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Sign Splicers

When your sun unites with your moon, ascendant, and/or dominant element, you get a Sign Splicer. Here are the zodiac’s hybrid breeds…which one are you?

Fire + Fire: The Big Bang. You roar with passion, and your enthusiasm reverberates through the entire universe; it’s impossible to ignore your thundering presence (usually because you are very loud!). You have tremendous visions, and believe anything is possible if you want it bad enough. Never waiting or slowing down, you dream of an action-packed life full of glory and excitement that allows room for your showy self to shine. The amount of faith and hope you have makes you very childlike, and you are convinced that you are destined to be a hero. You rebel against reality of any kind, detest details, and can be quite self-involved.  

Earth + Earth: THE MEAT. You are in control of your senses, and the only thing real to you is your physical body. In fact, you draw your impressive strength from your rock solid core of stability. Nothing has the power to uproot you, as you are firmly fixed to reality. The material realm sustains you, impracticality confuses you, and chaos scares the crap out of you, because you don’t like being out of control. You are the base upon which all others stand, and your dependable, loyal nature makes weaker types rely on you. You can be overly skeptical of the things that supersede your senses, so it is important for you to be open to change.

Air + AirTHE THINKER. A fan favorite, you are civilized and cultured, and always have a bright comment or idea to add to a conversation. Independent in both action and word, you do as you like in order to reach total objectivity, but focusing solely on the intelligence causes you to lose touch with the reality of your humanity (emotions and body). Your observational skills always have you questioning and examining the various things that blow into your life, which makes communication a necessity. Friendly, open-minded, and completely cerebral, you shun any and everything that strikes you as illogical.

Water + Water: THE RAIN. The entire world washes over you, and sometimes drowns you, as you swim in the feelings and moods of everyone; this makes discernment extremely difficult. Highly sensitive with a tender heart and soul, you feel vulnerable 24/7. Instincts and imagination overpower your intellect, causing some irrationality, and this is worsened when you dwell on your emotions. You are a sentimentalist, and have a deep connection to your past, and nostalgia often consumes you. Because you frequently underestimate your own strength, you long for deep relationships that provide you with the stability and safe closeness you crave. 

Fire + Earth: The Bull-Dozer. The epitome of spirit and sense, you’ve got drive and determination to push through life as strongly and as quickly as possible. Your feet are glued to the ground as you strive to bring your wildest dreams to fruition; you see and seize the future with certitude. A commanding ego compels you to take charge, and you never shy away from authority, because you are all muscle, with the stamina to see things through the long haul. You need both freedom and stability, and can be massively creative. You are passionate and powerful, but this can make you a stubborn brute.

Fire + Air: The Rave. A discotheque personality with confidence, wonder and bright ideas help you communicate with ease and enthusiasm, you are charismatic and expressive. Dancing through life, you refuse to limit your potential, and you are always in pursuit of the newest and coolest things to help you grow. You’re always going at the speed of light in search of wide horizons, and you absolutely hate to be bored. Social interactions of all kinds ignite your idealism and imagination, and you always aim to be the center of attention. You need large amounts of freedom and space in your life, and you may be emotionally immature and somewhat superficial. 

Fire + Water: The Fusion. The ultimate blending of male and female, you are aggressive and sensitive, with fluctuating moods and temper flares. Wistful, imaginative, and spirited, you long for independence and flee from any form of containment, yet you yearn for emotional attachment. With an exposed heart, you radiate warmth, and flourish in strong relationships because they allow you to pour out your romanticism without abandon. You are emotionally intense and passionate. Self-control and objectivity are foreign to you, as you prefer to filter things through you directly, without rationality getting in the way. 

Air + Earth: THE MAMMAL. With your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground, you grip reality firmly, and organize and build your abstract ideas into something useful. You are a rational, practical person with a scientific mind that is chock full of innovation, and you desire to improve life on earth. You are a master of the soil, efficient and steady, with enough objectivity and forethought to bring your ideals into fruition. Intellectual, social and supportive, always in tune with your senses, you tend to ignore the mysterious realm of the emotions.  

Air + WaterTHE VAPOR.  Intellect and imagery, you communicate through your creativity, but your rich imagination floats in the sky, as you find bringing your ideas to form to be too strenuous. Both romantic and scientific, your heart and your mind take turns in decision making, and you get inspired by close connections with friends, but feel both a desire for intimacy, and a need for change. You can be incredibly insightful and deeply philosophical, but your detachment is tinted with your subjective view, which makes you a little biased. You yearn for more, and adapt to fit into the world, sometimes intellectualizing your feelings.

Earth + WaterTHE FERTILITY. Your lush imagination lends itself to your creative capabilities to produce lovely fruit. Your emotions and reality-awareness make you a wise and centered problem-solver, and thus, very resourceful. A domestic classicist who is very concerned with creating a nurturing net of safety and security, you make home life a priority. You are caring and quiet, highly romantic and artistic, and apply your sensitivity with determination. But you may be possessive of loved ones, and lack the objectivity that allows you to grow fully.


Lord help the lost ship that wanders into these waters unaware – for suddenly, compasses spin awry and radios fill with static. Then the Phantom Lighthouse looms suddenly in the mist.

The Lighthouse: The building itself is a navigational tower standing on a small rocky island located at approximately 63° N, 32° W in the middle of
the Atlantic Ocean. The Lighthouse actually conceals the only access to
the underwater city of Rapture without a submarine, harboring a single bathysphere linked to the Welcome Center Metro Station, and so
represents the only landmark to the city’s position.

