prompt: “hey, have you seen…? Oh” + “well, this is awkward” + “it’s not what it looks like” 

pairing: bucky x reader

word count: 2k+

warnings: fluff with v minor tony swearing

prompt list: click here

a/n: please send me hd horizontal bucky gifs bc im running out and im not gonna post new fics without cute gifs im petty like that

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I’m all for Altean!Lance, so imagine Lance finds out he’s Altean while Shiro is gone. Coran and Allura are ecstatic. Hunk, Keith, and Pidge are happy for them, but Lance kind of backs away from all the excitement. They don’t realize he’s gone until later when they invite him down for a celebratory dinner. He goes to join them, but he’s quiet and reserved. Keith gets annoyed and tells him to liven up and Lance just bursts.

Keith doesn’t care he’s Gara because he’s been searching for a home, but Lance already has a home. He has a family for himself, a room to go to, an ocean to spend time in. He doesn’t know half of what it means to be Altean. He’s Cuban. He’s from Earth. He has a mother, a father, sublings! He didn’t ask to be an alien, and he didn’t ask to be lightyears away from home. Being Altean is just one more thing in the way of his return to his home on Earth.

Everyone is quiet throughout his monologue. They never imagined that was how he felt. Coran is the first to step up. He pats Lance on the shoulder to comfort him as Lance looks at him.

“Don’t you think it’s possible to have 2 families? 2 homes?”

Lance’s eyes widen because no, he never gave the possibility a chance.

EXO headcanons on having a 5′2″ S/O

Requested by; anon

Thank you so much for the 5'2" s/o bts headcanons, they were perfect (also whoever requested the got7 version is a genius). If you have time could I request an all of EXO headcanon for having a 5'2" bf/gf. -sincerely a tiny anon who loves your blog very much 💕 (tbh you’ll probably figure out who I am because I’ll shout about how perfect it is in the tags)


  • short power couple
  • matching clothes couple
  • you’ll both fight chanyeol
  • “we’ll be hobbits together forever, won’t we?”
  • forces you to workout with him


  • laughs at your cuteness
  • suble bully
  • “i feel bad for you, you can’t even reach the shelves. Kidding!”
  • always gives you hoodies because he thinks you look adorable
  • does protect you from chanyeol tall people


  • he’s the big spoon
  • “my baby looking good!”
  • doesn’t often show affection but really loves you
  • on-top-of-your-head-kisses
  • piggyback rides!


  • ready to fight Chanyeol aswell
  • back-hugger type of bf
  • often rests his head on your shoulder
  • kisses!! cheek kisses!
  • “I’ll kick anyone who mocks you about your height!”


  • an actual angel
  • “how’s my cute sweety doing?”
  • sings around you
  • helps you chosing clothes
  • lowkey mocks your height


  • biggest bully
  • he’s 100% the big spoon
  • holds things above your head
  • kiss him and you get the thing
  • “you’re so short! oh my god! you can’t even follow my walking pace!”


  • “are those my sweatpants? aren’t they way too big?”
  • same as Suho; suble bully
  • knows when to stop
  • compliments you from the moment you two wake up
  • tickles you if you refuse to kiss him


  • heart eyes
  • always supporting you with the biggest smile
  • brings you to the gym
  • “ah, you’re adorable, I can’t even describe your beauty!”
  • loving kisses!!


  • shy baby
  • put things on high places
  • can be very petty but can never stay petty at you
  • “how can I stay annoyed at you? You’re too adorable!”
  • subtle kisses and affection things

anonymous asked:

I like the way you emote your drawings -- just saw your OW armwrestling comic and the way Pharahs hair floats after she wins struck me as suble but really cool. Do you do that consciously? Im guessing its most likely practice but how do you go about learning that?

ahh yeah, i do that by reflex now, but honestly, there isn’t anything too complex about it: hair goes up when mood goes up!! >:P

when the character is sad, their hair’s low and sticks to their head; when they’re happy it bubbles around their cheek and floats up; when they’re angry, it spikes up outwards…etc. 

