“PERCY!!” You screeched, before you both were submerged in the camp’s lake. “I really hate you.“ You frowned at him.

"I love you too Y/N.” He smiled. You rolled your eyes, the cool water swirling around you guys.

“SALLY SENT COOKIES TO YOU GUYS!!” Annabeth’s muffled voice came from above the surface.

“I’m getting all those cookies Mom sent.” You smirked at Percy. He matched your expression.

“Not if I get to them first.”

- Nezzie

Half-submerged in the warm lake below, a massive white dragon with pronounced, mammoth-like tusks rests benevolently on the banks, his stately countenance like that of a lion surrounded by his pride.

Enchant Me

You asked me what’s the word for it:
what is it that is so magnetic,
submerging us in a lake of potent want –
It’s rapture. I’m enraptured. You’re enraptured.
Together, we breaststroke, backstroke,
free-style in this deep end of divine ecstasy;
diving and gliding underwater in an
altered spectre of time –
reality rallied unto the sidelines
as we make a splash spanking
indulgence. Only to drown
willingly in this intense liquidation
of every inhibition, every shackle,
every goddamn negation that
stifles our very souls of its elixir.
So come. Be with me. Here.
Under rapture.

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Not sure Jon will be comforting Dany over Viserion the way we think because what lads said is that he's in the bed and recovering. Submerged by the icy lake. He can says he's sorry about it. The thing is she left him behind for dead, hopefully she'll apoligize to him for that.

We have no idea of the details of the scene or why she would do that. But we do know the wight hunt has many participants. My guess is Dany will save who she can and only leaves out of desperation. Think about it. There are only three dragons in this entire universe. That’s it. One third of the entire population of dragons in the world was just killed in front of her. I’m willing to bet she’s absolutely shaken and realizes that she needs to get herself, the people she was able to save, and her remaining dragons the hell out of there. I seriously doubt she leaves Jon behind lightly. 

Also consider Jon’s character. He’s the ultimate hero figure, almost annoyingly  selfless and brave. He abandons an entire battle plan to try and save his doomed little brother. He runs alone into a cavalry column. I feel like our favorite Good Guy™ Leroy Jon Jenkins will understand what must be done and like always, willingly throw himself into harm’s way to save his friends. I can’t see him pissed about it.

All that being said, I also fully expect Dany to apologize. She’s a reasonably stoic figure when she’s in queen mode but we’ve seen a lot of raw emotion from her over the years and I imagine she’ll be profoundly affected by losing both Viserion and Jon (to her knowledge). Of course she’ll be glad he’s alright, and will apologize for what had to be done. 

I realize he’s in a bed, and I like that aspect actually. To me it signals their intimacy. Do you think that a queen makes it a habit of visiting the bedchamber of all of her allies, lords, soldiers? I don’t. 

It’s Jon’s physical vulnerability juxtaposed with Dany’s emotional vulnerability over the loss she’s suffered. 

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Eh, he's not bleeding. He just submerged under the lake and benjen saves him, not dany. He just needs to recover for a little bit (which he does at east watch) then they head to the dragon pit meeting. And Jon and the hunting crew arrived by the sea while only dany arrives on Drogon, so she's not forcing him to do anything. He could have stopped by winterfell if he wanted. At this point, he knows bran and arya are at winterfell but rallying everyone is more important to him at that very moment.

I’m glad you think you know everything about this season because of reddit

still sticking with I don’t know everything yet.

[camp au]

words: 1.8k (kinda long for a drabble but whatev)

genre: fluffy mcfluff

prompt: so awhile ago i wrote this scenario about you and hoshi spending a week together at camp. that will basically correspond with this drabble but its ur decision if u wanna read it or not. i’m just dealing with some salty writers block and i didn’t wanna leave yall without anything, so yeah, enjoy<3

“That’s such a bad idea.”

“What, no it isn’t.”

You sat next to Hoshi in the dining hall, your brows furrowed in concentration as you tried to slip pieces of pasta onto the prongs of your fork. He had been mindlessly chattering into your ear for the past 5 minutes or so, his squishy cheek shoved against his fist. There were many times you went along with Hoshi’s not too thoroughly planned ideas and you couldn’t complain. You had fun. But being at camp, under the strict surveillance of staff who were just waiting for some kid to screw up, was diminishing his persuasive ability.

