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Teresa Group A Subject A1 ‘The Betrayer’

I’m nor sure if i like Teresa or not. I was so happy that she is a girl, who is brave, smart and fights. Teresa, Brenda, Sonya/Lizzy and all the other girls from group B have made me proud! Girls aren’t always afraid and they needn’t always be protected. The Maze Runner series show that boys cry and not always be the hero.
But after reading the Fever Code I’m horrified! How can Teresa lie to Thomas like that? How can she say that WICKED is good after she has witnessed what they’re doing? She betrays Thomas and all the other gladers. She doesn’t lose her memories but does so. I don’t get it. The only excuse is that she is Deede. All guys who have read the Kill Order know that Deede has experienced terrible.

Sanvers Week Ask Meme

Put a letter/number in my ask box and I’ll tell you my HC’s about:


A1. Favorite subject in high school?
A2. Favorite party game?
A3. What does she dress up as for Halloween to go to the bar?
A4. Favorite vacation destination?
A5. Believe in psychics?
A6. Have any tattoos?
A7. Favorite movie?
A8. Favorite 80s song?
A9. Biggest insecurity?
A10. What would be the name of her tumblr url?
A.11. Age for her first kiss?
A12. Age she lost her virginity?
A13. Top/ bottom/ switch?
A14. Turn on?
A15. Turn off?
A16. Kink?


M1. Favorite subject in high school?
M2. Favorite party game?
M3. What does she dress up as for Halloween to go to the bar?
M4. Favorite vacation destination?
M5. Believe in psychics?
M6. Have any tattoos?
M7. Favorite movie?
M8. Favorite 80s song?
M9. Biggest insecurity?
M10. What would be the name of her tumblr url?
M11. Age for her first kiss?
M12. Age she lost her virginity?
M13. Top/ bottom/ switch?
M14. Turn on?
M15. Turn off?
M16. Kink?


S1. How many dates between 2x08 (pizza night) and 2x09 (date night)?
S2. Where did they go on their first actual date?
S3. Who planned/ payed for the date?
S4. Did they do the do in 2x09?
S5. Which one is always warm/ always cold?
S6. What are their pet name for each other?
S7. Which one goes all out for the other’s birthday?
S8. How will Maggie respond to the proposal?

MANDATORY (Must answer in addition to asks chosen. If asked multiple times, you have to go more in depth with every answer):

M*. Will we get a decent make out scene in s3?


Let’s Cite some examples first.

A punch that would hit Genos, but didn’t, still leveled a mountain behind him, largely without damaging the area that either of them were standing on;

- Saitama creates a focus/focal upon a point, and the focus reaches completion when the punch is landed.
- Wind rushes past him, but that alone isn’t evidence of enough force to blow away the mountain, and upon the cancellation of that action, the area that would have been subjected to the force of the punch is obliterated anyway.

-The force of the action created a vacuum that began to focus upon a single point.
- this impact does not mirror the entire moving area of his body, only the fist, as the ground where they stood was not effected.
- the wind rushes into a vacuum of air, which means that something was there, and now most certainly is not. We can assume what was there was the mountain (there is no evidence of something appearing, which would cause the air to expand outward before moving inward.

In the fight against the god of the sea, the punch that would have decapitated Saitama only caused his head to bobble;

- It did still move
- It stretched in a mildly disproportionate way
- his head and the gods fist were not able to inhabit the same location at the same time
- Saitama was not phased by this action, and stated the punch was weak, proving that he did not use a particularly large amount of his own force to prevent it.

-Saitama does not have an unlimited mass in this instance.
-Saitama does still have mass in this instance.

In the fight with the mosquito queen, instead of his power localizing to the size of his hand, it struck the entire body, slapping it into the building;

-The slapping motion replicated swatting a bug, which is probably not a coincidence, Implying that Saitama had intended to squash her.
- Theoretically, if this attack worked the same way as the punch, it would have instantly ripped the queen in half along the axis of the slapping motion, but it didn’t. Saitama Karate chops or slaps should theoretically work like scissors, where the other half of the ‘Pair’ doing the shearing is, essentially, the mass of the planet, and the inertia of the object compared to the velocity of the parts that Saitama effects.

