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A story that never happened about people who don’t exist in an alternate universe where Tom Riddle and Draco Malfoy live and breathe and work together. It isn’t pretty, but then love never is. Or is it hate? And can you even tell when the knife is at your throat and you aren’t backing away, when you’ve dug your nails into your palms and all you can say is, “Please.” AU.

Crystals of a sublimed salt.

This is a quite special compound what was made months ago. It was placed in another lab in a small vial and from the heat of sunlight it sublimed on one of the walls of the glass. Why is it special? It’s a salt, like sodium chloride, only difference is, that it has highly fluorinated, fluorous side chain that makes volatile, so it could be distilled/sublimed to produce nice crystals as on the picture. 

Want it on your wall? Print it out and use it as you want:


Get bent. Show this video to your most anal screen printing instructors. Super tight printing like you didn’t know was possible

Here’s the video showing sublimation: the ice on the sunny side of the tree turning to water vapor and dispersing into the air. 

I know this is sort of a nerdy thing, but I like that you can be a regular person just walking around observing things and see something like this.

Why Sherlock is freaking out at the beginning of THoB, AKA, ‘Now shut up and smoke’.

So…  Why is Sherlock so very, very interested in smoking at the beginning of THoB?  Smoking is a metaphor for sex and Sherlock is incredibly hard up for it, so to speak.

John, on the other hand, doesn’t smoke and is having no problems not smoking. As of the middle of ASiB John no longer has a girlfriend and does not get one until much after Sherlock’s, ‘death’.  After his epiphany at Battersea with The Woman John no longer seeks out these desperate attempts at sublimation, he surrenders to what he has with Sherlock, platonic though it may seem.

In ASiB Sherlock seems jealous of John’s girlfriends; of Jeanette in particular since she is his then-current girlfriend and, unpleasantly for him, at their Christmas party.  He seems to have kept careful track of everyone John has dated, better than John himself, even. 

In that same episode it is also revealed that Sherlock seeks to know what kind of porn John watches and actively attempts to prevent him watching said porn.  In THoB when Sherlock talks to Henry he reveals that he reads John’s emails to his girlfriends: poems, apparently.  Here we see Sherlock being very invested and very involved in John’s emotional/sexual relationships/feelings.  In ASiB while John is still dating, Sherlock appears to be keeping his desire in check.  In THoB, now that John no longer has a girlfriend, he is losing his mind.

Part of Sherlock’s deduction of Henry involves smoking: the latter is dying to smoke (as is he) but Henry has not quit, he is allowed to have a cigarette.  And watching him smoke helps Sherlock to sublimate his own desire to do so, 

If we take this situation as symbolic of what’s going on with Sherlock and John, then we can see that when John has girlfriends this creates a sort of outlet for Sherlock.  At least if someone is having a relationship with John then he can somehow live vicariously through them: keeping close tabs on the relationship, possibly imagining himself in the place of his current girlfriend.  Despite his resentment, these women fulfill a very important role in Sherlock’s life, that of proxies.  They also help to neutralise his desire by keeping John unavailable.

I see John’s bisexuality as ACD’s cover for the Johnlock love.  Mary/other women can be his beard(s) but this is made possible only by John’s status as a man who is capable of opposite-sex attraction.  Just as I see Sherlock’s genius as ACD’s cover for their love, it hides a significant amount of John’s love under the guise of, ‘admiration’, and allows Sherlock to have his own mental-beard in the form of his archenemy: Moriarty.  

Later in THoB Sherlock will go as far as to set John up on a date to push this issue.  Things are easier for Sherlock when John’s unavailable just as things are easier for John when he thinks Sherlock is, ‘a machine’.  It’s easier for Sherlock to keep his feelings and desires in check if John is dating.  It’s easier for John to keep his feelings and desires in check if Sherlock is not really human, anyway.  

Going through my pictures from this morning, I arrived at this one. You may wonder what’s happening here, and it’s this: the sun shining on the other side of the tree trunk contained so much energy that the thin ice layer on the bark was being sublimated—going straight from ice to steam without melting into water first. These droplets are the steam arising from being ice molecules.

I even took a short (shaky) video of this and could possibly be persuaded to post it.

We are the strain and stress of a line,
the poem’s tension singing in each black wire
of words, and between the first line and the last.
We are the angle of light that burns water,
the point of intersection that creates perspective.

I’ve never let myself describe you
and now that there’s no time left
your meaning spills out of me
like the essence of an atom cracking
on the edge of speed’s bowl,
liquid in its longing to become part of something else,

Last night I Iooked out
to the grocer’s across your street,
baskets of flowers lining the sidewalk,
trembling in the dark wind.
The gasp of paper and leaves
made me eighteen again —
nothing about the feeling had changed,
the ambush of longing October calls out.
I’m living proof
we don’t stop wanting
what we can’t have.

No matter where you are or
who you’re near,
we come up for air together.

No matter my pace or distance,
it’s you I surface to.
—  Anne Michaels, fragments from “Sublimation”, in Miner’s Pond

Crystals of sublimed 2-(trifluoroacetyl)pyrrole.

The raw reaction product what was an off-white crystalline compound with a melting point 50 °C was loaded in a test tube and left there for a few months. For now, these crystals formed at the wall what are perfectly pure 2-(trifluoroacetyl)pyrrole.

If this compound is left on a Petri dish for a day, most of it will sublime away.