sublime reference

@kovkovkovkov Nah Bandit typically only howls when I encourage him or if he hears sirens. If he really wants something (like if the food bowl is empty or if he wants us to come to bed), he’ll give one low buh-roof and then wait quietly. Otherwise, he’s silent. I would say Bandit is more chatty than a typical borzoi, but still, he’s a pretty quiet dog.

By comparison, Obie barks if he sees new dogs, he barks constantly if he wants Bandit to play, he barks when he wants to go inside or outside, and he gets super vocal when he plays. Oddly enough, he never howls.

🎶he barks two times in the morning
🎶he barks two times at night
🎶he barks two times in the afternoon
🎶it makes him feel alright
🎶he barks two times in times of peace
🎶and two in times of war
🎶he barks two times before he barks two times
🎶and then he barks two more