Track: Beyond the Sea

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What is some of the mistakes people do becouse of there functions?


Ne: failing to choose one idea and strengthen it, or refusing to consider the dark side of someone else.

Se: failing to consider the consequences of momentary passions, pleasures, and pursuits, or to be careful with their precious life.

Te: failing to consider that not everything can be dealt with or explained by facts and underestimating the emotional elements involved.

Fe: failing to establish an identity of self, instead of mirroring other people, or shaming others who do not agree with you.

Ni: failing to realize your perception of truth or reality is not true to reality, and a tendency to seek a single over-encompassing belief to cover society’s many problems (everything will be fixed if only people cared more about…)

Si: failing to realize that your subjective perception of what happened isn’t what actually happened, and allowing resistance to change to make you miss new possibilities, ideas, and experiences.

Ti: failing to see that your perception of logic is not always objectively logical, with a tendency to dismiss other people’s emotions because you see them as a “faulty” system.

Fi: failing to find compassion for those whose behaviors you despise, and the inability to relate to others without sharing their direct experiences.


Ne: failing to read others’ motivations, developing weird conspiracy theories, and having a pessimistic attitude toward the unseen future.

Se: failing at attempts to act in the moment, miscalculating situations and one’s ability to act within them, and infrequent recklessness.

Te: failing to know whether what you are putting your efforts into will help you reach your goals or finish your project, and the tendency to develop an authoritarian / black and white method of handling problems.

Fe: failing to react properly to others feelings, or handle your own, while sometimes bending your values to obtain others’ praise.

Ni: failing to realize that your subjective view of the future is irrational, developing a “worst case scenario” attitude toward the future (ie, I’m doomed), and being defensive over your singular theories.

Si: failing to realize your personal experiences matter and you should take them into consideration, but that you lack an objective assessment of what actually happened.

Ti: failing to see you are wasting time analyzing things that won’t fix the problem, a tendency to not admit that some of your logic is irrational.

Fi: failing to accept behavior that doesn’t align with your values, a tendency to force your values onto others, and being upset over minor insults.

- ENFP Mod

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Casting a female Doctor right now is a gimmick though. It should be casting the right person for the role, not giving people a gimmick so the SJWs won't complain. Besides, we've seen females take over male roles before and be very successful. It was done some time ago in the Battlestar Galactica reboot that none of the young kids remember. It'll happen, but when that right woman reads for the role. Forcing it, simply sucks for everyone, and is a gimmick.

but who says it’s forcing it? why not do it exactly as you said - letting a bunch of people audition for the role, then picking the best person - why can’t that person be a woman?
my problem with the “best person for the role” argument is that it’s so obvious. of course everyone wants the best person to be the doctor. the problem is that it’s raised as a counter argument to a female doctor - as if the best doctor can’t possibly be female. damn, there are so many brilliant actresses out there who’d absolutely slay the role.
i say, let the best person be a woman. don’t say “it’ll happen”, as if there isn’t currently a single actress who can be the doctor - say “let’s make it happen”, because it can be, and this is the best time for it to be - after all the buildup, from the doctor mentioning the corsair in “the doctor’s wife”, to missy, to the doctor being a “king or a queen”, to the general’s regeneration in hell bent - after all this, casting a male doctor again would just be a huge missed opportunity, and this entire great big arc - all this effort into making it canonically established that the doctor can regenerate into a woman - would just go to waste.
this isn’t just some radical sjw issue now. a lot of people are calling for a female doctor. about half or more of the bookies’ candidates for the role are female. it started when 12 was cast and it’s much stronger nowadays. killing this spark now would just be a big disappointment and a huge wasted opportunity.

Director of Photography Breakdown - Roger Deakins

Roger Deakins. A man who has developed the irrefutablereputation of a cinematographer with unmatched consistency. If he works on amovie, it looks good. His style is often referenced for what we have come toexpect in aesthetically pleasing contemporary cinema. In this post I willattempt to break down constant techniques he uses and develop through linesbetween films.


Wide Shot

Deakins is a master of the extreme wide shot.Perfect lens choice and composition allow him to establish space like no other.Often these shots are used at the beginning or end of a scene to lead us intoor ease us out of a moment. I find that when I experience shots like thisviscerally, with the character, it provides a perfect entrance into the headspace of the characters within the scene. The shot from Skyfall (upper middle shot) is not only incredible to look at, but it is used as an opener to establish the emotional turmoil he is experiencing by returning to the harsh and unrelenting landscape of his childhood. In the top shot from True Grit, the shot is used to establish the isolation and privacy Mattie hops to experience when visiting the grave of Rooster.


Establishing Shots

I think these are my personal favourites when it comes to Deakins work. Every establishing shot is on point. Not only are they all composed to perfection, but the slight tweaks in variety keep them interesting. I found 4 examples in which the subjects are never in the same part of the frame. On top of that, he uses leading lines and lens choice to create depth and completely establishes colour palette for every scene with these awesome shots.


Mid Shots

Although there are only two examples here, they are the perfect ones to represent the strength in Deakins’ mid shots. For the first shot, both the vertical and horizontal thirds are filled with interesting material. It creates immediate depth with the shallower depth of field, with the closer out of focus grass, the subject and then finally the fence trees and sky outside the focal plane. In the second shot from Prisoners it demonstrates Deakins’ excellent use of the leading lines in the desk to draw our eye to the subject in the center of the frame. It is also a perfect representation of his use of practical’s to light a subject in low light.

