subject 4 my favorite tv shows

studyblr intro!!!

heyyy y'all!!! my name is priya, and i’ve been stalking studyblrs for quite some time now. finally, i’ve decided to make one of my own in the hopes that it will keep me motivated for the upcoming school year.

here are a few facts about myself:
- i am currently 15 years old (16 on august 23)
- i am an upcoming high school junior (11th grade / class of 2019)
- i run track and field
- i live in california
- superhero tv shows and movies are my fav
- my favorite book genre is fantasy
- math is my best subject
- i struggle in history
- memes 4 lyfe
- my friends and their happiness mean the world to me
- i’m planning on getting a doggo for my birthday

some lovely human beings who inspire me:

@studyign @studyquill @emmastudies @focusign @intellectys

The Rules:
- Tag the person who tagged you
- Answer the questions
- Tag as many as you like

I was tagged by; @rescueshippingforever

1. How tall are you? 4′10

2. What color and style is your hair? Short and dark brown

3. What color are your eyes? Brown

4. Do you wear glasses? No.

5. Do you have braces? No.

6. What is your fashion style? Anything that is comfy.

7. NICK name? Habri

8. When were you born? January 15, 1993

9. Where are you from and where do you live now? Lived in Washington my entire life.

10. What school do/did you go to? I am doing online classes for PLU. 

11. What kind of student are/were you? I’m a smart student. 

12. Do/did you like school? Yes. 

13. What are/were your favorite subjects? History

14. Favorite TV shows? Detective Conan and Dragonball Super.

15. Favorite movies? Battle of Gods

16. Favorite book? Manga

17. Favorite pastime? Voice acting

18. Do you have any regrets? No.

19. Dream job? Voice actress or working in computer science.

20. Would you like to be married someday? Maybe.

21. Would you like to have kids? Yes. I would rather adopt a kid though.

22. How many? One. 

23. Do you like shopping? Yes. 

25. The scariest nightmare you had? I don’t know. 

27. Do you have an s/o? No. 

28. Do you believe in miracles? Yes. 

29. How much do you love rescueshippingforever  [change to url that tagged you)? She’s pretty cool. 

30. What color is your soul? I don’t know. 

I tag: friku8706shinkasuruhayabusa, meitanteimary, ngoisaotim, mrsukafu,  pennsylvaniannerd viehlei and anyone else who wants to do this.

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1- Favorite movie?
2- Favorite book?
3- Favorite television show?
4- Do you have any hobbies?
5- Favorite color?
6- Favorite holiday?
7- Favorite subject in school?
8- Do you have a favorite shirt?
9- Favorite dinner meal?
10- Cat person or dog person?
11- Coke or Pepsi?
12- Favorite video game?
13- Any birthmarks?
14- Do you wear glasses?
15- If you could be any animal what would you be?
16- Where do you go to relax?
17- What is the last movie you watched?
18- What is your ideal date? (Or friend hang out if that’s not your thing)
19- Have you ever had braces?
20- Vampires or werewolves?
21- Opinion on people who use their phones during movies?
22- Do you like to write?
22- Can you sing?
23- Do you sing in the shower or car?
24- Favorite Disney villain?
25- Favorite inside joke?