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May 19 - Tasertricks for @greenhands5

Loki is a firm believer in rewarding merit; his awesome girlfriend definitely deserves a few awards. And also something fluffy.

By @catrinasl

“It’s about time, honestly.”

“I agree. This lab wouldn’t run without her.”

Loki stopped outside the door to the lab at the sound of two of Doctor Foster’s underlings approaching. He slouched back against the wall, pulling shadow nearer to obscure himself. Even though the Midgardians (“people,” Darcy often corrected) on this particular floor of Stark Tower were more used to his presence than others, he was sure that he still unnerved them, despite the reassurances of the beautiful and kind human who said she loved him.

Besides, office gossip was occasionally profitable.

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Number one best warrior build ever, any gametype:

•no boots, how else will I buy deathbringer first?
•mystic mail to provide a steady flow of 30 magic damage 4 times any interaction, totalling a whopping 120 damage.
•oh shit, maybe you should get boots now because you? Keep? Dying? No, those are too expensive rn, get more crit
•A 12 inch submarine sandwich, Italian BMT style
•no defense, we buy bloodforge like men
•attack speed, like Odysseus Bow
•a magic bean, to plant at the enemy Phoenix

The “Things Said Around My Gaming Table” Starter Meme

(Here’s a list of quotes from games I’ve run or played in for you to use as RP Starters. Enjoy!)

“Did you just interrupt Hades to arrest me?”
“Hi, Nice to meet you. Let’s go steal a moon.”
“Look, a Gyro Stand!”
“Scariest thing is you called it. Three hits and he’s down.”
“I’ve never seen somebody fail so hard that it looped back around to epic success.”
“What do you mean ‘Anubis declared me his BFF?’”
“Did the Pope’s brain just bless our endeavor?”
“Like him or hate him, that was still one hell of a shot.”
“He couldn’t even die without doing it dramatically.”
“It seemed dramatically appropriate.”
“I just saw an angel bodyslam a viking with a pirate ship while an ancient dragon watched.”
“And thus, the cover of a heavy metal album was born.”
“That guy was supposed to be your nemesis.”
“Holy reanimated velociraptors, Batman!”
“It seems that even a submarine sandwich is a lethal weapon in your hands.”
“The great Circe demands a boon. She wants the whole collection of Scrubs on Blu-ray.”
“Oooiiil Caaan…”
“Hand me your dice, you’re clearly cheating.”
“How are you still rolling so high?”
“Did you marry the dice gods?”
“You just stabbed him so hard his whole army exploded.”
“It’s not every day a Sasquatch asks me to save a child from being petrified.”
“Great. Stuck in Boston during the molasses flood.”
“Why is this the second time a bar has exploded as soon as we walk in?”
“Just sign the contract of friendship and this will all be over.”
“Physics are for people who can’t be magical girls.”
“You’re surrounded by magical girls and giant robots. This won’t end well.”
“Ow. Just cut out my heart, why don’t you?”
“What kind of guy modifies a lute to turn it into a crossbow?”
“I’m going to crash my airship into that dinosaur’s chest!”
“I cast Create Food on the floor! Three yards of Cotton Candy!”
“It has been nothing short of a pleasure, stabbing you in the back!”
“Bottles marked 'Drink Me’  rarely have good things come from them.”
“Why is there a rhinoceros in the space base?”
“How do you manage to set off every trap, and still survive?”
“Why is there a lighthouse in the middle of the desert?”
“On the bright side, now the enemy won’t get our ship.”
“He waited until the refugees were in another galaxy before sending a hit squad? What an ass.”
“Ok, you’ve hit your pun limit for the day.”
“That’s the second most beautiful boom I’ve ever seen.”
“Can the third rail on subway ground out magic?”
“I’m an undead samurai with an alchemical medal fused to his spine. I’ll stop drinking when I say I’m ready.”
“Yeah, the next time someone says they want a Yondu-style weapon, I’m going to say no.”
“What kind of guy looks at a swarm of spiders and says 'I should weaponize this?’”
“I just told a volcano to sit down and shut up, and it did.”
“I’m trying to write a song about our crew, but there’s not a lot that rhymes with 'wanton vandalism.’”
“I just beat up the Egyptian gods with a pair of crowbars.”
“We started with a good idea, took a quick detour into a bad idea, then got lost somewhere around dumb idea. Now I don’t know where we are.”
“'Nuclear grenades’ is never the solution to 'unstable wormholes.’”
“Oh whoops, left my magic staff’s safety on.”
“Wheel of insanity, turn turn turn…”
“This is one of the few times when a towering inferno is a good thing.”
“You know, usually reaching orbit from Baikonur involves a rocket…”
“We’ve gone ten minutes into this royal ball, and none of us have secretly tried to usurp the throne.”
“I have a heart of gold and a liver of steel!”
“That is not a heroic use of superspeed.”
“Please, baby, put the toaster down.”
“So, apparently, our new team motto is 'We’re gonna need a bigger…’”
“I’m gonna go Jumanji on him!”
“If you were so drunk that you can’t remember making the plan, maybe we shouldn’t do it.”
“Did he just break into a noir narration in the middle of a monologue?”
“This is just a symphony of shenanigans.”
“I think you just punched his hatred out of him.”
“So, i got married to a pyromaniac priestess…”
“You hacked an ATM to spit out only singles?”
“This place isn’t supposed to be on fire for another two hundred years.”
“For the record, sticking the landing hurts.”
“What do you mean 'he already used his world ending move on me?’”
“Pudding is not supposed to bounce like that.”
“I’m going to suplex the wolf onto the other wolf!”
“And this is why we’re not allowed to perform first contact.”
“We’re going to throw a party in the Silent Citadel!”
“Sorry, being shirtless is my natural state.”
“We don’t use our friends as projectiles!”
“I’m not drunk enough for this!”
“I am drunk enough, but I still don’t wanna be here.”

