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I know there is a lot of discourse in the Phandom over whether or not Dan and Phil are together romantically. As a person who has been a casual viewer of Dan and Phil for years now, I understand the urge to apply romantic infatuation to them. They’re two people who are obviously very close, and their story is a beautiful, comforting one that has brought happiness and admiration to the hearts of many, many people. And I think that’s what we should focus on here, not ‘Phan’ as a romantic concept, but rather the steady and loving relationship of Dan and Phil that is consistently displayed and has been for quite a long time. Whether or not they’re together romantically, I think there’s beauty there. I think there’s comfort in realizing that they’ve found a connection. Dan and Phil are a reminder that you have a person, whether that be a romantic or platonic one. Seeing them together all of these years has reminded me that that kind of connection is possible and that loneliness is not inevitable. They’re best friends, lovers, soulmates - whatever you’d like to call them - and they’ve built up a community of passionate, hilarious people who are endlessly creative, sometimes in strange ways, but otherwise beautifully. Please remember that platonic love is just as prominent and overwhelmingly fantastic as romantic love. Remember to be kind to the other people in your fandom, even if they differ from you. And most importantly, remember that Dan and Phil are people who love each other, in whatever way they want to or need to. It’s a personal decision. A precise, emotional feeling that belongs to them and them only. Please, acknowledge the love between them, perceive it how you want to, but remember it’s not yours to manipulate. And either way, I believe you should be happy because there are two people out there who sit on a couch together, surrounded by nerdy items in complete comfort because they’re together. That’s all that matters in the long run, I think. Appreciate them. Respect them. Do the same to each other. Have a nice day!! 

The worst thing about every Mbti type (some of it actually isn't but i don't know just go with it)



-Why must you go impulsively do stuff?
-Really tho like what???
-Besides that you guys are pretty chill
-Just don’t do the thing


-Impulsive 1000000% 10/10 would agree
-Also extremely independent
-Which explains why you don’t like my advice


-What are you even taking about?
-How do you have so many friends and then just don’t talk to them?


-Like ENTP but a little more considerate about their friends
-But will probably just leave you still
-Just in a nice way


-Says “I’m fine” when is actually really grumpy and frustrated
-Why though
-Mr./Mrs. Grumpy lol
-Just very salty about things


-They don’t emotion very well
-And they pretend they don’t have emotions


-Advice giver 24/7 TM
-Does the ^w^ face
-Then goes to the -_- face
-Not really a smol doggo


-Can actually be analytical sometimes
-Doesn’t always wear flower crowns
-Okay maybe sometimes but not always
-Pretends to like you because they don’t have a choice because they want to be nice


-Cynical little snowflakes with more emotion and passion
-Tries to be an Fe user
-But fails very much
-Can’t always understand other people’s feelings


-Tries to be logical but ends up failing
b/c too much Ni
-Can’t even explain their thoughts without sounding like an idiot
-Pretends to be their stereotype too much
-Sometimes actually doesn’t have enough concrete evidence to give their meaning for something but is convinced they are 100% right anyways


-Even with Fe it’s just wow okay that was just quite cynical of you
-Maybe the logical feeler in 2nd place
-because lots of salt


-Literally the 🤔 emoji
-Can literally logic someone to death
-Don’t get in their face about things
-It won’t end well


-Clingy b/c they love you (which isn’t always that bad)
-A smol bag of emotions
-Clings to introverts usually


-I dunno
-Probably has dirt on a lot of people
-Thinks that people who are different are not edgy or trendy
-Secretly envies them


-Takes perfectionism to a whole new level
-Likes to be an Fe user


-Not as mean as they seem
-But still kinda scary
-Actually very passionate about things

How To Study During Winter Break

Hey guys and welcome back to my studyblr!As you already know Christmas/Winter break is coming soon (at least in my country 🙈 ) so I thought that it would be helpful to share some tips&tricks on how to study efficiently and stay motivated during that break🙏If you want to know more about the topic just keep on reading.

