subeta is down

Disagreeing with someone =/= "attacking" someone

I’m looking at you, regular users of the SB. 

I am not a frequent user of the SB, and this is the reason why. People say that a lot of drama on Subeta is a result of the SB. Well, seeing the attitude of some of its users, I can definitely see why people say this, and why there have been complaints  / requests for Subeta to “shut down the SB for good”.

Namely, just by seeing what happens in the SB, the SBers seem to be “clique-y”; shout down anyone who disagrees with their mindset; and accuse others of “attacking” them, or tell people “stop complaining”, when that person raises criticism or disagreement about anything they don’t like in a calm, neutral way.

Newsflash: not everyone who engages in a discussion / disagrees with you is “attacking you”. In the case of something like recolors, or CWs, it literally has nothing to do with you. It probably doesn’t even involve you. 

Some SBers complain about others “complaining”, and slinging around insults about those people in the SB when they don’t like someone. People who are interested in trying out the SB shouldn’t feel like they have to “walk on eggshells” because some SB regulars / chatters are “too sensitive to tolerate disagreement”. 

Likewise, SBers, even in spite of site and SB rules and guidelines, don’t really seem to give a rat’s ass about those standards. All they care about is silencing those who “hurt their feelings / their friends’ feelings”.

Let’s put it this way: most Subetans (including SBers) are probably against Donald Trump. Well, there was also the Hamilton actor who was falsely accused by Pres.-elect Donald Trump and others of “harassing” VP-elect Mike Pence from the stage, which is laughable, if you consider what actually happened.

Do you SBers really want to be equated with Donald Trump? Because your behavior, SBers, is literally the same as what Trump does, whenever he sees criticism or disagreement with him. By acting the same as he does, you’re no better than Trump is.