-Saitama does have control over his effective area, E.g, he is larger than he is.
-Since the attack accelerated the entire body but did not destroy the building, the bug was squashed before it hit the building.
-This implies that Saitama made an attack that had a larger optical surface area than the queen, in the same form as a punch.
- The optical surface area of the queen would be larger at any angle than the optical surface area of Saitama.
- Saitama is bigger than Saitama, situationally.

In the case of fighting Carnage Kabuto, Saitama, whilst not concentrating, was able to be passed around by his opponent, whilst still not taking damage, but in the case of fighting the god of the sea, a punch did not in any way dislocate or move Saitama or the ground (despite, theoretically, being a stronger attack)

-Saitama may exercise perfect control over his position
-Saitama does not have infinite weight.

In the case of Genos purging the area with flame to eliminate the swarm of mosquitoes, saitama’s clothing is completely removed but Saitama is unharmed

-At a molecular level, Saitama was not able to be changed, or can chose not to be subconsciously, as is his will
-(acid almost certainly wouldn’t effect him either)

- Saitama’s physical form is not limited, does not exist, is not made of matter, is immaterial, is a miscellaneous exertion of force instead of matter, or due to an external force is not able to be changed (Quite a broad number of options)

(Mild Spoiler of Boros fight) In the fight with Boros, Saitama is not perceptibly injured, even though, theoretically, he could have had the same strength as Saitama. Saitama is quoted as not trying 'properly’ and is called 'way too strong’.
(Spoiler ends)

- There may not be something in this universe that is capable of harming Saitama, including but not limited to, anything that exists, at all.
- There may not be another situation in which there is a reproduced Saitama, but if there was, this Saitama would beat it.

- There could be, canonically, be other universes, literally, in the OPM universe.
- Saitama may partially reside in another universe, or something similar.
- His mass can tend to infinity without exerting gravitational energy, technically, as long as that mass did not exist at Saitama’s current location.
- His size or effective size could tend to infinity without exerting the expansion of an area (e.g, mass pushing away mass, and mass not overlapping its location with other mass) as long as that mass did not exist at Saitama’s current location.

As Culmination

- Saitama exhibits feats of impossibility based on his body, the total volume of his body, and his location.
- Those feats would not be impossible if his mass was not fixed, and if he was either not made of matter or entirely guarded by something that could not be considered matter
- Saitama exhibits forces that exceed his entire surface area in effective size
- Saitama is able to control those forces willfully, as long as the center from himself or his location, and able to change his own effective weight and mass similarly.
- Saitama is otherwise proved, by his past, to be a normal human being physically.
-Each force that Saitama applies appears to move or change in size based on the axis of that force’s motion; the punches collide and obliterate areas that represent only the fist, and not the entirety of Saitama’s body.


1 - Saitama as a focal point for near infinity mass existing at another location - Saitama is, otherwise, a normal human being, but through his resolve and luck, has inherited a mass of being many billions of times his size, in which he can control at will. Since he, physiologically, is a person, his brain would have to subconsciously control this force.

2 - Saitama as multiplied by near infinity / a locus for a much larger total - Somehow, Saitama’s mass had started growing, exponentially, over 3 years as he trained, to many hundreds of millions his own. this mass does not exist at his location, but is not borrowed, therefore there is a universe that exists somewhere that only contains Saitama’s mass, and that energy in itself prevents the Saitama in this universe, as is, from being changed.

3 - Saitama as the Convergence effect - Similar to how scientists assume that the strength of gravity is so large due to the existence of other dimensions, Saitama, and every single iteration of Saitama, are all perfectly in sync, and his every action is multiplied in power over an eon different universes. Similar to point 2 in that this power is not borrowed, it is still Saitama, and his training simply aligned all of the Saitamas in all dimensions to having one perfect, melded, fate.

