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  • Fushimi: *scoffing* Boyfriend? I don't want to be Misaki's boyfriend!
  • Kusanagi: *cleaning a glass in the bar* Well, what do you want then?
  • Fushimi: *slumps down and hits head on bar* I don't know. I just want to be with him. All the time. I want to hear about his day and tell him about mine. I want to hold his hand and smell his hair. But I don't want to be his stupid boyfriend. Because Misaki is stupid. And HOMRA is stupid. And you're stupid. And Captain is stupid. You know who else is stupid? Everyone. Everyone is stupid. Stupid Misaki won't even look at me. And another thing-
  • Kusanagi: ...

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I'm sorry about the rude anon. That fucking sucks. Can I ask you some related advice? How do I tell a fic writer who hadn't updated in a while that I love their work and hope they update without putting pressure?

Pretty much just like that. Slip them a nice note in their preferred medium (e.g. tumblr or AO3, depending on which they use to publish their fics) complimenting their most recent work or even an old fave, and add in that if they got a chance to publish anything new, you’d love to read it. Feel free to apologize in advance if it seems like you’re pressuring them and assure them that you don’t mean to, and tell them that in the meantime you’re more than happy to reread their fic/series/headcanons, etc. End with a thank you for everything they’ve written to this point. 

Don’t ask them if they’re ever planning on updating, don’t beg them for an update (I mean, c’mon, that just seems desperate), don’t tell them you’re disappointed that they haven’t already updated (because seriously???), don’t be an asshole.

Basically, just be nice, be truthful and be open about the fact that you love what they write and you’re grateful for what they’ve already written. In so many cases, that’s all the motivation a writer needs to pick up their pen again (metaphorically, in the case of us who exclusively write via computer).


Nov 2016: Zayn followed a Ziam account (check out her profile description when Zayn followed her 😏 and that Liam follows her already)
Dec 2016: Liam liked a tweet from @TheZiamNews about his BB Artist 100 list debut
Jan 2017: Zayn liked a tweet from @TheZiamNews about voting for him at the Brits


The summer sun kisses a blushing sky good night in Moonlight Falls.

Theory 1: Thoughts on Nerris and Harrison

Hello Everyone! Welcome to this blog’s first official theory!

As I had already revealed in a previous update, this theory is going to be centered around my personal favorite background characters: Harrison and Nerris! As I’ve also revealed, the topic is going to be about why they appeared to be rivals in episode one, and what might have caused a shift in their relationship.

To do this, I’ll be analyzing their interactions episode-by-episode, and will be adding some thoughts along the way.

Episode 1: Escape from  Camp Campbell -

Was mostly based around the main trio and counselors, but there was a certain interaction between them worth noting.

When Harrison was innocently walking past Nerris’s ‘camp’, mostly likely to go wash the tomato off his face, Nerris whacked him upside the head with her fake sword. I first wrote this off as her being in character, but then I paused the scene.

That look is someone who is pissed, and with good reason. Plus, if you pause before the scene with them ends, you see this:

To me, Harrison’s expression here can be taken as either one of two ways: A) This has never happened to him before and he’s genuinely scared and confused, or B) He knows exactly why Nerris is pissed and regrets going near her area of the camp.

Both options are good, but if we hypothetically say the latter is correct, then their interaction next episode surprisingly makes sense.

Side note: It took Neil cursing to make Nerris stop whaling on Harrison.

Episode 2: Mascot -

Once again, these two were mainly in the background, but there was a little scene that caught my attention.

After David announces the rest of the campers would be on his team for the mascot hunt, we get a quick little scene of what appears to be Harrison and Nerris trying to perform magic. However, if you take a closer look, Nerris actually gives a short glance to Harrison with an almost challenging expression as she tries to cast a spell.

To me, this suggests that these two were actually competing against one another, possible to prove who was better at magic.

Plus, their reactions to David referring to them both as “Magic Kid” could confirm this.