  • Plan everything in advance. : In my opinion it’s really important staying organized even during the holidays.Making a to-do list is pretty helpful in order to stay on track with your study sessions.
  • Don’t cheat yourself. : Make sure that you are going to stick to the plan/vision that you have created on your mind.For example,if you have planned to study 1 ½ hour per day,just do it.Set your timer and get busy.
  • Hit 1 subject per day : You should focus on one subject per day.There is no need to rush or study way too hard.In my point of view,one subject is enough.Just make sure that you have fully understood and learned the material that you studied.
  • Μake some time off: You should study but make sure that you are still going to have some time off for yourself.For example,you could study in the morning for 2 hours and then relax (in the evening🌇)
  • Find the ideal enviroment : Get out of your house.You have the chance to study in places like cafes (aka Starbucks 😋 ) ,libraries or at a friend’s house (have a study buddy and study together 💜 )
  • Unplug from social media : Everyone spends their time on their phones doing literally nothing during the holidays.On the other hand,you have to do the opposite.Turn your phone off and stay away from any distractions especially during your study sessions.

So these are my tips and tricks on how to stay motivated and study during the Christmas holidays.Now,I believe that studying during the winter break is very efficient and helpful so please make sure to make some time to prepare yourself for the next semester😜To sum up,I would like to wish you all Merry Christmas and a happy 2017.🎄

P.S You can request any posts you would like to see on my studyblr any time you’d like.🌈

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It is a universal tragedy the way women perceive themselves through other women. We look at other women and we assume that because we believe their eyes are beautiful, that they are the eyes we should have to be beautiful too. That because we believe their legs are perfection, we should have legs like these in order to achieve perfection too. We fail to see that these women think the same things when they look at us. It is cyclic. The legs we want are possessed by the woman that wants our hips or the breasts we want are possessed by the woman that wishes she could swap them out for our own. It is tragic that this mutual disrespect of our own bodies turns into toxicity and jealousy rather than a universal love of each others bodies and beings. We must realise that the objectivity of the perfect beauty is influenced by the subjective views of us all. There is no one ‘beauty’.
—  natroel

Little Cosette is here. I haven’t done a lot of big pencil works since… you know, the “Empty chairs” one. And I think it’s time to do this again. 

I actually have a little announcement. You see, I’ve read “Les Miserables” for the first time when I was 15, and it did leave a huge impact on me (couldn’t you tell right away). It kinda make me the person I am now. Sure, I’ve come a long way and some things changed, but my love and dedication to this masterpiece won’t. And this book even gave me an inspiration to try drawing. I remember that I was so deeply impressed by the characters I started to draw them in my album (or my subjective view on them). So, it was the first time I ever did a fanart. And that was also the first time I’ve considered drawing as my possible future profession. 

Over time I developed my skills in drawing, and started to be all sentimental (in my 21, yees). And I had an idea to redraw my first fanart, with the same idea and characters, but with some new variations. It’s also interesting because I didn’t really see the stage musical or anything Les Mis related when I draw my first fanart, but now I did, and I’m curious how I my view on some of the characters had been changed. And how some of them just evolved by the time and because I’ve returned to draw them over and over (like Enjolras, for example). 

 I have a feeling I should get to the piont already. So, now I’m remaking my old arts, as I said, and I want to ask you, should I post the final material as a comparison between old and new drawings or just the new material alone. I’ll be happy to read your opinion in the comments. And If something from Les Mis franchise had an impact on you the same way, I’d be happy to read your stiories. Anyway, little Cosette’s here as an example of a style of this big epic series of pictures. And, in some way, as a teaser fot it. Hope you enjoyed it =) 

@the music video


apparently it wasn’t the band submitting the video so don’t give them shit for spamming this thing

still though

a crash course:

  • ↑ this is a PR suicide ↑ 


  1. people that arent a part of a marginalized group usually don’t get to decide whether they’re oppressive to said group or not, and leave it up to the community to decide. e.g. most (if not all) white people who say “i’m not racist” will end up being racist because a white person willing to actually understand the issue of racism will very quickly realize the problem of them seeing things from a very subjective point of view.
  2. we’re not doing it to be offensive” means nothing because much transphobia is up to little subconscious cues that people adopted as normal (microaggressions most of the time) and “we’re not doing it to be offensive” is pretty much a reworded “i’m sorry you’re offended”, which means nothing again
  3. the song is called like a lady so we dressed like ladies” - the thing would be half as bad if you decided to actually take care of how this looks and i’m not even sure at this point if you’re aware or not but you played into the centuries old “dude that tries to pass as a lady but does a horrible job because he doesnt know shit about how to dress up or (in this case) do makeup” trope which is pretty damn transphobic if you ask me. like for real if you did drag where you actually put effort into it and dont play the idea of a dmab person dressing in feminine clothing as a joke and a funny and bizarre thing it wouldnt be so nauseating to watch
  4.  “we grew up with sisters and mothers we have nothing but respect for women” again, subtle subconscious transphobic cues are a thing. also a very tropey tiptoing-around-the-issue response

dont take this post as an attack or a holier-than-thou display, take this post as a chance to analyze everything, rethink everything, learn up on shit and good luck

