subject a2


Thomas missing Newt.

Thoms being relieved because of Newts presence.

“’re kind of the glue that holds us all together.”

Newt being right there when Thomas wakes up just like back in the glade.

Newt laughing and joking because of Thomas.

Newt holding Thomas immediately back when he’s about to do something unreasonable.

A-Level Survival Guide, by @Shannonsstudy

If you are unfamiliar with A-levels, they are a 2 year course typically for 16-18 year olds carried out after high school. In most cases you will study 4 subjects at AS level in year 1, and drop to 3 subjects at A2 level, unless you are me, in which case you would have carried on all 4 subjects and become way too stressed by exam season, because you didn’t have THIS survival guide.

·         Be prepared. You will need a binder/folder for each subject; none of this multi-subject notebook nonsense, there won’t be enough room for your notes and you’ll become unorganised. Make sure you have the basics- pens, pencils, ruler blah blah blah you know the drill.

·         Make an effort with your tutor. Your tutor will be writing your reference for university/job applications at the beginning of year 2, so make a good impression and stick to it. A simple “Hi, how are you?” as you walk in to registration and a “Have a good day” as you leave is all it takes, it will make the world of difference when it comes to them writing a reference. Similarly, make friends with your teachers, I’m not saying you need to be BFFs, just make it clear that you’re interested in their subject and them as a person.

·         DO THE HOMEWORK WHEN YOU GET IT. In a free period or when you get home, sit down and do the homework set that day. If you can get it done and out of the way asap it won’t build up and become stressful, it also gives you time to go to your teachers for help if you need it (also showing them that you take their class seriously and want to do well).

·         Use your free periods. I’m not saying you need to spend every single free doing hardcore study, because that’s not going to happen. But utilise the free time and get work done, you can relax at home and not have to worry about homework then.

·         Read. The. Textbook. You can have the best teacher in the world, and they may still miss out some details. Every day go through the relevant sections of the book for the day’s lessons, add anything missed out to your notes. I did NOT do this at AS, which was a huge mistake as I then had to do it all in the months/weeks leading up to my A2 exams, when I could have been revising content rather than learning it for the first time.

·         Similarly, make your revision resources ASAP. Again, do this after every lesson to avoid panic and stress in exam season. It’ll be much easier to write out 5 flashcards every day than it will be to write out hundreds 3 weeks before the exam, plus you’ll actually have time to study them.

·         Choose your subjects carefully. But also don’t stress if you start and discover you hate the class, you’ll have around a month to swap. Choose subjects that you enjoy and find interesting, there’s nothing worse than writing an essay on a subject you despise.

·         THE NEW A-LEVEL SYSTEM SUCKS. Yes, you now have to memorise everything you’ve learned in the entire 2 years and will be examined on it all at the end. Revising the month before may have worked in the past, but not this time. Revise year-round.

·         When it comes to revision (which again, you should be doing all year) use past papers. Although the system has changed, for the most part the questions have not. Once you’ve done one question on ‘differences in achievement and subject choice between genders’ you’ve done them all. You can still use old papers and mark schemes, just ignore the questions that are no longer relevant

That’s all I’ve got for now, but if anyone has anything to add, go ahead. Any further questions feel free to message/send an ask. For anyone who’s curious I studied Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Sociology. At AS I achieved AAAB (B in chem), and am currently awaiting my A2 results.

Love Me Again 1 || Newt

Summary: The reader and Newt used to be together until he was sent into the Glade. Years later, the reader sees him again and tries to restore his memory of her. Multi-chapter.

Feel free to request.

Enjoy, lovelies!

“Alright, Group A is in,” Janson announced. “Your assigned subjects are listed by the door. Once you know where to go, a file of their history is available once you enter the lab. Good luck.” He exited the room.

You bounced on your feet in anticipation. Some of your friends looked at you nervously for the same reason. They knew of your little work romance with Isaac. Your superiors tolerated it as well, Isaac being the charming man he is. Well…

You haven’t seen Isaac in years.

And here you are, about to see the list that was about to determine whether that’ll change or not.

One of the seniors in your group, Jon, took the list and read it aloud.

“Listen up, guys. I’ll only say this once.”

The crowd of junior nurses hushed.

“We need two people to hold Subject A2 down. That’s Thomas, as we don’t use their real names anymore. Bella and Mike are going to do that.

For Subject A7, Minho, we have Paul. He doesn’t need much supervision – he seems to be calm since he got here.”

As names of your coworkers were being mentioned, they nodded and entered through the door behind Jon.

“Right. Subject A6, Newt.” Jon glanced at you briefly. “We have Y/N.”

You’re going to see Isaac again.