Them correcting the other in this way, to me, clearly shows they don’t want to be grouped together under a broad label. Furthermore, we could even go out on a limb and say that they both believe they’re the best at magic, and are currently in a feud to prove themselves.

Plus, under this theory, Harrison pulling that rabbit out of his hat makes so much more sense; he was simply trying to upstage Nerris in front of an audience.

Side Note: Just look at how smug he looks when pulls that rabbit out of his hat.

I have no idea who he was looking to, but I almost guarantee you it was Nerris.

Episode 3: Scout’s Dishonor -

Not Featured

Episode 4: Camp Cool Kidz -

Okay, so far them feuding makes the most sense theory wise, but I believe that this is the episode where their relationship begins to change..

For example, right after Nikki tells Max she won’t regret choosing Erid for a leader, the scene cuts to show Nerris and Harrison guarding the mess hall.

To me, this shows something significant has happened between them.

Sure, Erid may have their respect, but I highly doubt feuding ten-year-olds would just stop fighting because someone told them they had to work together. Maybe they would at first, but more than likely, they’d just go back to fighting. I honestly see David being the cause of their teamwork. Afterall, he’s been shown on multiple occasions to strive for diplomacy over violence, plus he had nothing else to do while tied upside down. Perhaps he was able to talk the two into discussing what had been bugging them, and through that, the two were able to agree to a stalemate.

This is further supported by the two not corrected Erid when she refers to them as “Magic Dudes” - something David had essentially done just two episodes prior.

The only thing that disproves this is what Nerris yells after Harrison accidentally sets David on fire.

“You suck, Harrison!”

Despite this, I firmly believe this is the episode where they slowly started becoming friends, and the only explanation I have to offer for that last bit is that old habits die hard.

Episode 5: Journey to Spooky Island -

Not Featured

Episode 6: Reigny Day -

Nerris and Harrison were sadly given little screen time this episode, but there is actually some evidence to support my earlier claims.

After interrogating Space Kid, the scene cuts over to the rest of the campers to reveal that Nerris and Harrison are actually willingly sitting at the same table as one another - albeit a few inches apart. To me, this shows that the talk they most likely had during episode 4 is paying off, and are slowly becoming comfortable being friends.

Additionally, look at how concerned Nerris looks for Harrison when Dolph kicks his art off the table.

Episode 7: Romeo and Juliet II: The Resurrected -

After David’s initial try to silence the crowd, the scene cuts to show Harrison performing a trick for a happily watching Nerris and Erid.

This image just makes me so happy for a multitude of reasons.

For starters, just look at how closer Nerris has moved toward Harrison compared to the last episode alone. Additionally, just look at how undivided her attention is, and that smile; she’s genuinely interested in his trick and thinks it’s cool.

This alone shows me that the feud they most likely had is now over, and are now finally seeing each other as friends instead enemies.

Episode 8: Into Town -  

Not Featured

Episode 9: David Gets Hard -

After David recaps that the camp had gone base-jumping for Erid’s extreme sports camp, the camera pans over to show a very worried looking Nerris hurriedly trying to free a frozen Harrison with an ice pick.

Additionally, before the moment ends, Nerris looks very regretful for accidentally chipping Harrison’s arm off.

“I can fix it.”

Just the worry in her voice alone tells me she genuinely is concerned for Harrison’s well being right now, and desperately wants to help the other. It’s just such a big change from how they treated each other at the beginning of the season, and I’m glad to see such a strong bond of friendship forged between them.

Side note: If you pause right before Nikki and Neil’s conversation, you can actually see Nerris and Harrison playing a makeshift version of baseball in the background.

In conclusion, it’s in my personal opinion that we’ve witness Harrison and Nerris go from enemies to friends all from the background of these nine episodes. It’s unclear at the moment exactly where their relationship goes from here, but at the very least, they shouldn’t be enemies again anytime soon.

Anyway, thanks for reading this theory, and I hope you enjoyed it! If I happened to miss any details that may prove/disprove this theory, or just have a different opinion on the subject, please let me know so I can add it on! :D And as always, please feel free to submit suggestions or even your own theories through the ask!