In high school, I stole a six-foot submarine sandwich from a banquet room in front of several hundred people. I did it because I was in marching band, and we were promised food if we played, and they broke their promise. It was my first and only heist, motivated by justice and hunger.
—  Greg van Eekhout

Pennsylvania Food Part 2/2

PA is one of the only states with a distinct cultural cuisine, dating back to the late 17th century when German immigrants began setting up various communities across the state. They came to be known as the Pennsylvania Deitsch or Pennsylvania Dutch, taking from the word for their original German language, Deutsch. PA has many dishes similar to those of Germany, but the state also has many foods that can be distinguished completely from their original foreign inspirations. 


Root Beer

The medicinal effects of the sassafras root have been known to both Native American and European cultures for centuries. Root Beer is made using this plant, as well as sarsaparilla vine, and comes in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic forms. The drink as we know it today was created by European settlers in the 1800s, who combined their knowledge with what they had gathered from the natives to market Root Beer as a syrup, and eventually a soda by 1850. Non-alcoholic Root Beer has been more popular in the US since Prohibition. Although variations of Root Beer existed across Europe and early US colonies, the drink as we know it today was first created and marketed successfully by Charles Hires, a Philadelphian Quaker. 

Birch Beer

Made in a similar manner to Root Beer, Birch Beer is made using birch bark, most often from sweet (black) birch. Both Root Beer and Birch Beer are popular as floats, in which vanilla ice cream is added to the drink. Adding chocolate ice cream to Birch Beer is called a Black Cow. Both drinks are popular across the US, but mostly in California and the Northeast, as these are where major soda beer companies are located. The drinks are also making their way into various Asian countries.


This popular beer began in 1829 by David Jungling  in Pottsville, PA, and has been brewing ever since. The company survived Prohibition by selling both near-beers and making ice cream from their dairy. It is popular along the east coast down to Florida. It is America’s oldest and largest brewery. The company still produces Yuengling Ice Cream, after halting the product for decades, and it is sold in various flavors. 

Wine & Spirits

PA has some of the strictest liquor laws in the US. Wine and spirits can only be sold at state owned stores. Beer can be bought only at a beer store or distributor. Alcohol can of course still be bought at restaurants, bars, and wine at wineries. There are no exceptions, religious or otherwise, for consuming alcohol under the legal age limit. 