Here’s the thing with the discourse going around and I’ll just put it on the table

I have no respect for Pewdie anymore, jokes he’s made constantly in the past and has made so many apology videos to “change” but it’s barely happened. His attitude is gross, his jokes are gross, and as much as I want to be positive about a person changing he has so far not changed since he has joined YouTube in my experience (I used to actually be fan in 7th-9th grade). I ignore his videos and ignore him and his fans.

There also has been miscommunication on Mark and Jack’s behalf about what they mean in the videos.

I didn’t watch Jack’s yet I think they’re not supporting pewdie in any way other than “basic human respect” which can be viewed however as you like but I think it’s the basic “no death threats” thing to pewdie which I understand because you can actually get charged for such a thing. Mark is not on the same humor level pewdie was on at any point I can recall. I more so understand he has to remain professional and if he and Jack got up in arms about this issue it would cause too much problems both to their fans and themselves.

Markiplier’s video wasn’t supporting pewdiepie in any way as how I felt but as a Goyim/non-jewish person I don’t have the exact perspective as jewish people do.

I do not have the mental patience for this right now. Unlike pewdie mark had the maturity to try and listen to why people were upset with him instead of laughing it off and making it a joke. I do not particularly like how he phrased it in the video but I looked and saw what he meant to say.

At this point in time I’m not on pewdie’s side period nor am i on the extreme side of harassing Mark for his video.

i intensely hate offensive humor and it bugs the hell out of me

but i think its wrong to push Mark into the same light as pewdie is in especially to the point of antagonizing him on a charity livestream.

MBTI  as Songs

I tried to avoid stereotypes as much as possible (like giving the SJ’s country songs…ugh).

ISTJ- 1979 (The Smashing Pumpkins) This song is dreamy and nostalgic, but also ultimately realistic. ISTJ’s are traditional and cautious, but also have strong imaginations that are influenced by their subjective view of the past.

ISFJ- A Dustland Fairytale (The Killers) ISFJ’s are traditional, yet also imaginative and often dreamers. This song is about the traditional culture of America and fairytale love, but also shows how that tradition can be channeled into imagination.

INTJ- Centuries (Fall Out Boy) This song is perfect for the ambitious, idealistic INTJ, who often dwells in their complex dreams of the future. More importantly, it also shows this type’s passion and emotion, not just their ruthlessness.

INFJ- Landslide (Fleetwood Mac) This song is gentle, introspective, and metaphorical, just like the INFJ. It explores the ideas of time, personal strength, divinity, and identity, all within a single extended metaphor of a snow-covered mountain.

INTP- Speed of Sound (Coldplay) This song questions the nature of life and one’s place in the universe. INTP’s have similarly inquisitive minds, and love to understand the logical patterns of the world around them.

INFP- Marching Bands of Manhattan (Death Cab for Cutie) The INFP is passionate, sincere, imaginative and original. This song uses unusual ideas such as marching bands and leaking faucets to describe the vastness of a strong personal love.

ISTP- Harlem (New Politics) ISTP’s are full of energy, but also blunt and analytical. This song is very enthusiastic and youthful, but still manages to capture the more direct aspect of the ISTP’s personality.

ISFP- Go Do (Jónsi) ISFP’s are impulsive, aesthetic individualists, a spirit captured in this upbeat song. Its lyrics speak to stepping outside your comfort zone, being proud of yourself and your identity, and embracing the richness of life.

ESFP- Anna Sun (Walk the Moon) This song is perfect for the energy, enthusiasm, and fun-loving tendencies of the ESFP. It focuses on sensory imagery and tells a carefree summer story, themes often present in the ESFP’s own life.

ESTP- Ready to Go (Panic! at the Disco) The ESTP is upbeat, infectious, and often devil-may-care. The song describes a risk-taking, ready-for-anything attitude, and also does justice to the ESTP’s curiosity and personal charm.

