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the gang + music

it’s such a tiny and really inconsequential thing to ask for but I really wanna know more abt the gang’s taste in music

like we know dennis likes his 80s glam rock femme shit, esp steve winwood, but like did he listen to traffic too or just steve’s solo shit? does he like 70s glam rock femme shit too? 80s hair bands? 90s industrial? I mean come the fuck on, he listed ‘hurt’ by nine inch nails on a playlist of ‘songs to get ready to when you’re gonna go out and bang chicks’ - you 10000% cannot tell me dennis didn’t listen to like, pretty hate machine or the downward spiral and fuckin’ believe that Someone Out There Understood

and what about mac, like, he is a PRIME TARGET for all the angst of 90s seattle grunge - did he exclusively listen to like, pearl jam and stone temple pilots and alice in chains and nirvana? like mac in a dirty threadbare flannel and jeans first listening to ‘everlong’ and thinking wow, this is the greatest fucking song, like playing it over and over, trying to absorb it and make it a part of himself. and did he load up on classic rock when he was fourteen like pmuch everyone did? zeppelin and pink floyd, probably, but he might’ve had a few religious objections to black sabbath. also, it’s not a question of if he was into green day, honestly, to me it’s a question of when he started listening and whether he made charlie listen to dookie first or if it was the other way around

speaking of charlie - pianos, man, give me as many pianists as u can think up. elton john seems like a natural choice, prolly billy joel too, but what about people like fiona apple? or tori amos? I mean tori’s got some weird fuckin’ lyrics, I feel like they’d make perfect sense - and speaking of weird lyrics kate bush too seems like another fit for charlie’s music library, but honestly anything with a piano and a lot of weird strange-but-in-a-good-way-ness seems like it would fit around him

dee, I mean, dee picked the perfect time to grow up, dee was nothing but a 90s alt-rock chick, dee listened to like alanis morissette and garbage and maaaaybe pj harvey (idk if she knew anyone cool enough to introduce her to pj harvey honestly, poor dee), dee had all these moody grungy ladies who were Angry and Doing Something About It, dee was totally rocking doc martens and tights and floral dresses and vampy lipstick in high school in the 90s. and for whatever reason I can really see her being into the smashing pumpkins too, idk - maybe she had her first ever lesbian crush on d’arcy wretzky? I’d buy it

I don’t know whether frank has listened to fucking everything under the sun, or only a few bands once or twice, but I feel like the guy has gotten up to some strange fucking trips with prog rock blaring in the background. like, guitar solos over a month long, weird time signatures, lyrics that were written by space aliens, but in between like your usual 50s and 60s staples is a whole lot of rush and yes and supertramp

more than anything else I just want like one playlist for each character, @ RCG why can’t you just give me this one thing I ask

Summer Nights - Rhink Playlist

Kid Rock - All Summer Long // Hailee Steinfeld - Starving // The Chainsmokers - Closer // Alessia Cara - Wild Things // Troye Sivan - WILD // Becky G - Shower // Tove Lo - Talking Body // Felix Jaehn - Ain’t Nobody // Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Home // Troye Sivan - Youth // Sublime - SanteRia // The Ronettes - Be My Baby // Weezer - Island In The Sun // Weezer - Beverly Hills // Fall Out Boy - Fourth of July // Marian Hill - Down // Disclosure - Latch // Merle Haggard - My Favorite Memory // Lionel Richie - All night long // Grouplove - Tongue Tied // Neil Diamond - Sweet Caroline // Aerosmith - Sweet Emotion // Alice Cooper - Schools Out for Summer // Halsey - Roman Holiday // Set It Off - Forever Stuck In Our Youth // Stealers Wheel - Stuck In The Middle With You // Panic! At The Disco - Golden Days // Disclosure - Magnets



Sublime- Santeria

I’ve had strong urges lately to listen to Sublime. Weird because I had heard their music before but didn’t take to it. Really liking them.


anonymous asked:

playlist headcannons for shinsou, kirishima, Bakugou and whoever else you wanna add??

I gotchu man, I actually loved writing these thanks for requesting this (i added mina and kaminari 


- Rly into indie rap and that kind’ve stuff
- Fall back fools (feat. Max) – Taylor Bennet
- Empty – Kevin Abstract
- Lots of childish Gambino
- Wish you were gone – Cosmo Pyke
- Great Dane – Cosmo Pyke
- Likes willow smith
- Mac Demarco
- Shame – Desta French
- May I have this dance (remix) – Francis and the lights
- I’m in the mood for love – James moody and his Swedish crowns
- He likes jazz
- Game Winner – Joey Dosik
- So you know I care – Toulouse 


- Idk but I feel like he really likes man eater by nelly Furtado
- Sweet Dreams, TN – The last shadow puppets
- Goddess – Sleeping Jesus
- Television/so good so far – Rex Orange County
- Definitly had a mcr phase but embraces it
- Driving to Hawaii – Summer Salt
- Fucking loves lana del ray
- Santeria – Sublime
- Odd Couple – Weezer
- Ruling me – Weezer
- Feel No Ways – Drake
- Because I’m Me – The Avalanches