4 - 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, 10km run, Every Day.

BONUS - Why doesn’t Saitama have any hair now? (He still has eyebrows, cancer or general stress hair loss appears to be a no though I am not read in either subject)

A1) since his hair is not a part of him, the force behind is movements, even on a small scale, is so great that the hair is literally sheared off of him as he moves, the cleanest possible shave. (except this should, theoretically, effect his eyebrows)
A2) He actually was stressed enough to lose all of his hair somehow, and suddenly not being stressed did not fix the issue. He’s just prone to early hair loss, as a normal human being.
A3) relative to the first point, Saitama has an approximate blueprint, and his appearance does not change from that blueprint, including his hair. His eyebrows, however, are unchanged.

Not Her


  yay:3 this newt. So pretty much bear the end where Thomas has the bomb and they are checking them they ask ‘here subject A1(reader) she’s the most important we can’t leave without her’ and then your all badass like 'here’ and you have a gun then put it to your head like 'wouldn’t want to loose cargo’ and then stuff happens and you end up shoot Evia in the leg like 'YOU GAVE HIM A LIMP I GIVE U ONE’ and they end up taking you and Minho and Thommy have to hold Newt back and he’s yelling&screamname


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Explaining the pathcode, teasers and theories (I actually tried to make it as detailed and understandable as possible sweet jesus this is long)

So I said before something about dividing the teasers in two realities, A and B, taking the day without a teaser as reference for the 5:5 ratio that Chanyeol hinted since the beginning.

The first five teasers happen in A’s reality and I’ll refer to them as A1 (Kai), A2 (Tao), A3 (Chanyeol), A4 (Xiumin) and A5 (Sehun).
The next five happen in B’s reality and I’ll refer to them as B1 (Suho), B2 (Chen) and B3 (Baekhyun). There are two teasers unknown, therefore I’ll exclude them since I can’t really say much about those, can I?

I’ll refrain myself from using the member’s name to avoid the KMKMK-KMKMK thing, we’ll focus on the teasers more than the people in them by now.

Let’s take a short break to point out that those in A reality have some sort of contact with people other than our subjects, while those in B reality have no contact whatsoever with other living beings. Also subjects in A reality have rings, unlike those in B reality. There is one exception so far in both cases though, but I’ll get to it later.

Now here’s the fun part. A1 and B1 move. The subjects travel around wherever they were supposed to be. A1 moves all over the city, going from the streets to an airport, the subject was seen on a subway as well and the top of a building, apparently. B1 moves as well, first seen in the room of a seemingly normal house on the countryside, then he moves to an abandoned building, an open field, a forest, then a dry pool. They move. Their ‘realities’ are quite similar if we look at them in such a big picture. The difference being that our subjects have a different ending, A1 disappearing with his power and B1 sitting still as his power comes to get him.

A2 and B2 have similarities as well as differences. A2 has our subject leaving a building while B2 has our subject entering a building. In A2 a light bulb explodes and time stops, while in B2 the sunlight is covered by the moon and a heartbeat stops; in both the light goes out, although differently, and something stops at the same time. Both subjects are seen reading something, a newspaper and a book respectively, and I know this might be a bit stretched but honestly we don’t see any other subject actually reading something, right? After the lights go out both of their powers are seen having effect, in A1 the time is frozen (stopped sounds funny idk) and there’s a lightning in B2.

A3 and B3 are a bit more apart than the previous pairs at first but there is still something connecting those. A3 wakes up in the middle of the day alone in a field, or forest, and wanders around. B3 however is arriving somewhere in the middle of the night. A3 starts with a shot from the sky, however B3 starts with a shot from the ground. They are he exact opposites with a similar ending. Both have been cornered by their powers going wrong. A3 starts a little fire that suddenly extends to the trees surrounding our subject and he can’t really run away since he’s cornered by the fire in the middle; B3’s powers are already out of control as the lights start to go off in the whole city, when the subject finds himself unable to run away soft lights surround him. Their powers are actually mocking them.