“C'mon Y/N!” He whined while wrapping his fingers around your arm, his cinnamon eyes beginning to glimmer, “No one has to know!”

You avoided his stare, knowing that one look into his pleading eyes would have your guard tumbling down. Instead you concentrated on your cheesy pasta, shoving a forkful into your mouth while Hoshi continued to rattle your sleeve. When you didn’t utter a word, he let his forehead fall onto your arm, a displeased sigh leaving his lips.

“I’m sorry Hoshi,” you said with slight sympathy, “it’s just that I don’t know what they’ll do if they catch us, the place is crawling with staff.” The boy lifted up his head, silky clumps of blonde hair tousled adorably.

“By staff you mean Joshua.” A giggle escaped your lips as you tried to swallow another helping of pasta.

“Yes, by staff I mean Joshua.”

Lunch ended rather quickly and in minutes you were back underneath the golden rays of the sun, a breeze carrying the sweet scent of nectar between the tree leaves. Hoshi shoved his hands into the pockets of his gym shorts while you continued towards your next activity, which was photography.

“It sure is hot.” He said while clenching his teeth, shoes kicking pebbles along the pathway to the photography lesson. You chose to say nothing and stared straight ahead, though you could feel his gaze burning the side of your face.

“It will be pretty sticky tonight. Yuck, I would hate to be stuck inside a cabin.” You knew he was trying to persuade you to say yes to his earlier proposal, and as much as you wanted to deny the heat, you couldn’t. Your skin was already feeling flushed and bothered under the harsh sunlight, and passing by the deep blue lake wasn’t helping you feel any more refreshed.

Hoshi knew you were close, especially when you thickly swallowed back a snappy reply. One more push and you would be putty in his hands.

“I kinda wish we didn’t have photography right now. I just wanna dive into the really cool and soothing water of the lake, you know, cause it’s just so freaking ho-’”

“Alright!” You hissed while fastening your fingers around the collar of his shirt, your boiling eyes looking right into Hoshi’s twinkling ones. “I’ll go swimming with you tonight, just, shut up about it.”

He twirled away in sleek satisfaction that he’d finally gotten you to crack, his hands clasped to his chest while he pranced around like a little sugarplum fairy. A harsh smack to his shoulder had him straightening up, though you could do nothing to wipe the smirk off his face.

“If we get caught I’m blaming it on you.” You took a fistful of his shirt and yanked him close to you, his ear next to your lips as you whispered your plan. Hoshi just grinned like a child who’d gotten the toy they always wanted, his arm sneaking around your waist to squeeze you into his side, “and if we don’t get caught, you’re buying me ice cream.”

A lot of rules were enforced at the camp to make sure everyone had the best experience possible, (as the staff so graciously worded it), and one of those rules were staying inside your cabin at night. On your first day, Joshua explained it to you plain and simple, and though his smile said, c'mon guys, let’s all listen to the rules, his eyes were saying, I dare one of you to even try it and see where you end up.

A girl in your cabin who was clearly used to having everything handed to her on a silver platter already snuck out before and hadn’t been caught, and while you all felt more at ease knowing the staff didn’t watch you that closely, it was still nerve wracking to do it yourself.

"Meet me by the canoe shed.” Hoshi told you during photography while almost dropping his camera into the lake. “Bring everything you need.”

Then it had seemed like a cup of tea, but now you were a faulty pile of nerves sitting on one of the top bunkbeds. Your legs swayed back and forth over the edge while everyone got ready to sleep, putting on their eye creams or hand lotion or whatever it was they did before bed.

“You’re not getting ready, Y/N?” One of the girls asked you while shoving a bag of oreo’s under her pillow.

“I’m suppose to meet Hoshi for swimming, but I’m nervous about sneaking out. What if I get caught?”

“You won’t,” another replied. She peeled another makeup wipe from the packet sitting on her lap and you remembered she was the one who last snuck out. “There’s this path behind our cabin that loops you at an entrance towards the beach. Trust me not even binoculars Joshua can catch you.”

“Alright then,” you sighed while grabbing your towel, “I’m going for a swim.”

‘The path’ behind your cabin ended up being quite scary, especially as the sky grew darker and bugs buzzed between the leafy thickets. You had to cup a hand over your mouth when some weird insect leaped from one of the tree branches onto the dirt, your heart pulsing with the urge to sprint your way to the beach. Eventually, (after much suffering and awkward hopping) you found the exit, the soothing sound of the water lapping at the shoreline calming the fizzy nerves in your stomach.