This pan-fried meat patty is made of leftover porkscraps from butchering, and mixed with buckwheat flour and cornmeal. It’s found in various northeast states, but hales from PA. 

Apple Butter

This highly caramelized and concentrated form of apple sauce is a popular spread in PA due to its German roots. It is part of the traditional “seven sweets and seven sours” dinner table. It’s served best with cottage cheese.

Lebanon Bologna

Created in Lebanon County, PA, this hardwood smoked and fermented beef sausage is distinct from other salami. It has a unique tangy/smoked flavor and is sold mostly in PA.

Hog Maw

Pig’s stomach stuffed with potatoes, pork sausage,and varying other ingredients. It is traditionally eaten on New Year’s Day

Chow Chow

Pickled vegetables served as relish. The dish has spread to the southern US and many other states. 


A tough cut of meat, usually beef or the traditional horse, is marinated in vinegar or wine and a variety of spices for several days. It a national German dish with various PA adaptations. 

Schnitz und Knepp

Dried apples, dumplings, and ham are long cooked for this warm winter dish. The dish came into creation in the 19th century thanks to Johnny Appleseed planting apple trees in PA. 

Red Beet Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs cured in beet, vinegar, clove, and sugar brine. They have a distinct red-purple coloring. 

Potato Filling

A simple traditional mashed potato and bread casserole, occasionally made with a variety of other ingredients such as butter, eggs, parsley,and onion.  

Cup Cheese

Invented in the 17th century, this smelly, yellowish, hard-but-spreadable cheese is traditionally sold in a cup across PA.


The only item on this list not traditionally PA Dutch, the cheesesteak is a long hoagie with thinly sliced steak meat and melted cheese, sometimes with sauteed onions. It was invented in Philadelphia around the 1930s. This next statement is for the tourists: no restaurant claiming to have the best/original cheesesteak is telling the truth; they’re pretty much all the same, and everyone has their own favorite cheesesteak spot. Also, it’s best with provolone. 


Shoofly Pie

Whether dry bottom or wet bottom, this pie is made by filling a pie shell with molasses and crumbs, and then baked. It gets its name from the flies that must be shooed away from the sweetness. 

Whoopie Pie

This cake/pie/giant oreo cookie is the greatest thing to ever exist. It’s two slices of chocolate cake, or sometimes other cake flavors, sandwiching around cream filling. The pie is popular in Maine, and although many states claim to be the origin, the recipe for the Whoopie Pie comes from the Amish Pennsylvania Dutch, in PA. 

Teaberry Ice Cream

Not PA Dutch, this strictly-PA ice cream flavor is made from the teaberry and tastes like fresh wintergreen. PA ice cream manufacturers like Hershey and Turkey Hill also make commercial versions. It’s bright pink and tastier than it sounds.

Apple Dumpling

This apple-cinnamon pastry is native to PA and popular throughout the northeast.

Funnel Cake

This PA Dutch dish was brought over by German immigrants, and became popular around 1879. It’s just fried dough with powdered sugar. It is now served mainly at fairs across the northeast. 

Local Variations

Pork and Sauerkraut

This is eaten on New Year’s Day for good luck

Pot Pie

Not a meat pastry like in the rest of the US. This a soup made with traditional Pot Pie ingredients, as well as homemade square noodles.   

Chicken and Waffles

Not the soul food version. This is a waffle covered in gravy and pulled chicken. 


Pierogies are found frequently across PA, especially Pittsburgh, with various new recipes thanks to the heavy Eastern European population. 


The regional name of the submarine sandwich found in PA. Wawa’s Hoagiefest is a celebrated tradition for many east PA natives.

Dippy Eggs

The slang term for over easy eggs or any form of fried eggs. It arose from people dipping their toast in the yolk. In my opinion, that’s the best way to eat an egg. 

BEATRICE! DAMN HER AND HER JET-BLACK HAIR AND AWARD-WINNING SMILE! Oh, I’m a failure! A failure! I’m so disorganized! I start to dial, but I never call anyone back! You should see my car! It’s a mess. I’m a mess! I go to the submarine sandwich restaurant and I leave my submarine sandwich restaurant value card at home, every time! All I want is a free sandwich. BEATRIIIIICE!!!
—  Esme Squalor, The Slippery Slope

Integrated creative agency McCann London is promoting the Salad range at Subway® stores.