ESFJ- Cecilia and the Satellite (Andrew McMahon) This is a sweet song written for the singer’s daughter, describing his life’s experiences and his love for her. It’s compassionate and imaginative, just like the ESFJ.

ESTJ- Telegraph Road (Dire Straits) This song speaks to memories of better times, as well as the hardworking ethic that prevailed in them, similar to the efficient yet nostalgic ESTJ. This type can also be very creative, shown in the song’s complexity.

ENFJ- Kings and Queens (30 Seconds to Mars) ENFJ’s are passionate and compassionate, particularly about larger social causes. This song is quite emotionally powerful, speaking to a visionary sense of fulfillment that should resonate with the ENFJ.

ENTJ- Hall of Fame (The Script) ENTJ’s are dedicated, hardworking, and ambitious, the exact qualities described in this song. It has a never-give-up attitude that champions ‘everyday’ leaders, such as teachers and preachers.

ENFP- Dirty Paws (Of Monsters and Men) ENFP’s are known for their idiosyncratic imaginations, which fits in perfectly with this song about rebellious dragonflies and talking trees. The song is also a bit like a folk story, showing ENFP’s buried streak of traditionalism.

ENTP- Champagne Supernova (Oasis) This song is a quirky, metaphorical ramble well-suited to the original mind of an ENTP. It delves into questions of life, the universe, and everything, and doesn’t lend itself to easy interpretation.

(Feedback appreciated, especially for the NTP songs! They’re the type I understand least)

anonymous asked:

you actually said you wouldnt mind seeing a girl naked to the girl? i wish she was me lmao

Yeah, I did, but look, context matters: we were talking about Halloween costumes, she said she didn’t know what she would go as, so I (ever so subtle) suggested “Birthday-Suit”. She (ever so modest) said she didn’t want to subject others to that view. So I said yours truly reaally wouldn’t mind ;).

And she thought I was just kidding. I am doomed.

character development asks!
  • ☮: when does your character feel most at peace?
  • ✿: does your character prefer being indoors or outdoors? Why?
  • ✈: what are your character's biggest fears?
  • ♥: when your character is in love, how do they show it?
  • ♡: how does your character flirt?
  • ✖: how does your character handle sadness?
  • ☺: what is your character's dream pet?
  • ✦: does your character have any siblings?
  • ★: growing up, how did they do in school? What were their favorite subjects?
  • ♕: Political views & religious views?
  • ☼: based on your character's personality/interests, what kind of superpower do you think they would have?
  • ✷: what are family reunions like for your character, or what would they be like if they had them?
  • ✉: what is the best gift your character could receive from someone?
  • ♫: Does your character play any instruments? If not, are there any they've tried to learn?
  • ☞: what were your character's parents like with raising them?
  • ❂: did your character play any sports in school?
  • ☠: how does your character celebrate Halloween?
  • ✝: any distinct markings on your character's body (moles, freckles, tattoos, piercings)?

Brigitte Lacombe

Brigitte Lacombe Shares Her Secret

Though their subjects include many of the most iconic celebrities of the last half-century, Brigitte Lacombe’s photographs have become classics of the genre because of their distinct lack of cinematic artifice. “It’s nothing to do with photography,” the French-born, New York-based lens woman says of her approach. “It’s about what you can establish with a person within a very short period of time.”

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i’m reading the preface of pedagogy of the oppressed whilst my sims game loads (and you thought this was going to be an intellectual post), and I’m confused about a minor point he makes about objectivity and subjectivity? he mentions how “the radical is never a subjectivist” and how they consider the subjective only in relation to objectivity; subjective-objective form a dialectical unity in this way.

thing is…. i feel as if this point was kind of obvious? surely no-one believes subjectivity is an entirely separate entity from objectivity? we only understand those concepts in relation to each other? like who doesn’t ground their subjective point of view from the material reality?

spartanlocke  asked:

how about "sun" and "taurus"?

THIS IS- one hell of a question. Identity is bizzare and sense of self isn’t something I was born with I guess. I never feel like a person at any particular time, and I don’t know exactly what the entails. I’ve never felt connection to gender, and I’m a myriad of taking on new traits when possible. I mean, I know facts about what I’m LIKE? But this is actually why I’m endlessly curious about people describing how they see me, in rediculously objective views (sometimes subjective if I just wanna know how they feel about me. thanks anxiety). It’s bizzare.
Both. I couldn’t choose. I love em both.

