subject zero jack

Within the Land of Fiction exists a legendary all-female band known as the Valkyries. They consist of Wonder Woman (vocals/lead guitar), Black Widow (backup guitar), “Subject Zero” Jack (bass), Avatar Korra (drums), and Buffy Summers (keyboard). When a badass female character is losing a great battle, the Valkyries appear and play an epic song to rock her to victory. Today, as you wipe away the blood and stare into the face of your ultimate enemy through half-swollen eyes, straining through their grip for each breath, you see a bright flash appear in the sky, and across the battlefield rings the first chord of “Dare”…

i love jack so much like she joined shepard with the intent to get cerberus dirt aka names of people who made her life miserable in her childhood and plans to basically go on killing spree as soon as it’s all over: ‘the galaxy’s going to be a lot emptier when i’m done’

and instead she decides to become a teacher and ends up taking a bunch of teenagers under her wing, trains them to take care of themselves, trains them to protect one another and comes to love them so much she refers to them as her kids

like???? jack you made the galaxy so much fuller and brighter and i’m so proud of you

if you don’t like this woman then i don’t like you

Can I just mention how much I love that Jack’s Extranet Log says that one of the search terms she googled/searched the Citadel Newsnet archives for is “Miranda Lawson”, in a way I feel like it’s a show of respect to Miranda by Jack, because she’s like fuck Jacob and the rest of the Cerberus crew, she’s the one that I want to know about xD

(not counting the Illusive Man here, she searched for as well)