Ghibli excels at it eheh

Originally posted by mobpsycho100

you can probably start by looking up how people go about “body language” and the “flow” of a drawing. Also, i just found these tutorials about visual storytelling on Khan academy yesterday?? maybe it could help <3

changed my name over

was suble-and-tiny110

I’m trying to change

I’m going to therapy with a great eating disorders therapist

I’m trying to eat real food

I’m moving away from toxic things

I’m going to try right now

I don’t know if it will last but heres hoping


Why are we not talking about desperation Thranduil betrays in this scene. It starts with shock and grief over pile of dead bodies in Dale, bringing back memories of all these wars they fought for causes of others, losing so much, HER, to him like losing everything? He sees his soldiers slaughtered yet again and he remembers, before, when he was idealist, when he believed in purpose of this fight, until he lost her, until he lost everything that matters. It’s a sharp reminder, and it terrifies him, how close to going through this all over again he is now. With Legolas. Legolas is out there, chasing the feeling of complete, of belonging by fighting for someone else’s freedom, someone else’s justice, someone else’s home, as he himself hasn’t got one. Legolas is out there, sacrificing himself in this war. I will not sacrifice any more Elvish blood is the first rock in avalanche of fear that paralises him. Until finally he’s choking with one thought, on thought only: I will not lose my son. Not him. Not after her. Not after my father before. So he looks for him with this SHEER DESPERATION, maybe it’s too late, maybe it’s too late for them anyway. But it’s not too late for him. there is so much he can do, SO GREAT HE CAN BE. The only choice of this family of this realm to become what is should always be: HOMELAND. Have I lost you too? And then he sees him … THERE’S RELIEF, THERE’S APOLOGY, THERE’S LONGING, THERE’S PRIDE, THERE’S SO MUCH LOVE. And then he knows what he has to do anyway . .  if he really loves him, if he ever did. He needs to let him leave this prison he built for him. He needs to let him go for him to become a man, a soldier, a prince he was always meant to be. And so he does.
Because he loves him this much.

The last look Eijun gave to Chris on the series…

Let me talk about this part, please…

 First of all:

Thank you Terajima-sensei for giving us these two.

Even when we can’t hear what they were saying -and I would kill a man to know what they were saying- it’s easy to read their gestures.

Sawamura thanked Chris (and said something really embarassment because, even Kariba and Kanemaru startled!)

Chris thanked Sawamura as well (that suble bow towards him)

And he said something that made Sawamura so happy he can cry.

(Bonus: Miyuki and his big mancrush on his senpai. He completely understands Sawamura by that moment. Look at his face: feel you).


Some people been asking me why I don’t ship Connor and Oliver in How To Get Away With Murder.

The reason is honestly is so present in the show, so I don’t see why others can’t see it.

Just look:

‘‘You know the way you can’t do drugs, you are like that for me.’‘

- Literally compared his relationship to Connor to drugs, acting as if both these things/people carry the same negative impact

‘‘You’ll have it too (HIV) and maybe we’ll be in this together.’‘

- Putting himself and his mental health over Connor’s and his well being

‘‘I hate you.’‘

- Subtle comment when mad/stressed (founded on comprehensible but somewhat unwarranted things

‘‘You are the idiot.’‘

- Subtle comment when mad/stressed

‘‘I’m surprised by blabbermouth boyfriend hasn’t told you already.’‘

- Subtle comment when mad/stressed

‘‘You’re not allowed to talk right now, consider it practice for not being able to keep your mouth shut.’‘

- Mocking sarcastic comment when mad/stressed

‘I’d never thought I’d end up with a self-absorbed pretty boy.’‘

- Unwarranted subtle comment

‘‘Why is it not bad? So I can hear your lame excuses?’‘

- Assuming the worst out of a partner

‘‘I mean, even I would probably have sex in a sex party.’‘

- Just to show how dedicated and faithful he is to Connor

*Did exactly what Connor told him not to do* (search for the secret baby)

- Disregarding Connor’s feeling and perspective

*Lied/Ignored to Connor about getting involved with the murder searching*

- Disregarding Connor’s feeling and perspective once again

‘‘Stop being such a buzzkill.’‘

- Subtle comment when mad/stressed

*Disregarded Connor’s feelings, safety and his life changing opportunity and decided to delete his Stanford email because he(Oliver) wanted excitement in life*

- Putting himself first in the relationship once again

*Disregarded Connor’s feelings and perspective once again by getting the job he specifically asked Oliver not to get because he(Oliver) wanted excitement in life*

- Putting himself first in the relationship for the third time

*Screamed and got mad at Connor because he didn’t react the way Oliver wanting him to react*

- Being controlling about Connor’s emotional state

*Broke up with Connor literally right after he found out about how Oliver ruined a big opportunity for him because he didn’t want Connor to go alone if he would be going alone, and wanted excitement in life if they were going together*