An office worker breaks free from the monotony of her daily routine with the help of a Subway® stores Salad, in a new TV commercial for submarine sandwich chain Subway® created by McCann London.

In the spot, directed by Max Sherman at Blink and titled ‘Groundhog Day’, the young woman is stuck in a never-end cycle of mundanity as she repeatedly goes through her habitual working day – which is punctuated only by a bland, home-made sandwich.


Stop-motion artist PES takes familiar processes and recreates them with other things — like a submarine sandwich made from boxing gloves, shredded paper, and Slinky slices. 

The Signs as Wizard101 Pet Snacks
  • Aries: Dr. Jalapeno, Taco Town Special, Glowing Dragon Fruit.
  • Taurus: Cow Pie, Shanta Pudding, Mooshu Cheddar.
  • Gemini: Gummy Wyrms, Deviled Eggs, Double Popsicle.
  • Cancer: Sprinkle Cupcake, Crab Knight Cakes, Butter Worms.
  • Leo: Spicy Bubblegum, Wild Strawberry, Fried Ice Cream.
  • Virgo: Avocado Milkshake, Treant Bark, Pyramints.
  • Libra: Flapjacks, Fancy Truffle, Sugar Donut.
  • Scorpio: Dastardly Radish, Athame Pop, Hot and Sour Bits.
  • Sagittarius: Zocalo Wings, Kola Nuts, Golden Pizza.
  • Capricorn: Fancy Yogurt, Goat Cheese, Dagwood Sandwich.
  • Aquarius: Submarine Sandwich, Radioactive Pizza, Rock and Roll Candy.
  • Pisces: Fish Flan, Glowing Taffy, Jelly Baby.

anonymous asked:

If youre taking prompts: stevetony + secret relationship? Either way love your writing, looking fwd to next chapter of flux!

It’s Tony who suggests they keep it quiet.

They’re lying in Steve’s bed because when he’d finally decided to hell with it, he’d felt more comfortable being somewhere familiar his first time. It made him feel more like they were on even ground.

As it turned out, he didn’t really need to worry about that because merely being Steve Rogers seemed to short out something in Tony’s brain. He’d been just as fumbling and nervous as Steve had. There had been a little awkwardness, a lot of laughter, and then a hearty helping of pure pleasure.

“I’m not ashamed of you,” Tony goes on to explain, chin propped in the corner of his elbow and his fingers drawing idle equations on Steve’s shoulder.

Steve laughs at the very idea of that.

“And it’s not that I don’t want everyone in the universe to know that I was the lucky man who got to chaperone Captain America’s first ride at the rodeo—”

“Chaperone? Ugh, Tony.”

Tony grins and flicks Steve’s nipple with his thumb. “Look, I just want you to be able to enjoy things for awhile before other people start shoving their opinions down your throat. You should get that chance. God knows I never did.”

“I don’t care what anyone says,” Steve tells him and lifts his head so that he can press a kiss to the ticklish spot near the hook of Tony’s jaw that makes him grin stupidly and pull his neck in like a turtle. “But if you want to hold off, that’s fine with me.”

“Cool,” Tony says, and then they’re kissing again.


Steve tries not to change his habits where Tony is concerned—he tries not to seek him out when he wouldn’t have before, to sit too close, or talk too much—but he can’t really remember what he did before, so he just goes with it.

Tony is his best friend, if anyone asks.

Tony seems entirely the same, except whenever they’re alone for two seconds, his hands invariably find themselves on Steve’s body. He hooks his fingers in Steve’s pants after a briefing when the room has emptied out and he presses a kiss to the back of his neck; when he wanders into the kitchen at 2 AM and finds Steve sitting with a cup of cocoa, he curls a hand around his neck and kisses his mouth; during movie night, he tucks his toes under Steve’s thigh and kisses his shoulders when they go to the kitchen to bring back snacks for the group.

Steve is deliriously happy.