Close Ups

Finally the close ups, the bread and butter of most DP’s. Deakin’s is definitely a fan of unconventional these types of shots. These frames scream unconventional, from a close up with no light on the subject, to the side view of the parked car, they are trying to break the mold of what we expect from an average close up shot. Why follow the textbook when you can create your own.

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do you any tips for extremely new witches who have no idea where to start?

I do!

  • Don’t feel like you need a witchy label, you don’t
  • Don’t feel like you need to worship a god or goddess to be a witch, you don’t
  • practise what feels natural, if something doesn’t click then don’t force it
  • spend time outside, talk to the wind, feel the energy in the trees, let the moon fill you with magic
  • your mind is your best tool; you don’t need every herb or crystal under the sky to practise
  • meditation will help you find yourself
  • make friends, join witchy chat groups but keep in mind that no one views one subject the same and there is a good chance they might be doing something either incorrect or harmful depending on what you end up believing in
  • Wicca is not the same thing as witchcraft, though many authors and blogs use the terms interchangeably when they mean different things
  • Keeping that in mind, Wicca books are still amazing reads for witches because of the use of witchcraft in Wicca
  • If anyone tells you that Wicca is an old religion they have no idea what they are talking about
  • Stay away from silver ravenwolf books, don’t practise ‘smudging’, don’t use a dreamcatcher (they won’t actually work unless you buy from a native which some people say is ok and some people say is wrong, but explaining why will take too long and this is a touchy subject in the community)
  • don’t take practises from cultures that don’t want to share them
  • have fun
  • make spells up as you go along
  • don’t worry when they fail
  • age does not equal knowledge; there are many older witches who aren’t as well informed as they seem
  • Stay away from the drama, it’s not worth it and will only make you mad

witchy masterposts are your best friend. Here is a masterpost of masterposts. This is a lot of information to take in so I suggest just going super slow with it, maybe focusing on one subject per week. I’m just dumping all this info here so you can keep coming back to it for reference, don’t look at it all at once!

I could go on forever but you get the point. DON’T FORGET TO HAVE FUN!!!! <3


So I finished ‘13 Reasons Why’ last night, and I just want to say at first I regretted recommending it because it was so hard to watch, and I know the backlash has been very critical of the show. Watching it myself, it opened up a lot of old wounds, and I would be completely lying if I said it was “therapeutic” because it wasn’t. It hurt to watch. Through out the show I muted, cried, skipped ahead, walked away, paused or turned it off completely. But honestly, this was the first, the very first representation of the 'teenage’ experience I’ve EVER seen that wasn’t sugar coated, or cute, or *cool*. I’ll be eating my words when '13 Reasons’ merch ends up at Hot Topic, but honestly this was the very first representation I’ve personally viewed that didn’t romanticize the subject. It showed the cold, hard, and irreversible effects suicide has on your community, friends, family, and the scary last moments faced by victims. My entire life I always thought suicide would be my easy, legendary and cool romantic way out. I have never EVER seen it portrayed so horrifyingly. I’m glad I watched this series. I’m not pushing it on anyone, I’m not, but I’m glad it was on Netflix. Uncensored, graphic, and authentically done. I’ve never read the book, honestly, I didn’t even know it was a book, or what I was getting into when I started this series, but I’m glad I pushed myself through it. On my twitter I have reposted a 'trigger warning time stamp’ cheat sheet if you’re interested in watching the show but you’re not sure about viewing certain subjects, though it does contain spoilers. The show also does play a warning before very graphic episodes. What do you guys think though? Now that I’ve finished the series I’m interested in how other people interpreted the show. #13reasonswhy

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The worst thing about every Mbti type (some of it actually isn't but i don't know just go with it)



-Why must you go impulsively do stuff?
-Really tho like what???
-Besides that you guys are pretty chill
-Just don’t do the thing


-Impulsive 1000000% 10/10 would agree
-Also extremely independent
-Which explains why you don’t like my advice


-What are you even taking about?
-How do you have so many friends and then just don’t talk to them?


-Like ENTP but a little more considerate about their friends
-But will probably just leave you still
-Just in a nice way


-Says “I’m fine” when is actually really grumpy and frustrated
-Why though
-Mr./Mrs. Grumpy lol
-Just very salty about things


-They don’t emotion very well
-And they pretend they don’t have emotions


-Advice giver 24/7 TM
-Does the ^w^ face
-Then goes to the -_- face
-Not really a smol doggo


-Can actually be analytical sometimes
-Doesn’t always wear flower crowns
-Okay maybe sometimes but not always
-Pretends to like you because they don’t have a choice because they want to be nice


-Cynical little snowflakes with more emotion and passion
-Tries to be an Fe user
-But fails very much
-Can’t always understand other people’s feelings


-Tries to be logical but ends up failing
b/c too much Ni
-Can’t even explain their thoughts without sounding like an idiot
-Pretends to be their stereotype too much
-Sometimes actually doesn’t have enough concrete evidence to give their meaning for something but is convinced they are 100% right anyways


-Even with Fe it’s just wow okay that was just quite cynical of you
-Maybe the logical feeler in 2nd place
-because lots of salt


-Literally the 🤔 emoji
-Can literally logic someone to death
-Don’t get in their face about things
-It won’t end well


-Clingy b/c they love you (which isn’t always that bad)
-A smol bag of emotions
-Clings to introverts usually


-I dunno
-Probably has dirt on a lot of people
-Thinks that people who are different are not edgy or trendy
-Secretly envies them


-Takes perfectionism to a whole new level
-Likes to be an Fe user


-Not as mean as they seem
-But still kinda scary
-Actually very passionate about things

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Hi, I was just reading an old post about why Ford went to Backupsmore and I have a kind of dumb followup question. Was taking a year off before going to college not a thing in the 60s? Or transferring schools? Or did Ford simply finish school and graduate too fast to apply somewhere else next admission period?

