Print depicting Subhas Chandra Bose, a prominent Indian nationalist, who believed in armed struggle against the British. His politics lead to the formation of Legion Freies Indien - Free India Legion as a part of the German military and later Azad Hind Fau - Indian National Army under the auspices of Imperial Japan. Inscription at the bottom reads: Netajika Swapna - Respected Leader’s Dream. Printed at Tower Half-Tone Co. Calcutta c. 1940s.

1- Vel adiyati dabha
2- Fel muriyati kadha
3- Fel muğırati subha
4- Fe eserne bihı nak'a
5- Fe vesatne bihı cem'a
6- İnnelinsane li rabbihı le kenud
7- Ve innehu ala zalike le şehıd
8- Ve innehu li hubbil hayri le şedıd
9- E fe la ya'lemü iza bu'sira ma fil kubur
10- Ve hussıle ma fis sudur
11- İnne rabbehüm bihim yevmeizin le habir

Rahmân ve Rahîm olan Allah'ın ismiyle.
1- O harıl harıl (savaşa) koşanlara,
2- (Tırnaklarıyla yerden) ateş çıkaranlara,
3- Sabahleyin akın edenlere,
4- Tozu dumana karıştıranlara,
5- Derken bir topluluğun ortasına dalanlara yemin ederim ki,
6- Şüphesiz insan, Rabbine karşı çok nankördür.
7- Ve kendisi de buna şahittir.
8- Gerçekten o dünya malını çok sevdiği için katıdır.
9- Bilmiyor mu ki, kabirlerin içindekiler fırlatılacak.
10- Ve sinelerin içindekiler derlenecek.
11- O gün Rableri onların bütün yaptıklarından haberdardır.

To me, it doesn’t really matter if [my son] is a lawyer, a doctor or a salesman. He should grow up to be a good human being. A person who will have time and compassion for those who are less fortunate than him. I want him to have a life where he has time to stop and smell the flowers. I want his life to be a journey of surprises and discovery, not one where he is in a constant rush. Let him be anything he wants to be as long as he is happy. He should lead his life according to standards he sets for himself and he should not live to please others. He should have the discipline to resist evil and the same discipline not to overindulge. He knows my weaknesses and my strengths, and with that knowledge, he should be able to build his own strengths and discard what is not good for him.
—  Subhas Anandan, ‘The Best I Could’, Page 15
One is inclined to hold that the next phase in world-history will produce a synthesis between Communism and Fascism. And will it be a surprise if that synthesis in produced in India? … In spite of the antithesis between Communism and Fascism, there are certain traits in common. Both Communism and Fascism believe in the supremacy of the State over the individual. Both denounce parliamentary democracy. Both believe in party rule. Both believe in the dictatorship of the party and in the ruthless suppression of all dissenting minorities. Both believe in a planned industrial reorganization of the country. These common traits will form the basis of the new synthesis. That synthesis is called … ‘Samyavada’ – an Indian word, which means literally 'the doctrine of synthesis or equality.’ It will be India’s task to work out this synthesis.
—  Subhas Chandra Bose

anonymous asked:

have you seen nakuul's latest IG post/story? WHAT IS THAT LEATHER JACKET? SSO 2.0? the studs AND roses on it are just too much together. also his story shows him on a plane with his wife, subha, and shrenu! looks like they're all going to ahmedabad. maybe the cast is doing a shoot off location? I'm just being hopeful I don't think the show can afford to do location shoots lol who knows but I don't think they would all go on a trip together either lol

Hi anon! 

Thoughts about the “look”, very succinctly here. 🙈🙈🙈

I don’t think it’s a location shoot. Nakuul frequently accompanies Jankee when she’s on tour, so I’m pretty sure than this is one of those trips. Shrenu is Gujarati herself (from Vadodara though, not Ahmedabad) so not sure what Subha and her are doing there together. Maybe just a girly weekend away, or maybe one of the many promotional appearances these people keep doing.  🙂 

(The reason I don’t think it’s a shoot is that… It’s a very ragtag team to be shooting anything for either of the two shows? Gauri wasn’t even in IB during the key sequence last week… Also has Prinku ever shown up in DBO? 🤔🤔🤔) 

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