“Just a note for you, Y/N, Janson was quite hesitant to assign you to Subject A6 for obvious reasons. Don’t initiate emotional contact. Stay professional. If you do anything suspicious, I’m going to have to reassign you to another subject, probably Subject A7. Understood?”

You didn’t mind seeing Minho, but of evidently, you wouldn’t want to see him over Isaac.

“Got it, Jon. Thanks.” You breathed deeply.

“You got it. Good luck.”

“I’m gonna need it,” you muttered, entering the lab and searching for Isaac’s file.


You made your way down the hall, scanning for the familiar head of blonde locks you haven’t seen in forever.

You saw Minho first, running a treadmill. He met your gaze calmly, and his brows knit when you kept your eyes on his longer than he expected, but he didn’t say anything

He was your big brother figure before he was sent into the Glade. He always looked out for you, took care of you. He was the closest thing you had to a family.

Now, all he was was a pair of suspicious eyes and a guarded demeanor.

You let your gaze drift back to the lab. It was mostly closed curtains, but one.

“Newt? You inquired.

The lanky blonde turned to you.


He was definitely taller – he built more muscle, his face was rougher, his gaze harsher.

The Maze ruined him.

“Yeah.” He responded silently.

You swallowed your tears down as you walked closer. It felt like trying to swallow pebbles.

All you wanted to do was kiss him. Hold him back from harm’s way.

“I’m here to check you,” you announced, setting his file down.

“Check me?” he repeated.

“Yes.” You breathed deeply. “You were very much deprived of a lot of things out there… I’m here to make sure you’re all right.”

Your words probably sounded creepy to him, but you didn’t care. It was sincere. It didn’t cover how you felt, but you settled for that.

“Who are you?” his voice was threatening. It wrung your stomach.

“My name is Y/N. But I doubt that helps at all.” You began setting your tools out. “I don’t know what you’re thinking, but I mean well, trust me.”

He scoffed. “I’ve been lied to bloody enough, thank you.”

“I guess I can’t do anything about that.” You sighed, picking up the syringe, keeping it out of his sight.

“How do you people know our names?” he demanded.

“I’m not allowed to say,” you mentally face-palmed. Letting your guard down in front of Isaac was inevitable. He saw through you, always. He knew you as well as he knew himself.

But this wasn’t Isaac.

“Huh.” Was all Newt said.

“Anyway, I’m going to have to check a few essential things… weight, height, blood pressure…”


“Please just go with it. No questions, because I won’t answer them.” You pulled him up to stand. You gestured to the height scale. “Please stand there.”

You took a notebook and tried to level it with his head. You stood on your tip toes.

He was definitely taller.

You decided to savor this moment – it’s probably the closest you’re going to be to Isaac, having your nose almost touching his chest.

He smelled different, too. You barely caught a hint of his old smell.

Snapping you to reality, he cleared his throat, annoyed.

“Right… I’m sorry. 5 foot 10.”

He hummed.

You then checked his weight, eyes, and tongue, trying to stay focused as Newt was practically glaring at you.

“I have to check your heartbeat now. Please sit.”

He obliged.

It was pretty hard to stay professional at this point.

Then you remembered…

“Would you mind if I lift your shirt? It’s… how people check heartbeats.” You finished lamely.

“Do whatever you need to do.”

His shirt rode up as the stethoscope explored his back.

Then his chest.

It was more toned than you remembered, but taking note of his glare, you stayed focused.

Or tried to, at least.

“You watched us in the Glade?” he asked, his tone still strained.

“No. That’s not my job. I work here, in the lab.” It’s not fault he asked you questions, right?

“You knew Thomas?” he asked after a long while.

Of course, you knew who he was referring to. You hesitated, but it’s just Isaac, after all. But what he knows could be used to escape WICKED, thus might make you lose your job.

Screw that.

“Yes. We weren’t close, though.”

“And Teresa?”

Teresa was a reserved girl. She didn’t talk to anyone at all, except Thomas, whom she had a small, brief romance with.

“We weren’t friends, either.”

“And they’re the only people from our group that you worked with?”


You sat down beside him and began to update his file with information.

“You’re not wary of the fact that I’m fishing for information?” his tone started to grow warmer.

“No. It’s normal, isn’t it? To ask questions?”

“You expect me to ask questions, then?”

“I’d like it if you didn’t, but yes.”

“One last question, then.”


“You think trapping people in one place and wiping their memory out is good, like they claim it to be?”

“No. But I don’t have any other choice.” You sighed, stopping your writing to meet his eyes.

“Why not?” he leaned backward as if to criticize you.

“I have nowhere else to go.”

“Come with us.” He suggested. “Help us find a way out.”

Sheer terror filled your veins.