Hi, Anon!   This is an interesting question!  For me, the answer is bound up in a lot of subjective views about the implications of Ford’s experiences at the end of high school, and what the show does and does not tell us about the opportunities he had, or thought he had, at the time.  Forgive me if some of this is a re-hash of other meta!

I did some looking around, and the idea of taking off a year before going to college seems to have been gaining momentum in the U.K. during the 60s and 70s, but it’s only comparatively recently that it’s become more of a thing in the United States.  Even today, apparently only a very small percentage of students in the United States choose to delay college for a year.It does seem that there was an established system of public “junior colleges” (what would later be called “community colleges”) for the express purpose of students entering these low-priced colleges for 2 years of course work that could then be transferred to 4-year colleges or universities.  So, why Ford never tried to transfer his credits from Backupsmore to a more prestigious university, I don’t know; but again, it could have simply been a funding issue.

One thing ATOTS gets right: at the time in the late 60s, the landscape of college funding was really very different.  The federal government was not in the business of offering financial aid options to students independent of their school of choice.  Financial need-based grants start around 1972, and the shift to low-interest student loans (instead of grants) dates to around 1978.  There was a lot more emphasis on the scholarship for those who couldn’t afford college. (And a lot more steering of lower-income students towards public institutions rather than private ones, as the public institutions tended to have low tuition, particularly for in-state residents.)  Which is why the opportunity to be offered a scholarship to West Coast Tech was such a huge deal for Ford.

But there’s so much unanswered about the Pines’ situation, and so much unaddressed, that it’s really hard to tell what we’re supposed to conclude from his ending up at Backupsmore.

The implication of the scene in ATOTS, where Ford’s principal informs him about WCT coming to look at his science project, is that this is the first time anyone at the school has encouraged Ford to aspire to or apply to universities?  Which seems very weird, because we’re also shown that from a young age, Ford won a lot of recognition for his academic achievements.  His teachers already knew he was smart and interested in the sciences, before that Science Fair project.  His guidance counselors should have been pushing him towards college, and towards competing for scholarships, if the Pines family’s financial situation wouldn’t be able to cover his going to a private school.  Ford clearly had an aptitude for the sciences. It’s really interesting to me that his crowning achievement in high school is basically an engineering project, given that he does not go on to pursue an engineering degree.  But, this is the height of the space race.  They WANTED to get braniacs like him into the pipeline to go into working on all of the various technological advances that were being used by NASA, and various agencies concerned with the competitive technology developments related to the Cold War, not to mention the military. 

Ah,yes. The military.  Something the show never ever mentions (because it would be too heavy for a children’s show?) – the Vietnam war is going on at this time.  I can’t actually confirm whether Ford’s polydactyly would have resulted in him being designated 4F (unfit for military service) or not, and we don’t know exactly how bad his eyesight was (only that he had to wear his glasses from a really young age). Otherwise, though, for young men at least, taking off a year before going to college would not have been a viable option simply because it was either get a student deferment, or, register for the draft and have a good chance of being sent to Vietnam.  This is most noticeable when it comes to Stan.  If Stan was not going to go to college, there’s no way he would have wound up working scraping barnacles off the pilings under the salt-water taffy store – everybody would have known he would wind up getting drafted, unless he did something like join the National Guard.  (Which might not have been that easy to do, since obviously, a lot of people wanted to do it.  What you tend to hear are stories of young men with family connections who managed to get into the N.G. and avoid being send to Vietnam - former U.S. president G.W. Bush most notably.)  Anyway, getting kicked out of home, failing to finish high school, and embarking on a career as a traveling salesman with a bunch of assumed identities obviously sucked in other ways for Stan, but it allowed him to be a successful draft-dodger.

Anyway, going back to Ford – it seems possible that the show means us to assume that Ford was already applying to cheaper local/state colleges, like Backupsmore, all along, and the Science Fair was just an opportunity to earn a free ride to a much more prestigious and expensive school.  (I don’t get why he wouldn’t have been regarded as a competitive choice for scholarships even before his teachers saw his Science Fair entry.  But perhaps that’s just one realistic way that a school like Glass Shard Beach High failed their students.)  When that fell through, he then wound up choosing between the affordable options left to him, and wound up at Backupsmore.

It’s also always been interesting to me that ATOTS has Ford (as the storyteller of that part of the narrative) strike an unapologetically elitist tone about the difference between what his college experience might have been at WCT, versus at a place like Backupsmore.  I mean… I don’t think he was incorrect!   I think that in the 60s and 70s, where you went to school, and the “name” and reputation of the school, had an enormous influence on the networking you could do, the attention you would get from career recruiters, and just, the access you had to facilities and funding.  A big-name technical university would have drawn in a lot of federal grant money, and thus had better labs and equipment and more support for researchers.  That doesn’t mean you couldn’t succeed if you didn’t go to an “elite” school (and it’s nice that the show makes this point), but undoubtedly it required more work (and luck?) to get noticed.