(Edit: Okay, so I saw that I accidentally forgot to add one of the pictures, but now it’s fixed. :))

I was going to redraw new eeveelutions for charms, because the old ones are …4?? plus years old at this point. I don’t want to ride on my old work for years and years. like, even if it’s the same subject, I’d like to update it. I especially wanted to break from model and add my own touch which I think you can see most in glaceon (I refuse its canon headpiece). I wanted these to be super slick logo-like designs, with the kanto eevees facing left, the johtos facing center, and the other three facing right, so it had a nice uniform look to it (and so they could be stackable, at least from eevee). But they were getting too busy, I hadn’t placed them into the constrained dimensions yet, and will just take a lot of time to refine so they can be strong as just headshots.

People don’t believe the first ones (before sylveon) are 5 years old. I don’t know if I should be proud that I did so well or if I just haven’t improved. But I do feel like they were strongly designed and I worked really hard to perfect them. I think that’s why I can’t draw much is I spend enough time that they can last years. But the old ones were already formatted to fit in a set circular space, making them basically print-ready for acrylic charms of the same size (besides where to place the eyelet).

I think I will come back to this idea later. I will say the eevee is my favorite from this much. Jolteon and leafeon are not present due to how bad their sketches were lol.

H50 McDanno Fic Recs

I’m back(-ish)! It’s been a while but I’m back with a little something to make sure you don’t, say, do any studying before the start of the new academic year. (◡‿ ◕✿) This list as all the other fic rec lists is subject to changes and updates as soon as I have time to submerge myself in more fan fiction, and as always I’d love to hear your suggestions if you’d like me to review a fic that you think deserves a definite addition to the list.




*whispers* You can’t tell me they weren’t flirting with each other on that character introduction page in Volume 2

[Subject: Update on Iosa]

Greetings, Komato Berserker Yoko here, ID no. 67289-01836-19263. Iosa is currently being held in solitary confinement for the time being due to her latest “BOFA” outburst. For the time being, I shall be responding to the messages in her inbox.

For future reference, please try not to send her anymore infuriating messages. It took us a really long time to clean up the debris, and several of our troops were severely hurt. Thank you for your cooperation.

Shipping AU Masterlist (MLP:FiM)

I remember in the past that some folks mentioned having a hard time navigating my AU tags, so I figured I’d go ahead and make a masterlist to help. This list is subject to change and/or update at any given time, especially since I tend to make more AUs than what I know what to deal with. :/ But anyway, here ya go (NOTE! CLICK THE AU TAG TO BE DIRECTED TO EVERYTHING RELATED TO THAT AU):

Established AUs:

AU Tag: Mafia!AU

Summary: Rarity’s a mafia crime boss. Twilight’s a cop/detective. They eventually start working together.

Main shipping/Pairings: RariTwi, PinkieShy, AppleDash (these ships are very reoccurring in my AUs)


AU Tag: Goddess!AU

Summary: Rarity summons the demigod Twilight Sparkle to help her defend Ponyville from monsters. But in order to do that, she must first strike a contract with the demigoddess.

Main shipping/Pairings: RariTwi, PinkieShy, AppleDash


AU Tag: Bodyguard!AU

Summary: Rarity is the Queen/princess of Equestria. Twilight Sparkle is her protective bodyguard.

Main shipping/Pairings: RariTwi, PinkieShy, AppleDash


AU Tag: Monster!AU

Summary: Rarity’s just got a bunch of new roommates that are anything but normal.

Main shipping/Pairings: Omniship (Mane 6 shipped together)

AU Tag: Zombie!AU

Summary: The Mane 6 eventually find each other and try to survive the nightmarish Equestria populated with the insane, the zombies, and dying hope.