- Putting himself first in the relationship for the fourth time

‘‘I only ever do what other people want.’‘

- Lack of acknowledgment of the amount of time he put himself over Connor, more so than the contrary*

*The way he expected Connor do live with him and be weirdly close to him right after the breakup*

- Putting what he wants first, and disregarding Connor’s feeling and emotional state

‘‘You sabotaged me.’‘

- Accusations without giving him the benefit of the doubt (x2)

‘‘I don’t want you to be sorry, I want you to act like an adult.’‘

- Suble comment when mad/stressed

‘‘That’s just you and the entire city of Philadelphia.’‘ (x2)

- Subtle slut-shaming comment when mad/stressed

‘‘I need time alone.’‘

- Only to go on dates like three days later

*Literally went to Connor because he couldn’t get laid disregarding all the time he said he didn’t want Connor, disregarding Connor’s feeling and literally using him for his benefice*

- Putting himself first in the relationship for the fifth time

*Mocking Connor’s wanting to keep him safe*

- Suble comment when mad/stressed

*Mocking Connor’s perpective on love and his feelings*

- Suble comment when mad/stressed

‘’I’m not some security blanket for you to go to every time something bad happens with Annalise.’‘

- Hypocrisy as everytime somethinga bad happens with another man, he comes back to Connor

‘‘Some weird messed up emotional damage that you been carrying around since the day I met you.’‘

What I don’t undertand is how you can ship them especially if you include the things that Connor is to blame for in this relationship  which I’m not going to explain since I’m biased like that. Look, I’m not saying that Connor is this perfect character, just look at the way he treats Michaela sometimes but he deserves so much better than someone who constantly belittle him and puts his feelings over him(Connor) all the time.

My picks ~ 5 Stories

This is not my usual weekly list, cause i came across some exceptional fics that were not loved enough here on tumblr and it is my job, at least i hope it’s my job (!) to bring them to your attention. these are the stories i’m rec’ing without a second though. you’ll love them

From the Start (8/?) by lockedout

Summary: “Do you ever feel as though you don’t belong in your own life?” he is staring straight ahead when he asks her, his thumb picking at the beer label. I used to, she wants to reply. 

Killian and Emma have been separated once more by a curse. But things never go as they are supposed to because magic has a mind of its own.

my notes: blending the soulmates trope with memory loses, fake memories and a tragic backstory to justify their time apart, the author manages to pick the best traits of both modern au and canon divergence. there are surprising turns in every chapter, the most notable one inside the swan household. it is tender and original in its approach with magic, romance and loss.

Rash Defamation (7/?) by @tomeandflickcorner

Summary: After a day-long internal mediation, Emma decides to take a chance and see where a relationship with Hook could go. When she seeks him out to discuss the matter, she overhears something so upsetting, it threatens to even put an end to their friendship. The wedge between them could not have come at a worse time, as a new enemy has arrived Storybrooke. Canon Divergence- No Lost Year.

my notes: i was instantly hooked in the captivating plot and the suble traits of characters that are explored. even though cs don’t have scenes together as often as we’ve used to, their bond is seen from other’s perspective and from how they interact with the group. they gravitate towards one another effortlessly and it’s interesting to see how their behaviour affects each other indirectly. the other aspect i admire is the originality with which she treats minor characters like belle, jefferson (the order is not by chance), robin hood and yes, walsh. she has enriched their origins and adjusted their arcs to fit the plot while showing new things about them. she does a lot of research so that every detail is suiting

The Wish You Make (14/?) by @tellmesomething-love 

Summary: On her 27th birthday, Emma Swan blows out a candle and makes a wish, not believing it will come true. The next morning, a man named Killian Jones shows up in her kitchen and claims he’s there to deliver her happy ending. Emma has two choices: sign the client contract and take the allotted year to make up her mind about what she wants her happy ending to be, or opt out of the whole thing and go on with her life as if nothing happened. If she accepts Killian’s offer, there’s really only one rule they can’t break. Emma’s happy ending can be anything she wants–except him.

my notes: it’s hard to categorise it. modern au, canon divergence, land without magic, with magic. the central idea is brilliant. the whole universe detailed and straight out of a movie with a big budget. what i love is that killian has a story/backround/purspose/personality that rivals emma’s in comlexity and intrigue. he is not a deus ex machina or a fairy godmother. their relationship is witty but it’s often filled with secrets and silence. as it should be. magic is incorporated seamlessly and it doesn’t alter the course of her life (it reveals things to her) nor changes how relationships work. i sense a big reveal coming!