It’s like a game, meeting each other in the halls and kissing until they’re both breathless, then darting apart and hurrying in opposite directions at the sound of approaching footsteps.

They’re more careful in public, but Steve finds himself staring at his phone and smiling more often than he used to.

Apparently he’s doing that a lot more in general—smiling that is.

That is one thing people notice.

They ask him who the lucky girl is and Steve just shakes his head. “It’s rude to assume it’s a lady, isn’t it?”

“Ha, called it!” Clint crows at Natasha and she pouts for the rest of the meal.

“Maybe we just make him sooo happy,” Tony says, around a mouthful of submarine sandwich.

Steve covers his grin with a fist pressed into his cheek and his face tilted toward the table.


Sneaking around is fun.

Tony loves the exclusivity of it. Keeping it from their friends and the press and even Fury means that Steve is all his. At least, when they’re alone anyway.

He likes the way he aches for Steve when he’s not around. Hell, even when he is around, but Sam’s sitting at the table talking about the perfect parfait or something. Tony sneaks glances at Steve and reaches out under the table with a foot to nudge Steve’s. He loves the way Steve’s mouth twitches in a smile before he schools his expression and nudges back. Sometimes they just kick back and forth, playful and aimless, and other times, one of them slides a foot up further, nudging between their knees and teasing at their inner thighs until they’re both ready to lose it.

Tony will excuse himself to go down to the lab and when Steve’s held out as long as he can, he’ll make his way down, too. Then they make out on the couch in the corner like teenagers, or, on one memorable occasion, swap orgasms in the back behind the piles of scrap DUM-E likes to collect.

Steve really doesn’t seem to mind the sneaking around either, which Tony hadn’t called. He’d expected Steve to protest because lying or whatever, but he seems to enjoy it as much as Tony does.

The occasional blind surprise date Natasha sets Steve up on throws a wrench in the works, at least until Steve gets home and kisses Tony jealousy- and sense-free. They fall into bed and spend three hours laughing about how terribly the date had gone.


It stops being fun when Tony realizes how hard he’s fallen.

He hadn’t expected this. Steve is amazing, he’s always known that, and he’d gone into the relationship realizing that he’d been harboring some strong feelings, but he hadn’t really expected them to last. And he’s only the second person Steve’s ever had feelings for. That didn’t add up to a happy ending.

So he’d expected it to peter out after awhile. Someone new would catch Steve’s eye and Tony would grow restless and they’d part ways friends, but no more.

Except the exact opposite seems to have happened. Tony just wants Steve more. He wants to be around him all the time, to get his opinion on everything, to argue with him at four AM about politics and to sit in the park with him on Tuesday afternoons and to wake up and pull on one of his shirts.

He doesn’t want Steve part-time anymore.

He taps at the arc reactor, and then reaches down to flick at the keys hanging out of the ignition in the Mustang the two of them are currently sitting in, six stories up from the ground. The hood is popped and Tony can see Steve looking at him in the reflection of the cherry red metal. His hand closes over the keys, stops them from swinging.

“What’s bugging you, sweetheart?”

Tony’s breath sticks in his throat. Steve hardly ever uses endearments. Tony’s fingers curl into fists on his thighs and then loosen and tighten, over and over.

“Tony?” he says, low and concerned.

Tony has to tell him. Maybe he’s all-in to Steve’s minimum bet, but Steve deserves to know. He swallows and his tongue catches on the roof of his desert-dry mouth.

Beside him, Steve shifts, the leather scraping under his jeans.

“Steve,” he croaks, and his voice is shaking, just a little. He forces himself to look up, into Steve’s eyes. “I don’t want to hide this anymore.”

He makes a weak gesture between the two of them.

Steve stares at him a moment longer, then he’s reaching over Tony to the seat controls, sliding it back as far as it will go. “Yeah,” he breathes into Tony’s ear as he climbs over the gearshift to straddle him and Tony’s breath leaves him in a rush. “Me neither.”

They both leave hickeys, dark, wine-red starbursts on each of their necks and when they go up for dinner, their hands stay clasped tight together.

Tony wears Steve’s shirt and he grins like a fool through it all.

thank you so much, i hope you enjoy!!!!