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For the timestamp meme, could you do something after Kate and Etta's first meeting, please? The actual timestamp I leave up to you

(timestamp meme! original snippet is here.)

“So,” Etta asks as they take the elevator down. “Travel agenting. You like it?”

“Pay’s okay. Decent benefits.” Kate shrugs. “Hard to get vacation time, but.”

“I used to think I wanted to try it. When I was pretty young, though,” she adds with a laugh. “Then I realized that if I got into a real fight, I’d probably just freeze up.”

So she says. And yet she was the one who insisted on introducing Kate to the asset personally. Who is leading her into Submare 3 now, right up to the glass.

The asset keens, high and mournful. Kate can hear it twisting and thrashing. Etta steps forward and lays her palm flat against the glass.

“Okay, tough guy, shhh,” she croons, “it’s okay. It’s okay.”

The churning of the water fades to a deep, gentle swish. “I think he hears the difference in footsteps,” Etta says. Her tone hasn’t changed, so it takes Kate a moment to realize she’s being addressed. “So he gets restless when he knows there’s someone new. He always calms down once he sees you.”

Kate makes a thoughtful noise and doesn’t point out that she might get a very different reception were she here without Etta. Even without seeing it clearly, she can see that it’s hanging on her every word.

The light in the tank dims. No - something’s come to rest in front of it. Even in the low light, Kate can see the outline.

“Kate, Bob.” Etta is still smiling, bright and fond. “Bob, Kate.”

Kate ducks her head in an almost-bow. “Yeah,” she says. And if she sounds a little out of breath, Etta pretends not to notice. “Pleasure.”