Even better, Hoshi was already waiting for you, his pearly smile shining through the darkness that was slowly settling around you. “Y/N!” He beamed while skipping towards you, his arms wrapping your body in a brief hug.

“I thought you were gonna chicken out.” He mumbled teasingly, earning him a light flick to the forehead. “Well you were right about it being all hot and sticky, let’s get in the water.”

You set your towel down on the picnic table and began peeling off your clothing, a satisfied sigh heaving from your chest at finally getting away from the tacky fabric. Hoshi sat down next to you and quickly shucked off his pyjama bottoms, his shirt soon following after until all your clothing was messily strewn across the wooden table.

“Tie this for me?” You asked while holding the strings to your bathing suit, Hoshi carding his fingers through his fluffy hair with a smirk. “I’d rather not.” He replied in a teasing manor though he was already obeying your request, a rosy blush rippling across your cheeks when his fingers brushed against your bare skin.

It didn’t take long for the both of you to be fully submerged in the lake, the coolness of the water feeling like a soothing balm to your heated skin. Your toes brushed against the sandy floor before you dove under the shallow waves, your legs kicking out behind you while your arms glided back and forth. You had to hand it to Hoshi, his mischievous little plans always worked out in the end, and you were feeling more and more guilty about how you’d been snappy with him earlier.

When he finally resurfaced a few feet away from you, your eyes followed the silver streams of water that glided down his milky skin, butterflies beating their feathery wings against the inside of your stomach when he pushed back his hair. Though Hoshi and you had always been best friends, there were times when your flirty sides got the better of you.

Pushing through the water, you snuck up behind him, a playful shimmer reflecting in your eyes just before you launched yourself onto his back, arms clinging around his neck while your legs clicked at his waist. A bubble of laughter fell from your lips as Hoshi almost lost his footing in the sand, dusky clouds swirling at his feet.

“That was uncalled for.” He chuckled while instinctively tucking his arms under your legs, his head titling back so you could catch the cheeky smile on his petal pink lips.

“You’re uncalled for.”

“That’s your comeback?”

“Don’t push it.” You quipped with false anger, your chin settling on top of his head to watch the crisp rays of moonlight reflect their glittery sheen over the water. Hoshi didn’t bother replying, instead he stepped farther into the lake, letting the shallow waves lap softly at your skin.

“Sorry for being snappy with you earlier.” You mumbled as your guilt resurfaced. “Being out here with you is much better than being trapped inside a sticky cabin.” Hoshi just hummed, his thumbs stroking smoothly along your thighs.

“I should trust you more and I’m actually having fun so-,” before you could finish, your face was coming into contact with the water, your body plunging into the cooling abyss as Hoshi swiftly disappeared from underneath you. When you broke the surface for a breath of air, you heard his little chipmunk giggles from behind you.

“What the hell was that for! I was apologizing!” You hissed while flicking the water away from your eyes, Hoshi bobbing around you in amusement.

“I know, but I was still feeling a bit hurt from when you told me this was a bad idea.”

“Maybe if you had of let me finish-,”

“No,” Hoshi hummed while gliding towards you, his hand cupping over your mouth, “just shh, just shh.” You tried to pry his hand away, “but!-”


You gave up and decided to let the little fluff win, his chin resting on top of your head as his arms held your sides. You huffed into the crook of Hoshi’s neck while he was probably celebrating in his head, it was rare you let him win your arguments. In the end, you didn’t have the heart to bicker with him, not when he began softly singing some song you’d never heard while swaying you back and forth in the water, occasionally pecking the side of your head.

No, he was just too precious.

while i deal with this hoe writers block ill probably bust out some drabbles from my other scenarios. maybe ill make a request thingy. anywho hope u enjoyed<3

One of the favorite pastimes for all of the kids at Hogwarts was swimming in the Black Lake, particularly at night, after curfew, in freezing temperatures. They often had ‘polar bear contests’ in which everyone had to go waist deep into the ice cold water, and whoever stayed in the longest got a galleon from everybody else.

Lucy submerged in the lake, which was actually a perfectly bearable temperature.
Taken by Lysander.