subjective photography

Daguerreotype portrait of an unidentified man, c. 1840′s/1850′s.

Source: Library of Congress.


On 15 November, 1989, 15-year-old student from Peekskill, New York, Angela Correa, left her home with her cassette player and camera in search of subjects for her photography class. When she didn’t return home her family called the police. Her badly beaten body was discovered two days later; she had been beaten, raped, and then strangled to death. Authorities zoned in on her classmate, 17-year-old Jeffrey Deskovic, who was said to have arrived to school late the day after Angela disappeared. He also apparently behaved “overly distraught” by her death, often visiting her grave.

Classmates said that Jeffrey was particularly fond of Angela because she was one of the very few students that actually spoke to him. Jeffrey was questioned a number of times about the murder of Angela and was taken to a private polygraph business at the request of the local Sheriff’s Department. The real motive behind this was to “get the confession” as revealed during trial. Jeffrey was held in a small room without a lawyer or parent. As well as this, he was provided with no food and intensely interrogated. His so-called confession came after six gruelling hours. Regardless of the fact that his DNA did not match that of the semen found on Angela, Jeffrey was arrested and the prosecution attempted to strengthen his coerced confession.

The prosecution attempted to argue that the semen came from a consensual partner and that Jeffrey was the real killer, which he staunchly denied. With not a shred of evidence against him and going on his coerced confession alone, which he had immediately recanted, Jeffrey was found guilty of murder in 1991. Jeffrey sat in prison until September 2006, when the DNA from the semen found on Angela’s body was tested again and lo and behold, the semen was matched to convicted murderer Steven Cunningham, who was serving time for strangling the sister of his girlfriend.

On 20 September, 2006, Jeffrey was released from prison after his conviction was overturned. Jeffrey won a $41.6 million lawsuit for his wrongful conviction and now works as an advocate for reforming the criminal justice system.

JuminV Week - Day 1  |  Photography

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I love the hc where Jihyun first photography subject was Jumin !
I imagine him captured all Jumin’s candid photo it would be a bliss to draw all the awkward moment of little Jumin aaaaa but what is time
I think this is the first time my JuminV isnt something angsty heh-
Tho sorry idk if this is okay ? aaaaa


Tintype portrait of an unidentified African American man possibly taken in Kentucky, c. 1800′s.

Source: University of Kentucky.

Rooftop Sunset, Rabat, Malta

© Jacob Forsyth-Davies

Sorry for the long absence! Been enjoying my summer and organising for my next and final year at university, aiming to keep regular updates going now.

“The future will be safe, I swear it”

I feel so honored to be the subject of Aerlinn Cosplay’s photography magic!
This shot reminds me of the end of Kingsglaive, when Luna is leaving Insomnia as the sun rises (even though in reality we were shooting around sunset, haha)

Daguerreotype portrait of a man posing with a pile of books and a flute, 1857.

Source: Sotheby’s.

Good afternoon Tumblrtopia, the next photography challenge for the Abstract Challenge is.. ICM or Intentional Camera Movement, or the purposeful movement of your camera during a long(ish) exposure.. This is my favorite type of abstract photography, and I have to warn you, it can be very addictive because it is so much FUN!!!

All you’re going to need for this challenge is a camera. You can use ND filters if you have them, but it isn’t something you need to use. I tend to shoot most of mine in the late afternoon or towards sunset, and a cloudy overcast day will work too. The example I’m using was shot in the afternoon on a overcast day. The photo is of ornamental grass that was swaying in the breeze. My ISO is 100, my Fstop is F22 and that gave me a 1/6 second exposure. I made my movements resemble the way the grass was growing and swaying, kinda at an angle.. The one thing to remember when shooting ICM is this, mimic the landscape.. for trees you’re going to want to pan vertically, for a horizon you’re going to want to pan horizontally. If your subject is flowers, then try using a circular motion or a “shiver”, but there really isn’t a set way to shoot anything using this technique, there are times I have moved the camera with a flick of my wrist or on the diagonal, it really is trial and error! There are 2 downsides to this technique.. 1 is because you need to use a higher Fstop, you’re going to see spots, lots and lots of dust spots that you’re going to need to get rid of.. and 2 you’ll need to take loads of shots to get 1 that works, you will delete more photos than you keep..

For the next 2 weeks, we are working in collaboration with Lets Talk Photography photoprompt,  Please use the tag “photoprompt” (in one word) as one of the first five tags along with abstract challenge (2 words, no hyphen) as one of your first 5 tags, and you can also tag myself @amymontico and @stephiramona in your post to help us find your image..  As always, just have fun and experiment with the speed in which you move your camera and your subject material..