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This is a video response (Part 1 of 4) to Greg’s video, “I Betrayed My Wife”.

It’s 2 weeks late but better late than never.

Since Gregory has made 4 videos on the subject, 3 of them being Re: videos to the original one, I’ve decided to continue his ridiculous Re: videos with another one.

In this video series, I will show you why Greg’s explanation of what happened is complete bullshit.

Here’s a good link for Gregory:
It’s too bad he will never learn from it but who knows, there could be glimmer of hope out there somewhere for him.


Science and Simpatico: The Law of Universal Gravitation

Behold! Perceptor’s weakness!! SCIENCE!


It’s been a while, but I have decided to do something to get you into the mind of the process of making this novel.