Since B4 and B5 are still in the shadows we can’t compare them to their A pairs. Let’s talk about our exceptions, then.

Those in A reality have some sort of contact with people other than our subjects.
The exception here being subject A3. He wakes up in an open field by himself. His power happens to be one of the most dangerous and shall not have much humans near in case something goes wrong, and boy did it go wrong. He doesn’t look confused when he wakes up, which makes it seem as if our subject actually chose to be as far as possible from others.

Those in A reality have rings, unlike those in B reality.
Right after A3, A4 surprises us flashing his ring-less hands. This is, probably, one of the most important subjects since he made us realize that B reality is actually a dream-sort-of reality. Why, you may ask. There have been several theories about this and they all have in common one thing; at least half our subjects are actually dreaming. It would have taken longer to figure this out if it weren’t thanks to A4 and the clear shots of his hands having zero rings on and the spinning top that’s on the room. This is the only subject in A reality that is shown to be dreaming and our key between both realities, sort of.

A4, however, can’t be placed in B reality. Because he’s not always dreaming. He’s fully awake, although a bit drunk maybe, and we can see cars and lights at the end of the street (alley?) and there’s voices, not those muffled static voices we hear in B reality but real voices nearby. He also bumps into someone on the stairs as he’s going up to his room. When the TV’s static starts, he’s dreaming. That’s when we get a shot showing that the small table is gone, having a spinning top instead. He leans down without looking away and places his cup on the floor, then he’s touching the screen. Right after we see him slamming the cup on the small table and getting up of the couch. He dreamt of the static and the images, he woke up exactly as he was before, sitting holding the cup. He runs out of the room. Why would he, instead of freezing the place like it would’ve happen to the other subjects?
Before we see our subject climbing the stairs we see someone, the person he bumped into, starting to go downstairs. Our subject stops to look at this unknown person before continuing up to his room.

Who is this person?
This I can’t answer. But I have a theory.

He might be the unknown force behind disasters.

Let me explain by going back to A1. Our subject is being followed and he’s aware of that fact. Who’s following him? We don’t know, as this entity is hidden behind the camera. It may be more than one person though, since we get some shots from different angles in the same place, as in the airport.
B3 is being followed as well, or at least that’s how it seems. Whoever is following our subject is hiding in the darkness so we don’t know for sure if he was truly being followed.
This person that A4 bumps into is dressed in all black and we can’t see his features. It’s an unknown person and recognizing his face is impossible sin all we see is a shadow on his face.

Let’s move on since we can’t know who’s this person.

We didn’t get to talk about A5, the creepiest scenario so far if seen from an EXO-L’s point of view since there are obvious hints of discarded subjects present so we’ll skip those. He’s the only subject from A universe that is seen arriving somewhere, having A4 as a special being since he was half awake and that makes him a variable.
Usually when someone has some sort of power and there’s jewelry, in this case rings, involved only one is needed. A5 has four. A bit strange, if you ask me. As A4, he seems like a special subject.

Let’s focus on the rings for a moment, shall we?
A1 and A2 are seen wearing two rings each, A3 has one. If we count all the rings we get nine. A4 didn’t have any, which makes me think that B4 will probably be seen wearing one, since they are related as I stated previously. Let’s think that B4 has a ring, that’ll make it ten, one ring per subject. A1 probably has B1’s. A2 has B2’s. A3 has his own only, because his and B3’s situations are complete opposites, he probably doesn’t have the ability to hold his partner’s ring like the previous two who are facing similar situations as their respective partner. A5 has the rest. Why? This subject has too many things going on. He has a map and he checks a city, could it be that he’s trying to find the owners of the rings?
His power is disconnected. Wind picks up outside the house after he has entered and closed the door. It stops when he’s back outside. It’s as if his power is hiding from him because he has too many rings.
Rings seem to be helping them keep their powers in check.

