subdivision entrance

Finally, a happy story that resulted from Pokemon Go

So I see so many bad stories about Pokemon Go; A girl getting “dragged across the highway by the game” and getting hit, robberies from Pokestop lures, a dead body found… I’m starting to get sick of it.

But just when I thought my average Pokemon hunting was going to end normally, something good came out of it.


So I was returning from a park on my bike, taking a long route to hatch some eggs. (The eggs never hatched XD) I was about to ride past a subdivision entrance when I spot a little girl, only 3 years of age, in her bathing suit on the sidewalk.

I stopped and asked her where her mom was, half expecting a parent or sibling to walk out from the trees that divided the backyards from the sidewalk, asking where the child had been and telling her not to wander off again; but no one came.

Only half a minute passed when people began stopping, asking if she was alone. One RV with an old couple pulled up and said that they had seen her there before. So a young mother and another lady stayed with me to watch over her.

At first we thought of taking her to the local beach which was only a walk away from where we were, seeing that she had her bathing suit on. But then we thought to take her door to door, asking the residents if they had lost a child. But when we asked her where her parents and her siblings were, her answers were between the beach and a home just down the road. One of the women walked down the sidewalk with me, looking at backyards to try and see hints of a family with young children to try and locate her home, but we didn’t see anything. Realizing we weren’t getting anywhere, we decided to call the police.

An officer arrived about 3 minutes later and with no definite answer or parent in sight, we decided to take her to the beach. We asked the life guards but neither of them had someone ask for a child and no one recognized her.

But one man finally did and we were guided to the child’s house. While we were following him, we finally found her mother and she was reunited with her mom and her little sister who looked only to be half a year older than her.

The mother got a lecture from the officer and the sisters were happy all over again.

Seeing that the problem was resolved, I just rode away after a thanks and a goodbye.

But what would have happened if I hadn’t been taking that long route trying to hatch eggs, I have a hard time thinking about it. She could have been run over or kidnapped.

It didn’t happen though and I’m glad it didn’t.

So there it is, my happy Pokemon Go story.


And if you don’t believe me, you can consult the Lake Orion police about it.