Just as a final note, since I’m not sure I’ve seen it mentioned: Ford’s $100,000 research grant in 1975 would be worth over $425,000 in 2012.  That’s a heck of a grant!  Building the Shack would not have cost anywhere near that much (especially given its log-cabin construction), and even the construction of a 3-storey subterranean lab shouldn’t have eaten into it that much.  (I know Stan says that he paid off Ford’s mortage on the Shack… but what I can’t really figure out is why Ford couldn’t have just paid for the land and the Shack’s construction outright, with that kind of money, and argue that it was an appropriate use of research funds because he needed a research facility on the site of his fieldwork.  Ah well!  Stan would undoubtedly have thought of that!  But if some of that money wasn’t used to build the Shack… what was it used for, for the 5 years Ford was researching Gravity Falls’ weirdness, before he would have had to spend it on the materials to build and fuel the Portal?  Hmm. Questions for another day, perhaps.)


As you may have noticed, BTS are now having a huge time in America and a great impact in te world’s music industry. That has brought to them a big bunch of new stans. The A.R.M.Y family is growing huge, and if you are new to the fandom of course all of your unnies and oppas will welcome you with a smile. BUT there exist a bunch of rules and behaviors us, A.R.M.Y, need to follow if we want to keep up with the tag of «most loyal fandom» and the peace, order and good connivance.

Well, so let’s begin.

Rule #1:
You WON’T start fights with other fandoms. Avoid fandom wars.

As you may notice, A.R.M.Ys have a delicate relationship with our EXO-Ls sisters. Most of us are tired of the ones in the fandoms that start fights. So PLEASE be careful with what you say. Praise all groups for their hard work. If you don’t come to like EXO or any other K-Pop group, you don’t have the right to express disapproval by insulting them or their fans. Be mature. Let’s show the K-Pop community that A.R.M.Y has grown up.

Rule #2:
You WON’T call BTS kings or gods unironically.

BTS are a great group that has come too far by themselves. Yes, they tend to break stereotypes and be different, and yes, they may be one of the bests boybands out there. BUT that doesn’t make them any superior to other groups. What we want is to have a harmonious community, and avoid fandom wars. Fandom wars regularly begin when proud and egocentric stans call their groups the best in the industry. All groups are doing their best and have done their best. There is no king, no queen, no god or goddess of K-Pop. In a subjective point of view, BTS may be the bests for you, but just remember there exist variety of opinion in the community and you shouldn’t try to convince anyone of your own truth.

Rule #3:
You are NOT going to compare the members.

BTS is a group that has been outstanding because of the unbelievably great relationship the members have, plus their humility and sincerity. They love each other as brothers and are a true example of brotherhood and team work. As well, us A.R.M.Y have to appreciate their hard work by equal. In this band, there is no rapper better than other, or singer better than other. They all have their talents and stand out for their own unique skills. I beg you to please don’t compare the members ever.

Rule #3:
Avoid talking about BTS everywhere.

Some fandoms are tired of A.R.M.Y bringing up BTS in every topic. It’s not surprising since we are known for being loyal and passionate to our boys. However, this tends to tiren up other fandoms. Let’s say that right now the A.R.M.Y community doesn’t have a very honored title among the K-Pop stans because of that. Much of them hate the fandom and even hate our boys’ success because of the fandom itself. I know it sounds ridiculous. But let’s try to change it. If another group is in the highlights, let’s congratulate them and their fandom. Let’s not fall in haughtiness.

Rule #4:
Defend the boys.

Up there I mentioned to avoid fandom wars. And yes, avoid them. BUT defend the boys in a good manner whenever you see someone insulting them or the fandom. If you are A.R.M.Y you’ll soon fall in love with the family, and as a strong family we protect each other. Actually, A.R.M.Y are known for being protective, so lets keep up on that. If you are having trouble defending the boys or the family to someone that is being missbehave and rude, call other A.R.M.Y to stand out in defence WITH GOOD MANNERS. Cease to fight with anyone who is being stubborn, better leave them in their own ignorance.

Rule #5:

BTS are a group well known for caring a lot more about their art than their visuals. If you want to be a true A.R.M.Y you should clearly listen to all their albums, the tracks they’ve developed outside the BigHit label, their mixes, read their translated lyrics, realize how poetic and beautiful their music is. If you gotta show off something about the boys, its their talent, trust me. Sure they are handsome and charismatic, but they are real for their music. Sure they may have called your attention at first glance because of their great looks, but know there is more about them than just pretty faces and expensive clothing.

Rule #6:

This is very important: your bias does not belong to you. It hasn’t happened yet, but if one of the boys ever decides to have a public relationship with whoever, you must not insult their partner or hate on them even if the jelousy is killing you. Realize how immature and ridiculous that is.

Rule #7:
Don’t take the ships too far.

I know a lot of fans that get really obssessed with ships. It happens in every fandom. But please, remember that being too obvious about the ships can make the boys uncomfortable and also other stans. Don’t insult your fellow unnies and oppas if they happen to ship anything different from you. Don’t start ship wars in the fandom. Don’t make yourself any illusion that your ship may be canon, because by now we are not sure about the boys’ sexuality and we’ve only see their brotherly love side. They are adorable, I know, but don’t make yourself any wrong conception of what they really think about each other. Also, you will notice that in this fandom specially there is… hum… how can I say it… Poligamy? xD Kind of, there are tons of ships. Basically you can ship every member with every other member, even outside the group! You’ll find some crazy shippers, some multi-shippers (as me), and some rare species that only happen to ship one thing (I don’t have a clue of how they manage to stay loyal to their only ship omg). However, you can have fun with this, but just don’t take it to insanity. Please.

Rule #8:
Learn which kind of jokes may result offensive.