A3 has one ring, yet his powers lost control. If you look closely you can tell that all the rings are different, A3’s has a wave carved, it resembles a heartbeat or a wave of sound. Maybe his ring is Earth / Strenght’s ring, it would explain why his fire gained so much strength and burnt the forest so quickly. If not then it must be Heal’s ring because of the heartbeat.
A1 must have his own ring with another. His power seems to have a bit more of control, although it is sort of sketchy when he uses it.
A2 has his own ring as well, as he was able to stop time although involuntarily. The other ring he’s wearing might be B3’s, since he made the light bulb explode when the news about the comets triggered his power.

A1 and A2 have teletransportation and time control respectively. Light, wind, earth and pretty much all the other powers can’t affect theirs. They must be able to hold anyone’s ring if they wanted to. Same could be said about Heal.

A4, as we already know, doesn’t have a ring. Because he’s half awake. Only those who are awake have rings.
Remember that I said the static in the TV during A4’s teaser was seen while he was dreaming? It gave him A5’s location. He’s waking up and needs his ring, which A5 probably has.

So far we can tell that A2 has Time and Light’s rings. A1 has Teleport’s.
A5 probably has Fire’s. The kettle heats suddenly when A5 sees the eclipse, triggering his powers like it happened to A2 and the light bulb. He most likely has his own, since wind does follows him although he can’t control it and it keeps hiding from him. What stops wind? It must be Earth / Strenght, so he must have his ring and that’s what’s keeping his powers so far from him.

Enough with the rings. There’s yet another thing that needs to be taken care of.

The eclipse.
It can be seen in A5 (shocking right?) and B2’s teasers. A5 has so many hidden sevens and B2 is the seventh teaser. This is proof more than enough to show that previous hints cannot be thrown away, some might make reference to the remaining subjects.
Anyway. A5 and B2’s reactions towards the eclipse are far too different. A5 runs away while B2 stands still watching. Does it sound familiar? Yes. A2 and B2’s reactions when the lights go out. Of course both A2 and A5 have some connection with B2, but don’t you think this also means that A2 and A5 have some relation as well?

Time has stopped and the man from Kafka café drops a mug before time resumes. The man is a variable. He wasn’t supposed to move, the mug wasn’t supposed to fall. Yet it happened and it was the mug falling what made A2 stop his power so that time could move on.
Wind picks up and a kettle heats far too quickly in A5’s place. The kids don’t seem to care. The kids aren’t supposed to be there. The toys weren’t supposed to be levitating. But it happened. The kids are variables.
The man and the kids are related to whoever was following A1, and the person A4 bumped into.

Back to the eclipse.
A5’s eclipse and B2’s eclipse are different. A5’s moon covers the sun perfectly. B2’s moon is too small. The eclipses are different and it has a deeper meaning than just darkness and bad omens.
According to Google an eclipse where the moon doesn’t cover the sun entirely is called Annular Solar Eclipse which only takes place when it’s a new moon or the Earth, moon and sun are aligned.
A5’s eclipse has the moon covering the sun entirely and God bless tumblr user lostbhoy for pointing out that in MAMA’s narration A5’s sign is behind a peaceful moon and across the diagram is the sun with an evil looking face, as if the moon is protecting this subject from the sun’s… I don’t know how to call it. It’s probably warning him that indeed something is wrong in the house and that’s why he runs for dear life.

I’d like to point out that the reflection in the doorknob has no signs of the kids. Let’s keep in mind that our subject ran away as the eclipse was reaching its peak. Maybe the moon did protect him from the danger those kids represent and that’s how they disappeared.

This is all a theory to be honest, so I might be wrong. But yeah. If you disagree then that’s okay, I’m open to debate and all that jazz aye.