So if Superman can survive in space without aid of oxygen or a space suit then does this mean that he can survive underwater no problem?

If so does this mean Superman can just go down to Atlantis and have a nice cup of tea with Arthur and Mera?

Is it possible for Arthur to do some crazy water spell so Martha Kent can go down and see Atlantis?

We all know the Justice League go to the Kent farm and see Martha every friday for tea and biscuits and sundays for a nice sunday dinner.

So the entire league loves Martha and who wouldn’t want to go see Atlantis? Surely Arthur and Mera can somehow get Martha to Atlantis. A simple bat-submarine isn’t good enough.

Maybe Diana can take her Themyscira as well.

This is Martha Kent she’s amazing and shE DROVE ME HERE -the entire League probably

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omg the svenskevitser. love them. some of those are the same as norgeskämt (like the jesus one), see also: how do you sink a norwegian submarine? you swim down and knock on the door. why does the norwegian have his hands in his pockets? he's embarrased that his fingers are different lengths. why do norwegians live in round houses? so they don't have to vacuum the corners. how do you sink a norwegian submarine again? you knock on the door and they'll open and say "i'm not falling for that again"

HAHA ME TOO it’s so weird though seeing all my favourite jokes but with Norwegians as the victims instead 😂

What’s the most positive about Swedish women?
Their pregnancy and HIV tests

Why don’t swedes eat spaghetti?
They don’t have long enough dishes

Why did the swede drown his computer?
He wanted to wash the Windows

Do you know why all the swede jokes have been getting worse lately? The swedes have started making them themselves

The Swedish plane was approaching Gardemoen and the operator said “please state your position”. There was a short break before the swede responded “I’m the captain and I’m in the front…”

Did you hear about the swede that brought binoculars to a funeral? He was burying a distant cousin.

Why do swedes look up at the sky and smile during lighting storms? They think they’re being photographed

HAHAH they’re so bad but they’re so bad they’re funny!!

Murmansk Railway Completed

Austrian prisoners of war along the Murmansk Railway.  This is an actual three-color photo, taken by color photography pioneer Sergei Produkin-Gorskii.

December 8 1916, Romanov-on-Murman [Murmansk]–With mainland Europe and the Bosporus closed off by the Central Powers, Russia had few routes for trade with the outside world.  The Trans-Siberian railroad linked Russia with the Pacific, but had limited capacity, not to mention the cost of rail shipment over thousands of miles.  Transshipment via Sweden was possible, but was generally frowned upon by the neutral Swedish government, and then would require travel over the German-dominated Baltic.  This left the route north of Norway, through the Barents Sea.  This was open for less than half of the year due to ice, and was under increasing threat from German submarines, who were unlikely to greatly anger any neutrals (except Norway) by sinking shipping in the area.

The northern route was also quite long, with the only rail-connected port on Russia’s northern coast at Archangelsk, requiring a journey around the Kola Peninsula and into the White Sea.  In an attempt to ease access to foreign trade, the Russians built a new port to the west of the Kola Peninsula, naming it Romanov-on-Murman [now Murmansk].  Unlike Archangelsk, Murmansk was ice-free year round due to the Gulf Stream.  On December 8, the Russians finished the railway link to Petrograd [St. Petersburg], constructed over the last year and a half, mainly using labor from 70,000 German and Austro-Hungarian prisoners of war.  Conditions were extremely difficult in the northern climate–combined with disease and inadequate food supplies, over 25,000 of the prisoners died during the construction of the railway.

Today in 1915: Evacuation Begins at Anzac and Suvla
Today in 1914: Battle of the Falkland Islands

Apparently the whole time fuckface was deployed, he was cheating on me with a female officer on his submarine.

And he was cheating on me with a chick in his command here in Hawaii.

How the fuck did I not see this?