But running away with Isaac always has been a plan between you two. Weeks before the day you two planned on running away, you were discovered and he was sent into the Glade.

Running away now still sounded oddly appealing.

“Well?” he licked his bottom lip.

“You don’t know me, Newt. And I technically don’t know you.” You hoped he’d catch on to your hint. “I can’t trust you.”

It was true. He could abandon you once you helped them out. He isn’t Isaac. He doesn’t love you.

“You think trusting you is easy for me?” he retorted. “And you said technically, what are you on about?”

You stayed silent, not knowing what to say. Why did you even hint on anything?

“You know me, don’t you? We were friends before I lost my memory.”

And then, you were reminded that Isaac was a smart guy. Beyond humanly smart. He was an asset to WICKED.

“Who are you?” he demanded.

“Please don’t make me answer that. I could lose my job.” Being honest with Isaac was never wrong, that couldn’t change, right?

“Then come with us.” He pleaded. “Then tell me who you are.”

“Please know that it isn’t easy for me.” You reminded.

He nodded.

“You’ll be coming back here tomorrow for a follow-up interview with me. I’ll be sending up one of my friends up your room after you all have been interviewed. Just follow him and move fast. He’ll lead you to me.”

“How are you so sure your friend won’t tell on you?”

You and Isaac had a lot of friends who supported and offered to help with your plan of escaping. You already had a game plan ready, all prepared by Isaac beforehand. All you have to do is tell your friends when to play the plan out.

“I trust them. Are you in or not?”

He looked around warily, then nodded.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Y/N.”

A New Studyblr~

 Hello there~

Hihi, I have recently made a new studyblr and have been around the studyblr community for a while but have never actually got into it myself until now. 

Some small facts about me: 

-I’m Katrina, a student in England, a Ravenclaw, an INFP and I am 17 years old. 

-I am currently doing my A-levels and I am doing Geography, Classical Civilisations and Geology. Next year I shall be doing those subjects at A2 and also adding on AS Economics. 

-I enjoy studying but in my free time I like going to cosy coffee shops that I’ve never been to before, reading, dancing, watching k-drama, going for runs and going for walks along the coast or in the forest because I love nature. I also love travelling!

-I have a bullet journal that I like to work in sometimes.

Languages I would like to learn/ learning: 

(In no order) I am aware there are many- I love learning languages and I’m trying to find time to learn more :)

-Korean (currently learning)






-A Nordic language (I’m not quite sure which one yet^^)

Studyblr that inspire me!

-I love reading other studyblrs and I really need some more studyblrs to follow! Here are some that inspire me: @milkteastudies  @lychiestudies  @studyingjeon @studytherin  @lycheestudy  @studyinginstyle  And there are also many more! ^^ 

So anyway, I don’t know what else to say :’) Feel free to like/ re-blog so I can follow more people ^^


*Requested: Y/N escaped WCKD and became a trained assassin working with Jorge. She remembers them but they don’t remember her.*

[Newt’s POV]

“We need to find them,” Minho said strongly and I nodded. There was no way we were going on without Thomas.

“Brenda knows the city pretty well, she’ll find a way to get to the Right Arm,” Jorge countered and I scoffed.

“Thomas is the one that got us out of there but he doesn’t have a plan. We need to find him,” I said and Jorge seemed to roll his eyes at my sympathy.

“Fine. I have someone we can try to convince to help us. I think you’ll like her. She’s like you guys.”


You got up and stretched. You wanted to scream. Another nightmare about your days back in WCKD. You tried to shake the feeling looming over you as you got dressed for the day. The way the WCKD soldiers watched you train. The way they forced you into doing things you didn’t want to do. For the cure. They wanted you to fight but they also wanted to drain you of whatever was in your immune blood. You shivered at the thought of being a lifeless body.

You were pulling on your left boot when there was a rapid tapping at your door. You grabbed your shotgun and put it into your pants by the small of your back and grabbed another small gun and set the bullet in place. No one visits you randomly. You crept to the door and bent your knees, ready to pounce. Your years of training paid off. But you haven’t had a kill in a while. Nobody’s been hiring you because there are too many Cranks and not enough sane people.

You pulled open the door swiftly and pointed the gun and started to squeeze the trigger but stopped when your eyes caught a flash of messy blond hair.


A girl? We walked all the way to find a girl with a small gun? This was getting to be too much.

I watched as she lowered the gun and her eyes met mine. There was something in those eyes; recognition, wisdom, and maybe pain?

She finally tore her eyes away from me and I glanced at the other Gladers. They seemed unfazed. She looked at Jorge with suspicious eyes.

“What?” She spat and Jorge raised his hand calmly.

“We need your expertise,” he said smoothly and she stepped out into the city, shutting the door behind her.

