I know you missed my gifs.

It’s been a while since I last spammed you with my sexy gifs, right? Right. That’s why now I’ll be having my Sexy Suzy gifs comeback! Did you miss it? 

I spammed a lot this time, but usually I don’t because IT’S SO HARD TO FIND SEXY GIFS OF ME /cries;

I hope you enjoyed!~ And I still haven’t forgotten about your post, but I’m too lazy to write it now, that’s why I decided to submit this, heh. Love you, Taebear!

Sometimes I just really really reallyhate you, Subear. /she scoffs slightly, her nose wrinkling as she puffs out her cheeks; I think I’m the sexy one in this friendship, though.

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Healthy Appetizers: Mango Relish

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This is something our detective duo should investigate /casually invade your chat with anon;

/she lets out a soft chuckle and wrinkles her nose, shrugging her shoulders dismissively; Well, as much as I love our little cases, I don’t think we need to do anything about this one - they’ll reveal themselves eventually, right?

bsvji replied to your post:

No, I’m the sexy one in this friendship, please look at your cute self, Taebear.

/she can’t help but snicker softly as she shakes her head; Maybe I was meant for being cute instead - my height won’t allow me to beat you in this category.