That’s the really disappointing thing about doing Star Wars. […] I was walking around with George [Lucas] when I got the part and he was showing me the art department. There were guys with chainsaws carving this huge submarine out of blocks of polystyrene, and as we walked around I said, “Will we go under water?” And he went, “What?” I said, “Will we go under? —the water, in it?” He went, “None of it is real.” And a little part of me died. [x]

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what kind of music do you listen to? or certain bands?

I really like some songs by The Bravery. The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s ‘Runaway’ sounds like rain. 'Ice Cream Cake’ by Red Velvet is good, as well. 'Natives’, '1940’ by The Submarines, but only the remix, not the original. 'I Can’t Pretend’ by Tom Odell, 'East Of Eden’, 'Aberdeen’, 'Meddle’, 'Omna Magni’, 'Labyrinth’ by Oomph, and 'Left Hand Free’ are nice. I recommend.

things the Bioshock fandom should talk about more:

  • the fact that even good!Jack is still responsible for the deaths of nearly 100 innocent people who were on the plane he hijacked, and how that guilt would affect him
  • Brigid Tenenbaum knew about WYK, knew who Jack was, and still didn’t tell him that Atlas was manipulating him
  • Tenenbaum threatens to shoot Jack if he hurts a Little Sister, but doesn’t actually do anything to stop him from harvesting them
  • Tenenbaum saves Jack from Fontaine even if he killed tons of Little Sisters and is probably going to kill more
  • Atlas/Fontaine’s plan hinged on Andrew Ryan blowing up the submarine his family was supposedly in, and if Ryan hadn’t done that Fontaine’s entire plan would have fallen apart
  • the fact that, according to BAS, Yi Suchong was planning to tell Ryan about Jack (if that isn’t AU fodder, then I don’t know what is)
  • how difficult it must have been for the Little Sisters to adjust to life on the surface
  • how postgame good!Jack is a traumatized four-year-old raising five girls who are older than him and who are all also traumatized, and he still raises them to be healthy, successful young women
  • the Little Sisters that good!Eleanor takes to the surface at the end of Bioshock 2 are children who were kidnapped from the surface, and she has to return them to their families somehow
  • in Minerva’s Den, someone (probably the Thinker!) had to keep replacing the candles at the shrine to Pearl

Judo Technique of the week: Tomoe-nage


This is a Sute mi waza (Sacrifice techniques) features a submarining technique.

Features of this Waza

The Tomoe-nage (Circular throw) Waza consists of submarining under the opponent and throwing him with a leg throw.
From the natural posture, Tori (Player executing technique) waits until Uke (Player receiving opponent’s attack) makes a lateral move. At that moment, Tori (Player executing technique) bends his knee and kicks off, launching a forward roll with his body curled into a tight ball, and submarines beneath Uke (Player receiving opponent’s attack).
Tori (Player executing technique) then places a foot against the upper part of Uke (Player receiving opponent’s attack) thigh (where it joins the torso), and then uses the spring force of his bent knee to throw Uke (Player receiving opponent’s attack) by kicking upward.
Tori (Player executing technique) uses his Tsurite (Lifting hand) and Hiki-te (Pulling hand) in tandem with his kicking force.

Waza details

The Tomoe-nage (Circular throw) is a Ma sutemi waza (Supine sacrifice techniques), and is used in both men’s and women’s competitions.
The kicking throw can be executed directly backward, or it can be executed laterally in conjunction with lateral motion. The lateral type throw is more common in competition.
The lateral type throw favors smaller combatants because the submarining maneuver is relatively easier for them to perform. It is therefore executed more often in the lightweight divisions.

Source: The Judo Channel

Ok, here’s something interesting

Cecil says that Night Vale and Desert Bluffs could have been sister towns. You know what that makes me think of? Nulogorsk

We don’t know much about Nulogorsk, just that they were most likely destroyed in 1983. But I’m remembering Megan Wallaby. A grown man came out of a submarine, missing a hand. Megan Wallaby was born as an adult man’s hand. 

It was a perfect match for the two of them. They fit together so perfectly.

I think ‘sister towns’ means a lot more than we thought it did


Black-and-white pictures of bygone America, including:

- Joseph Schuster, who shot off-duty policeman Arthur Sullivan.

- Workers Loading Neon Damaged Sign into Truck, West Eleventh Street, New York City by Walker Evans

- Al Capone in a Chicago courtroom (undated)

- Joseph Holmes and Jack Wilson, participants in the July 29th 1925 holdup of the Drake Hotel in Chicago’s Gold Coast

- The Majestic cinema showing H. Bruce Humberstone’s ‘Checkers’ and Lloyd Bacon’s 'Submarine D-1’, 1937.

- John Dillinger handcuffed to Deputy Sheriff RM Pierce during Dillinger’s murder trial hearing in Crown Point, Indiana