- Definitely all over the place
- Fangs - matt champion
- Doing what they taught us – Rambutan Jam Band
- Cabaret – Azizi Gibson
- He likes muse and weezer
- Ten Tonne Skeleton – Royal Blood
- He likes loud music cause it drowns out peoples voices
- Shhhhhh don’t tell anyone but he rly likes harry styles new album
- Analog 2 – Odd Future
- Constant Headache – Joyce Manor
- Knuckles – Moose Blood
- Eighteen – Joyce Manor
- Guilt Trip – PUP 


- Gassed Up – Nebu Kiniza
- Rose Golden – Kid Cudi
- iSpy – Kyle
- King Kunta – Kendrick Lamar
- Moonage Daydream – David Bowie
- He always wants to feel hyped up so his music style reflects that
- Best Friend – Rex Orange County
- Hey Ya! – Outcast
- Blessings – Chance the Rapper
- G.O.M.D – J. Cole
- Ms. Jackson – Outcast
- Déjà vu – Post Malone 


- Lots of Bruno mars
- Finesse is her anthem
- Caroline – amine
- Pray – terror jr
- Hypnotic – Zella day
- Fighter – Christina aguilrea
- Hurricane – Bridgit Mendler
- Bellyache – Billie Eilish
- Hatefuck –Cruel Youth
- How to be a heart breaker – Marina and the Diamonds
- Why iii Love The Moon – Phony Ppl
- Where did I go? – Jorja Smith

Remember these? They played in the background while you were growing up. 

Three hours of annoying alt and pop rock from the 90s to the early 2000s. Some of these songs you love, some of them are your guilty pleasures, and some of them you want to annihilate with flames and sledgehammers.


come out and play the offspring (1993) smells like teen spirit nirvana (1991) sex and candy marcy playground (1997) you oughta know alanis morisette (1995) father of mine everclear (1997) only happy when it rains garbage (1995) wonderwall oasis (1995) one week barenaked ladies (1998) parallel universe red hot chili peppers (1999) bitch meredith brooks (1997) sabotage beastie boys (1994) killing in the name of rage against the machine (1991) everlong foo fighters (1997) inside out eve 6 (1998) save tonight eagle eye cherry (1997) semi-charmed life third eye blind (1997) meet virginia train (1998) float on modest mouse (2004) jumper third eye blind (1998) name goo goo dolls (1995) hey jealousy gin blossoms (1989) spiderwebs no doubt (1995) creep radiohead (1993) santeria sublime (1996) drive incubus (2001) she likes me for me blessed union of souls (1999) somewhere out there our lady peace (2002) send the pain below chevelle (2002) my name is jonas weezer (1994) 3 AM matchbox twenty (1996) hanging by a moment lifehouse (2000) grey sky morning vertical horizon (1999) kryptonite 3 doors down (2000) i hate everything about you three days grace (2003) closer nine inch nails (1994) chop suey system of a down (2001) blurry puddle of mud (2001) bittersweet symphony the verve (1997) rockabye shawn mullins (1998) she’s so high tal beckman (1999) tubthumping chumbawumba (1997) fly sugar ray (1997) say it ain’t so weezer (1994) hand in my pocket alanis morisette (1995) why don’t you get a job offspring (1998) what’s my age again blink-182 (1999) 

Updated Dec 2014: shuffled the order, swapped out six songs for others, and edited the tracklist to show the year of album release, because someone was doubting my 90s street cred  

Signs as 1997 Hits

Aries- Santeria (Sublime) 

Taurus- Wannabe (Spice Girl) 

Gemini- Semi Charmed Kinda Life (Third Eye Blind) 

Cancer- Karma Police (Radiohead)

Leo- Walkin’ On the Sun (Smash Mouth) 

Virgo- One Headlight (The Wallflowers) 

Libra- Your Woman (White Town)

Scorpio- Bitch (Meredith Brooks) 

Sagittarius- Fly (Sugar Ray)

Capricorn- Song 2 (Blur)

Aquarius- If it Makes You happy (Sheryl Crow)

Pisces- You Were Meant for Me (Jewel) 

tagged by: @dustblush & @silkyblu , ur both darling babes !

list 10 songs ur loving right now and then tag 10 mutuals!

1. don’t let me down - the beatles
2. again - slow hollows
3. rawnald gregory erickson the second - starfucker
4. sleep forever - portugal. the man

5. trouble - cage the elephant

6. santeria - sublime

7. sing about me - kendrick lamar

8. the zephyr song - the red hot chili peppers
9. forgive - porches
10. frank sinatra - cake

i’m sorry i’m so lame i rarely listen to any new music so i’m super behind but i have loved a lot of these songs for a rly long time and i hope yall appreciate ‘em !!! :~)

i tag: @goghdard @abbygailshade @urlmysunshine @notanordinaryperson @lullsoft @catsatellite @oceanlight @elektrolizardprince @peachybulb @rose-print and anyone else who wants to do this pls do and tag me so i can see ur songs!! someone pls force me to lsiten to different music !

Someday is Today

Leo x Sagittarius

i. Life In The Fast Lane // Eagles

ii. L.A. Woman // The Doors

iii. Lonely Hearts Club // Marina and The Diamonds

iv. 100 Letters // Halsey

v. No Rain // Blind Melon

vi. You Get What You Give // New Radicals

vii. Santeria // Sublime

viii. Mary Jane’s Last Dance // Tom Petty

ix. Fluorescent Adolescent // Arctic Monkeys

x. Hell // Squirrel Nut Zippers

(listen here)

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