I’m not going to lie, A.R.M.Y is a dope fandom. The best thing I love about this family is its humour sense. The jokes, the memes, the crack vids, its all fantastic. BUT as in everything, you need to know what is accepted and what is not. For example; don’t call Seokjin a princess. He doesn’t like being called that way, its disrespectful. Instead, why not call him a charming prince? or an egocentric bitch, I don’t know xD (Also realize that Seokjin is a very sarcastic person and he may seem arrogant if you can’t catch the joke, but he’s just very funny and his humour tends to be ironical. Just a little fact here) and also, don’t call Taehyung an alien. He doesn’t like that either, and I don’t want to talk to you about the scold you will receive from a V biased if they ever hear you call him an alien. I, myself, am an example of that. Don’t call him stupid or dumb either, he is not. Don’t call Yoongi lazy too often, if you do that sure there’ll be some Suga biased claiming to you he is not lazy at all (tho that may be a lie and we know it xD). Don’t EVER dare to say Namjoon or Hoseok are ugly. Ever. You’ll get hurt, trust me. I mean, I don’t even know why someone would joke about that, they are like the most beautiful creatures I’ve seen in my freaking life ???  I’ve been a long time on this fandom, and I think by now some very acceptable jokes that have always been funny are jokes about Jimin’s height and Jungkook’s bunny looks. However, these are jokes that the boys themselves started and tell, so we assume its correct if we use them. Whenever the boys end a joke, we stop making fun of it.

Rule #9:
Guide your new sisters and brothers into the fandom.

Help people know well their new family. More important: get people interested in BTS! Show your friends the MV’s, tell them about the crazy theories and how charming and talented the boys are. As good A.R.M.Y our work is to help them gain recognition, and guiding new people to their concepts and music is a way to make it. 

Rule #10:
Don’t be a koreaboo.

We know Korea is a very interesting country and the mother of one of the greatest cultures, but a lot of people will find annoying and even racist if you get too obssessed with South Korean’s popular culture or Hallyu. I may have to admit that me myself was a koreaboo for a long time and have been sometimes. South Korea its fantastic and its media culture its very attractive, but know that there also exist other means of comsumption and markets around the world. Also, please, don’t create yourself a fetiche around asian people. That is racist. Control yourselves, fam. Don’t get me wrong; support the hallyu, but don’t take the obssession too far. Also, don’t trust the website named “koreaboo” because it’s bullshit.

I think that’s it for now. Those are kind of the important points I think of. Thank you for reading this and please reblog! If you want to add anything please feel free to do it.

...And the Woman Clothed with the Sun

They actually didn’t cut that much from this episode, so this won’t be the longest post in the series…but there are still some very interesting bits to share:

Originally, Hannibal was supposed to be laying down, reading an old French cookbook…

I’m guessing they cut the hand part because…how would Hannibal know?? They can’t touch in this situation and I’m not sure even Hannibal could see Will’s hands that clearly because, idk *insert a joke about the show being too dark*

Hmm, I wonder what that emotion was….

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anonymous asked:

I need help writing some romance please! The biggest problem is their age difference, about 15 years apart. The younger one starts pining after the older one at age 16 and they get together in 3 years. I want to develope chemistry between them but i only have moments specifically dedicated to the younger one. How do i build feelings in the older one without it seeming creepy or unethical? They're both good people and wait until the younger one's eighteen before starting their relationship

Ah, the creep factor.

For simplicity’s sake, I’ll be referring to the younger one as ‘Y’ and the older one as ‘O’.

Since your couple is waiting until Y is 18, I’m assuming that O develops feelings for Y before Y is 18. For the average person, that kind of situation in real life would set off alarm bells. You can’t really avoid the stigma that comes with an adult loving someone underaged, but that isn’t to say you can’t write for a couple with a large age gap. If that’s what you want to write, go for it!

That being said, consider:

  1. The age of Y. 

    Is it absolutely necessary for Y to be so young in your story? Would the story be so drastically affected if Y is 18 when O starts to develop feelings and they get together when Y is 21? Conversely, is it absolutely necessary for O to be so old?

  2. How your characters know each other

    The level of creepiness can be affected by your characters’ initial relation to each other and how they meet when the story begins. For example, if they’re in a teacher-student relationship, that’ll have a different connotation and reaction than say, a Five Night’s at Freddie’s forum online.
    In the teacher-student situation, which is an already familiar trope, there’s the connotation of predatory behavior in the teacher. In the gaming forum situation, the age of the characters are masked until they share personal information with each other. An adult becoming interested and enamored with someone they’ve met online, only to realize that they’re talking to a very mature 16-year-old, is something a little easier to swallow than a teacher-student relationship.

    TLDR: If there is a large gap in age between characters, a relation where O has some kind of authority over Y comes off as O taking advantage of Y.

  3. How fast your characters get to know each other

    Think about the moment in the storyline where O starts to develop feelings for Y. Does this have to happen while Y is underaged? Could you have a situation where O and Y get to know each other over the course of 3 years and O starts to develop feelings on year 3.


    Who likes whom first?
    If O is making all the advances, it’ll seem a lot creepier than is Y initiates the bulk of the romance.

  4. Why your characters like each other

    This is something you think about in all romance, but it’s especially important for this post.

    The more O is described as having sexual attraction to Y–especially early on in the romance– the creepier it is. Definitely try to focus on the little moments where the characters connect through intelligent discussion, maybe where Y views a subject in a way O would have never thought themselves. Demonstrate the aspects of Y’s personality that are attractive –their intelligence, their thoughtfulness, their kindness, etc. 