“With what?” She asked harshly again and I felt slight fear trickling up and down my spine.

“We’ve got a WCKD kid missing with Brenda. You know the city better than anyone around here,” Jorge said and I observed her. She stood taller, taking pride in the fact that she knew every corner of the city.

“WCKD is good,” she spat with such strong sarcasm I could tell it disgusted her to even mention WICKED.


Newt was the last person you expected to see at your doorstep with other Gladers and Jorge. You remember watching these Gladers being injected before being put in the elevator to meet their destiny in a maze with deadly machine monsters. You remember watching Newt jump off that wall. Remember Newt’s limp, all the Bonfires, the drinking, the fighting, all of it. You watched it as an outsider. You had selected the best fighters and put them into the Glade. You were next to go in, before you escaped the facility.

“Who’s the missing kid?” You asked and Jorge cleared his throat.


Your eyes snapped to full alert.

“Subject A2. To be killed by Group B.” You said and the Gladers’ eyes went wide.


How does she know Thomas? Who is she? Why do I feel like I know her? Why do I want her to be mine? Why do I feel like she already IS mine?

She locked the door and pushed past us to the front of the group, leading us in a certain direction with purpose and confidence.

“I have a feeling I know what Thomas would do,” she said and kept walking, ignoring the whispering questions of the confused Gladers. Why won’t she tell us who she is?


There’s no way you’re telling them who you are. No way you can tell Newt you’ve liked him from the start. You can’t tell him that you used to be close. That you sentenced him to this destiny. That you knew he wasn’t Immune but you sent him in anyway. That they locked you in a room at night with no way out. That you had to kill to get away from WCKD.


You watched as the group walked away with Thomas and Brenda back with them, your chance to tell Newt everything disappearing. You watched as you wished you could touch him. You wanted to go back to when you could forget about the Flare and the killing. You didn’t want to be an assassin. But it was the only way to survive around here.

“Goodbye, Newt.” You whispered as they walked farther and farther away, and saw him slightly turn back with a confused recognition on his face. You did a small salute and turned on your heel, smiling a decisive smirk.

None of this was supposed to happen. So, no more WCKD, no more Newt, no more killing.

Sanvers Week Ask Meme

Put a letter/number in my ask box and I’ll tell you my HC’s about:


A1. Favorite subject in high school?
A2. Favorite party game?
A3. What does she dress up as for Halloween to go to the bar?
A4. Favorite vacation destination?
A5. Believe in psychics?
A6. Have any tattoos?
A7. Favorite movie?
A8. Favorite 80s song?
A9. Biggest insecurity?
A10. What would be the name of her tumblr url?
A.11. Age for her first kiss?
A12. Age she lost her virginity?
A13. Top/ bottom/ switch?
A14. Turn on?
A15. Turn off?
A16. Kink?


M1. Favorite subject in high school?
M2. Favorite party game?
M3. What does she dress up as for Halloween to go to the bar?
M4. Favorite vacation destination?
M5. Believe in psychics?
M6. Have any tattoos?
M7. Favorite movie?
M8. Favorite 80s song?
M9. Biggest insecurity?
M10. What would be the name of her tumblr url?
M11. Age for her first kiss?
M12. Age she lost her virginity?
M13. Top/ bottom/ switch?
M14. Turn on?
M15. Turn off?
M16. Kink?


S1. How many dates between 2x08 (pizza night) and 2x09 (date night)?
S2. Where did they go on their first actual date?
S3. Who planned/ payed for the date?
S4. Did they do the do in 2x09?
S5. Which one is always warm/ always cold?
S6. What are their pet name for each other?
S7. Which one goes all out for the other’s birthday?
S8. How will Maggie respond to the proposal?

MANDATORY (Must answer in addition to asks chosen. If asked multiple times, you have to go more in depth with every answer):

M*. Will we get a decent make out scene in s3?


Minho, Newt and Thomas.

Minho is Subject A7 “the leader”.
“You don’t take away my freedom without asking first.” -Minho

Newt is Subject A5 “the glue”.
“Great, we’re all bloody inspired.” -Newt

Thomas is Subject A2 to be killed by group B
“I promised I’d save him, take him home! I promised him!” -Thomas

These are my heros. I fought with them. I laughed with them. I cried with them. I loved with them. I was brave with them. I was scared with them. I explored the maze and the scorch with them. I grew up with them. I died with them.

• hello ! I’m so sorry I’ve been so inactive recently, but ironically my exams take priority, and taking pictures of my notes wasn’t the first thing on my mind </3
• I’ve started my A2 subjects now, and chemistry is going surprisingly well (touch wood), thought I’d write up some colourful notes on carbonyl groups :))