subdue white people

thestormcrown  asked:

Hello! I just got linked here and I've found this place fascinating. I just have one concern, though, as a white kid. I noticed on your list of resources there are blogs like 'F Yeah, Cracker', 'Stop White People Forever', 'This is White Culture', 'Satan is White', etc. Forgive me if I'm misinterpreting—but such titles, the use of 'cracker', some of the content, the description for 'This is White Culture'... do you see what I mean? I'm not injustified in being a bit wary of them, right?

Not really. As a privileged white person, perhaps you’re not used to being on the other side of that, or have your whiteness challenged in such a blatantly “negative” way. Fact is, “reverse racism” isn’t a thing. These blogs aren’t dedicated to “mere” complaints about the behavior of racism, but confronts real incidents of systemic based racism and discrimination, anecdotal and statistically based. 

If you’re hung up on the delivery, then you won’t and cannot learn, as your offense will stand in the way of any learning you can do. We, as People of Color, should not need to subdue our frustration with white people to preserve your feelings, especially in our personal spaces where we don’t have the limitations to be “professional” about our pain. So i’d say take it or leave it.


“Whiteness is a Disease”

This is a really good piece about why whiteness must be dismantled and why it’s not “reverse racism.” And the difference between Black culture (and why it’s important/why it exists) and white culture (and why it doesn’t exist and it’s ultimately white supremacist).


When a white friend of mine asked where to draw the line between being hurt at protests vs what’s “acceptable” protests, how to prioritize who was hurt more, I answered:

You’re allowed to be hurt by things such as flag burning because for you it attacks the good things the flag represents, but you also have to respect that people have been killed for the bad things the flag represents and burning it doesn’t physically hurt a person. It can be a wildly cathartic act to symbolically destroy what represents the bad things in America, the things that have hurt you. If you prioritize a piece of cloth over human lives, you need to rethink things