You hear about Ginny being the other half of a brotp all the fucking time (with Sirius, her brothers, Neville, etc.)
Fandom Ginny kinda tends to the “not like other girls” trope. I mean she’s chill with Luna and Hermione but Luna’s Luna and Hermione is very much one of the bros.

Where is girl-power!Ginny?!

I want a Ginny who can kick ass at Quidditch and dueling and knows all the best ways to perfectly wing eyeliner. A Ginny that has fun being flirty and dressing up and going on dates (with girls or guys). She has so.many.brothers. Of course she’s going to know how to run with the guys but she’s going to want to forge her own way as much as Ron, and what sets her apart is her gender. So she owns it. I can’t see her comforting Cho and Lavender specifically because of how close she is to the parties involved in those situations, but certainly other girls like them. I see her flirting for fun, not because it means anything, just for the heck of it (reminiscent of Sirius Black) and calling her brothers out for their misogyny when they complain. Ginny was the one who helped Hermione with her hair for the Yule Ball, and she’s the one who convinces Hermione that she can rock that super short strapless number (because it makes Hermione feel sexy). Ginny freaking owns her femininity and supports other girls femininity and just hardcore girly feminist Ginny is important


As a female INTJ, I am having troubles when dealing with my emotional friend, an ISFP. She cries easily, gets angry easily and gets offended easily.

Although I want to say that she’s making things a big issue even though it’s not, I also want to be in good terms with her because she’s my friend. I don’t want to hurt her further by saying what’s in my mind.

I need help on how to act around them. I just want to humble myself and stop justifying my subjective views.

The Hoia-Baciu forest, also known as the Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania has become famous since 1968 when biologist Alexandru Sift captured a photo of a disc-shaped UFO flying above it. However, the locals have known all about the forest for much longer. They considered it an evil, cursed place and it was viewed as a taboo subject. The forest is viewed as one of the most haunted spot in the world and over the years, many ghost hunters, paranormal investigators and parapsychologists have been attracted to it. One of those people is Dr. Adrian Patrut, a chemistry professor at the local university and parapsychologist.

Some researchers have claimed that this forest is a portal to another dimension or spirit world. Locals warn that if you enter the forest, you may never return. Destination Truth, a SyFy channel show decided to go to Hoia-Baciu Forest and investigate. What they found is a place with an abundance of paranormal activities.

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I think one important issue here is society, your are thinking of conservatives where you are, a culture that is becoming more open making conservatives more of a minority and always subjected to these open views from friends and especially media. Not here. Our whole society is pretty much all conservative and our media reflects that. We would rarely get the saving kinky things for mistress while wife is pure. That here would be a big family shame and divorce would be demanded by family. We gene

generally consider sex for procreation. It is an expression of love too, but a variety and kinks go too far from love to just enjoyment so are taboo. As for your questions, this is also the answer to 1. As for 2, no. At least certainly not for men. As for women, where is the line between sex and not sex? Because true sex is penis in vagina but isn’t being naked, kissing body, and fingering still sexual? This is also taboo for premarital. 3. Maybe, I could accept that. 4. Well, exactly where’s the romantic/sexual line? But I would agree that romantic displays are acceptable in public if you’re not making a scene, but sexual is private. Romantic is fine with any relationship, sexual is with your spouse only. So from what’s acceptable and what’s not for me, that’s the idea.

Answer: Ok I have to be honest, this is so confusing for me. If you are with a girl, two girls having sex won’t lead to procreation. So would it be allowed for you to have sex with a girl that is your wife? Why is it ok for her to perform oral on you? Is that not taboo?

Sex isn’t just penis going into vagina. It’s penetration in any form. So fingering, oral sex, all that is sex too. If you are looking for a romantic lifelong relationship with a woman then maybe you can find an asexual lesbian or a graysexual like some of the followers have been suggesting. But if you do want sexual things with a woman then I’m not sure how many lesbians or bisexuals would be very accepting to being with someone who doesn’t want to try other things, especially oral. I can’t believe there’s many women who would be ok with it if they aren’t on the ace spectrum. I’m not trying to be an asshole and you are trusting me to be honest with you, not to be polite. But as a sexual lesbian, I know I can’t ever be with someone who just wanted to to finger and kiss me. I asked a few other women and they said they wouldn’t be into it either. That’s probably why you aren’t able to find women to date.

So if you do want to date women, you can look for someone that is asexual.

 - Nicole