  5. Their dynamic

    Think about your character’s personalities. What type of dynamic would they have together? Is their chemistry cutesy in interaction? Are they snarky with each other? Or do they have a calmer dynamic where much of their communication is through eye contact or other nonverbals?

    If the dialogue between your characters is sexually charged, it’ll come off as creepy. This is particularly true if Y and O don’t know each other very well. This doesn’t mean you can’t write sexual dialogue, just keep in mind the factors I’ve described above.

    Also, does this dynamic change with the subject matter of the conversation they’re having? Is it different in private than it is in public?

    Once you’ve determined their dynamic, consider how the characters interact with other people. Is O cutesy and innocent with Y but constantly making dirty jokes with their friends at work? Does O generally flirt with people Y’s age, or is Y a special case? Y and O don’t have to interact the same way with every other character, but think about how Y and O present themselves to other people.

I hope this helps!


I’m a mess of sobs right now. This chapter keeps on delivering.



Well, okay, he thinks, but it’s the same for me. Give me a moment to cry because this is too beautiful. Osamu getting attention. And lines. Two panels. TWO PANELS.

*deep breath*

I feel like people systematically overlook Osamu, or at least the fan opinions I’ve seen so far. I mean, I get why: Atsumu really has this aura, he really fills the room. When I first saw Atsumu, I felt like I didn’t need anyone else around him because his presence was already overwhelming. You feel there’s something special about him since the beginning. Maybe I’m alone on this, but when I learned that Atsumu had a twin, my first reaction was “this is too much for me” (in a good way). I couldn’t handle two Atsumus in one place.

And maybe that’s what happens as well in the manga. Because so far we’ve seen that Osamu is the quiet one, I wouldn’t be surprised if people underestimated him a lot. He doesn’t seem to have that aura Atsumu has; Osamu is more like the guy who stays at the back of the room and observes what’s going on in silence.

(Needless to say, I could be wrong on this. This is just my subjective view on what we’ve seen so far.)

But Osamu seems to be really intelligent. He always knows what’s going on. Sure, he has probably lived the same situation before, but he is able to apply all of that experience to know what people are thinking, what the opposite team is planning to do, what kind of research they’ve done.

I don’t think many fans have noticed this, but I did: he doesn’t speak much, but he’s always thinking. In that sense, he reminds me of Akaashi, with his mind always working, analyzing what he’s seeing, but keeping it to himself. When Osamu speaks, he tends to say short sentences, and his tone and expression seem to be quite neutral. But when we see him thinking, it’s a different story. His sentences get longer, his observations are way more articulate. This guy seems to have a long and complex monologue going on inside him but he shares so little that he actually gives the impression of being a guy who lacks emotions and opinions, when in reality, there’s a lot in his mind.

I wonder what caused this. Is he just like that, or is it that he’s so used to Atsumu getting all the attention that he stopped sharing his emotions in fear of being ignored?

anonymous asked:

I have a question about your art practice, if you don't mind me asking. After graduating from CMU I'm sure that you had/have a pretty solid idea about the themes that you tend to focus on in your art, its aesthetic as a body of work, etc. With this in mind, how have you navigated creating new work? Personally, I feel as if I'm being pulled in two distinct directions: the need to create something new/exciting and the need to produce consistent work that can be shown as a cohesive body. Thoughts?

So after graduating I had some idea which was mostly that I wanted to continue my thesis work or work on some kind of part deux to that which I did start and then never finished. I’ll like lay it out because I feel like that’d be easiest.

After I graduated I moved back home and the only thing I really had space or time for I realized was small gouaches. I could do them at my desk or on the floor and they didn’t make a mess and they didn’t require vast amounts of set up or anything. My focus was mostly on just continuing to do things. My biggest fear was that to stop what I thought was a crucial juncture would mean the end or the creation of a significant block in my creative practice (which I don’t think is really true and like breaks are good and healthy and you can’t be in that kind of creative crisis mode all the time or you’ll drive yourself a little nuts.) After I moved to Virginia, I was able to set a more workable space to paint which was like great. 

I’ve never really painted to make a body of work that is distinctly cohesive like aesthetically? The cues I take are linked to what influences me intellectually as a painter and an artist and so I think of everything I do as somewhat connected and so I don’t really have any issues with lumping and unlumping certain paintings for the sake of presentation. So I guess like I’m always trying to move forward and work towards something new for myself. I’m here for me. This is all for me. Getting to show my work is always a privilege and an honor and what I will always think of as an extra to all this so as to make sure I stay focused on growth. 

Let’s talk about incest !

Aka I will probably received hate for this but I don’t care it need to be said. and before you send hate, read the whole thing !

tw : Incest, rape mention, abuse mention (not much),

I’ve always seen on this site a lot of hate against Incest, so that’s why I want to present my point of view here and ask the hater some question about incest, or just talk to people about the subject.

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amber-acrylic  asked:

Oh my goodness hon, you've really made your way to the top! I see your stuff everywhere, and how you do so much with alaina! It's amazing <3 Do you have any tips/advice for 'getting out there' more?

Way on the top… ?

Originally posted by pegawholocketalianjen

I don’t consider myself on the top even if I have a pretty large fan base… and as for tips and advice I have… none? I mean, getting “popular” on tumblr or any social networks is about luck in a subjective point of view. It’s up to people to like you or not active or not…

The only advice I could give is maybe to stop caring about the number you have but be thankful about the fanbase you already have, there’s people out there, looking at your stuff, loving what you do, and THAT is what matter. Because they’re people not just number…

On my side, I’m not looking for fame, I just do what I like and share my passion with others, that’s all~<3

I wasn’t going to say anything about this whole matter because I’m actually quite chill but my friend got really upset about this and that upsets me.