Roses in December by @justanotherwannabeclassic

Summary: In a flash of rainbow light, Emma remembers. (Missing Year Canon Divergence)

my notes: okay, before you say it, i may have cheated with this one. it is beloved here, as it should be. i feel though it’s in the same category as the above, mixing canon divergence with missing year experiences and magic. and pain, did i mention pain? even the summary is majestic, wait till you read it in context. spoilers! when emma remembers, she misses everyone and searches desperately for the piece of her life that she left in storybrooke. but to no avail. however, when she does find someone, it doesn’t go as smoothly as I, at least, had hoped. storybrooke is sill filled with villains and emma has more reason to fight than ever before

Satisfied by @emmaswanchoosesyou

Summary: Emma Swan is trying her best to get over her feelings for best friend, Killian Jones. When his fiancee dies, she tries to get his mother’s ring back from the man who stole it while being there for Killian. But that might present a problem with the whole moving on thing.

my notes: multichapter sequel to next to me. it takes place a little after Milah’s death. the catch is killian still loves her and mourning their time together and the future they could have. you think that’s the most heartbreaking thing, right? wrong, it’s emma’s feelings. emma, who watched her college friend fall in love, move in and getting engaged with another woman, leaving her to hide her tears and stand beside him. as a friend

tama-kintoki  asked:

Is saiyuki worth watching? Cause i think its target audience are female and the genre is josei?

Yeah it is a josei with your typical bishounen and suble boyslove, but at the same time it has a lot of shounen material but with really deep and well written characters, the anime jas various series but it is not always good (but it has the best seiyuu in it) my advice is to fall in love with the manga and then watch the anime.

I’m sorry but I’m just imagining Rin asking Nitori if he wants to come along to a Christmas party with his Iwatobi friends and Nitori blushing and asking if his friends are okay with him coming and Rin putting his arm around his shoulder or ruffling his hair and being all insistent and saying “They’ll enjoy your company” with the not so suble subtext of “I enjoy your company” and I have all these feels ok

Center of Attention

Here’s my Squealing Santa thing for shewhohasmanynames. Sorry this is lateish, I’ve been away! You asked for Destiel, so have some Dean-provoking-Cas-into-tickling-him and Cas-letting-himself-be-provoked. I hope you enjoy it, and happy holidays!

Ba-da-dum, ba-da-dum, ba-da-dum, ba-da-dum. Dean drummed his fingers on the wooden armrest of the couch and sighed. He received no response from Cas, who sat serenely on the other end of the couch reading his book.

Dean sighed again, loudly.


Dean swung around so that he was facing Cas before yawning and stretching exaggeratedly, causing his shirt to ride up and his feet to land in Cas’ lap in a not-so-suble ‘pay attention to me’. Still, Cas’ gaze didn’t waver from his book.

With a roll of his eyes, Dean considered giving up; a second later he jumped and almost jerked his feet off of Cas’ lap when the angel began trailing his fingers up and down the length of Dean’s feet. “Is there any reason you’ve been chosen to interrupt my reading?” he asked, the clear warning in his voice sending excited shivers down Dean’s spine. “Or is this simply another plight for attention?”

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anonymous asked:

I often see you post about Kira, and talk about your own lack of feelings and such. Do you connect/relate to Kira, not in a kin way, but just associate yourself with him?

Oh depends on which kira youre talking about but if youre talking about the part 4 Kira, he’s actually a pretty emotional guy. It’s suble tho and it was erased in the anime but he gets angry super easily and even cries. Not to mention he’s pretty egoistical

my favorite hint, aside from him crying, is when he beats up koichi. The dialogue was changed in the anime to “you need to be more like me!”, but check this out

The manga version is much more intense to me, and kira demonstrates to koichi that when he fell, it felt like immense, humiliating pain which is interesting. It’s complicated to explain I guess but it gives a whole lot more meaning to the “kira has matured” phase.

I don’t really relate to part 4 kira but to hell if he aint my favorite villain

As for part 8 kira, I relate to him a fucking lot and it’s easy for me to associate myself with him and is kind of a reason why i prefer friendship josefumi n kira haha but aside that just him being analytical, hating grey zones and expressing little emotion is something that speaks to me