Main shipping/Pairings: RariTwi, PinkieShy, AppleDash


AU Tag: Slave!AU

Summary: Rarity is a princess living comfortably, but her views of the world and on slavery, and as herself as a person, is forced to be reevaluated upon the ownership of the alicorn Twilight Sparkle on her 23rd birthday.

Main shipping/Pairings: RariTwi (VERY slowburn; focuses more on their friendship), PinkieShy, AppleDash

Feel free to ask me questions if you have any. :3


Hello friends, it is I, Cameron, and I have once again risen from the depths of hell to present you with yet another guide! Now, most of you are probably looking at this guide like “Cameron, you idiot, why are you making a guide about this? I’ve been roleplaying for a while now, I know how to find a good roleplay.” BUT WAIT, INTERNET! Finding a good roleplay isn’t nearly as easy as you have led yourself to believe. Over my years of roleplaying I have found that the best roleplays have some pretty similar traits and the worst? Well, those lack said traits. So, I have decided to compile a guide on what to look for when joining a roleplay in the hopes that it saves you from a terrible experience.

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Meet the girls!

Welcome to my first post on this brand new blog dedicated to the app Dream Girlfriend! I will work hard to keep this blog alive and interesting!

I am currently level 43 and have unlocked 2 girls, and am working hard to reach the next! 

Without further ado, here are the girls in their summer looks! (I know it’s currently spring, I just love the summertime!)


“the OG”

The first girl! She is working very hard for the Sweet personality! Expect lots from her!


A smoll, precious child that needs to be protected. Currently having the pure personality, but it may change that in the future. 

Next girl: 



Yes, the girls are named after my favourite K-pop stars (their personalities are similar but there are minute differences); Youngjae from Got7 & Jimin from BTS (with Junjin from Shinhwa to come!). 

This post is subject to update!

Ugh, I really hope I’m not missing anyone. Subject to updates! Organized by alphabetical order! Thank you for all the awesome things you post! So many people I adore on this list. Bolded everyone who’s been super sweet, and extra inspiring to me. Thank you for putting up with my awkward ways, lol.

I seriously, seriously love sims story telling. Having visuals with written word, for me = 👌👌👌

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These legacies I follow with great fervor!!

@eljardinquimico, @igglemouse, @laenyrie, @neopixiesims, @pasimmerday@simpyre

These simblrs are multi talented!! Stories, legacies, cc-makers, sim makers, comedians and more, lol…a little bit of everything! Technically some of the above fit under here too…but w/e lol.

@99simproblems, @a-century-of-fakers, @corianderpunch, @ebonixsimblr, @galacticsimblr, @galfromrio, @happylifesims, @hopelesslydevotedsimmer, @hydrangeapixels, @iridescentpixels, @littlefrozenwaterlily, @milkysweetsims, @nicole-simsessed, @permissiontocurse, @plumpball, @prettyxsimblr, @raynicsimsgallery, @shespeakssimlish, @simmindipity, @simminglychic, @simsbyskye, @simsomedia, @soloriya, @tinymiblog, @tranay21, @trinisimmer, @qdogsims, @whatsitlikeinsimcity, @whitedotsims, @zauglom

Recolors, hairs, poses, mesh makers, converters…these are the folks that won’t allow me to ever go “vanilla” haha.

@aprilsimbling, @aveirasims, @butterscotchsims, @budgie2budgie, @chisimi, @dominationkid, @flowerchamber, @inabadromance, @lumialoversims, @madlensims, @mio-sims, @missparaply, @peacemaker-ic, @rinvalee

Also @sssvitlans. I’d be lost without you!

CRAIG: I didn’t tell him personally, no.

CRAIG: He definitely heard it from Kenny though. Or somebody who Kenny told.

CRAIG: Because like everyone else I know, he’s sent me texts too.

CRAIG: He’s always screaming, it’s funny to read his messages in all lower case. Makes it hard to believe he’s actually freaking out on the other side of the phone.

CRAIG: Poor guy.

CRAIG: He’s always thinking somebody’s out to get him.

CRAIG: It almost makes me feel bad.