So let me say something. HIDE DID NOT RAT ON INU AND MC’S PLAN TO MITSUHIDE. The three of them were being noisy and a retainer came and found MC in inuchiyo’s room and this leads to the three of them being called to Mitsuhide’s present to explain themselves because it is not very acceptable at that time for a woman to be in a man’s chamber that late night. Hide was there but even if he wasn’t? MC still has to explain herself to Mitshide. And it was also Mitsuhide who sent them to Nobunaga to get their permission. I hope it’s clear. I couldn’t begin to explain how going with two men is more okay than one man but that’s just how the route goes and how Voltage writes it, okay?

another thing, THIS IS NOT INUCHIYO’S ROUTE. So Hideyoshi isn’t really cockblocking anyone. It is as much his route as it is Inuchiyo’s. If you go on to Inuchiyo’s route, he would stop this so called “cockblocking”. And if that’s really your complaint, then you would see that even when you chose Hideyoshi, you would still see a lot of Inuchiyo (MC being worried for him, him taking MC to bed when drunk, etc and this is IN HIDE’S ROUTE). It is how Voltage do these two. Voltage likes to play the whole love triangle on Inuchiyo and Hideyoshi. If you can’t stomach it? Then it’s your problem but don’t spread poison.

And the whole onsen thing. Nowhere in the ES can we see MC and Hide bathing together. The onsen is separate. An excerpt from the ES,

I leave Lord Hideyoshi to go to the women’s side of the onsen, and let it take the exhaustion o the day away.

They didn’t bathe together. Nor was he suggesting that they bathe together. He was suggesting that MC and him walk together to the onsen to enjoy it as it was what she came for in the first place. People have different ways to handle with conflict, some run after then some wait and give time to cool down. Hide is the later. And maybe all of you are like “Hide should have make MC run after Inuchiyo”. But please keep this in mind, this is not Inuchiyo’s route. This is also Hideyoshi’s route and if you’re accustomed to him being a support character then I’m sorry but this is not a story where he is one. He is not the priest here or the healer here. He’s not.

The whole situation and the conflict that exploded around it in tumblr fandom is a result of a subjective view on Hide’s charcter despite what the story really presents. This is something that we call a Bandwagon Effect mixed with the Snowball Effect. One person sprouts the idea that Hide is a questionable character (in this case, a fuckboy), this happened quite some time ago because of a mistranslation that has been proved otherwise by daeva-agas. It’s this one sentence that started it and yet when given the prove that it isn’t like that after all, nobody said anything. Nobody said “Oh he isn’t like that after all”. As time goes though, this thing got bigger and bigger and its impact graver and graver towards Hideyoshi’s character. A lot of the people in the fandom (most of which I found out haven’t done Hide’s main route after all and so doesn’t have quite the grasp of his character, eg. that event being their first encounter with Hide as a love interest and not a support character) have been given a preconceived idea that he is of questionable character. So when someone posted again, that is he one, of course, everyone jumped on the bandwagon, still wearing the grime-covered glasses that he is “sleazy”.

It’s like, when you see a hoax “news” or “facts” on tumblr with a million notes and when you read it, you, have not a speck of knowledge about this matter of course said, “why yes, it must be true, look at the notes, look at the OP, they’re popular tumblr user”. But then later, you found out that it isn’t. It’s the same thing.

You’re seeing this subjectively; through preconceived ideas and bias that you have for Hide instead of objectively as the story is presented.

Anyway, I’m going end this with saying that this is all cognitive bias, a deviation from the truth in particular situations that is caused by our attentional and belief bias. We all want to hate on something or someone, it makes life easier to direct all these negative energy to just one thing in particular. It’s a very common behavior that’s found in a lot human being, no need to deny it or feel ashamed of it. People like to hate, and what’s easier than to hate on an unpopular character, right?

I know there is a lot of discourse in the Phandom over whether or not Dan and Phil are together romantically. As a person who has been a casual viewer of Dan and Phil for years now, I understand the urge to apply romantic infatuation to them. They’re two people who are obviously very close, and their story is a beautiful, comforting one that has brought happiness and admiration to the hearts of many, many people. And I think that’s what we should focus on here, not ‘Phan’ as a romantic concept, but rather the steady and loving relationship of Dan and Phil that is consistently displayed and has been for quite a long time. Whether or not they’re together romantically, I think there’s beauty there. I think there’s comfort in realizing that they’ve found a connection. Dan and Phil are a reminder that you have a person, whether that be a romantic or platonic one. Seeing them together all of these years has reminded me that that kind of connection is possible and that loneliness is not inevitable. They’re best friends, lovers, soulmates - whatever you’d like to call them - and they’ve built up a community of passionate, hilarious people who are endlessly creative, sometimes in strange ways, but otherwise beautifully. Please remember that platonic love is just as prominent and overwhelmingly fantastic as romantic love. Remember to be kind to the other people in your fandom, even if they differ from you. And most importantly, remember that Dan and Phil are people who love each other, in whatever way they want to or need to. It’s a personal decision. A precise, emotional feeling that belongs to them and them only. Please, acknowledge the love between them, perceive it how you want to, but remember it’s not yours to manipulate. And either way, I believe you should be happy because there are two people out there who sit on a couch together, surrounded by nerdy items in complete comfort because they’re together. That’s all that matters in the long run, I think. Appreciate them. Respect them. Do the same to each other. Have a nice day!!