subconscious membrane

You think you’re “spiritually advanced”,huh? How can you be so sure? I ask with respect.

— yden4466

When i say i’m “spiritually advanced” i don’t mean it in the arrogant i know everything and all the epidemiological truths of this world because technically no one really does except maybe Gaia :) There are actually people that are way more spiritually advanced than me and know a lot about the higher realms, some of these people are like super heroes with secret identities, they’re good people and they work on the Energy Grids and are deep deep healers. I know a few myself and they’re always there when i need them, they’re very angelic like in many respects.

What i mean is that i know a lot about the universal concepts and how this reality works.  I have encountered Ego Death before and see the vast connection of this reality. How everyone has a divine counterpart that they share in love which creates their own personal universe that is connected to the great Tree of Life of the Kabbalah. The secret behind the universe is that it is made of love, to learn about love, to learn about relationships with people, to develop self-love and eternal love of spirit, body and soul. When we learn unconditional love of self and others, we acknowledge that our merkaba exists and is ‘activated’ or brought into awareness. There are various distractions of the ego world that keep us from achieving this concept of love via miscommunication, social media, listening to others instead of the self. Many also don’t realize that their body is a torus of energy, their own personal black hole universe that oscillates at different frequencies that produce negative and positive ions. These ions influence our thought patterns both positive and negative they generate illness or health through our chakra receptors. 

When you communicate with others you must invoke a clear mind an deeply listen to their frequency this creates a pure channel of the heart instead of the mind. When we look away from others, look at another person, look anywhere but the person who is talking, these ions become negative thought patterns generated within our consciousness. It’s actually a fun trick to learn because this is why many people get caught up in their own emotions and thoughts, it’s blackhole energy. 

We live entirely in a world of deep symbolism and archetypes. These archetypes influence our communication and were directed from our past lives. All is symbol, All is myth. We move very much like a dream inside of a dream within various parallel universes. These symbols act as trigger responses within our subconscious membrane that is why many people who awaken start noticing the subtle energy symbols, 11:11 the most common but there are symbols everywhere. They are much more than just numbers, they are things, animals, signs, synchroncities, deja vu, random occurances between strangers, all of these are symbols for your own personal development and inner healing. 

I think many new age people get tripped up on the fact that the spiritual world is very very far away and act like it’s in a new universe but the fact of the matter is it’s merely a state of mind you can access by your given will. It’s always been here. There are various fear tactics that are created to keep you from this place because your ego mind is your shadow self it teaches you things and keeps you in balance. If we learn to become the observer of our own mind we see the ego is nothing more than a teacher of our deep long term memory. The ego acts as a catalyst for spiritual awakening, this is what is known as the dark night of the soul. The problem with most people is they think way too linear and logically so they miss the subtle concepts because they expect the “literal” outcome. That is why many thing ascension is a physical place, dimensions are like lala land and they thing they are going home to another planet by the aliens. However we are our own home and we’re learning to see ourselves from the inside out. It takes a lot of mind discipline and observing. I will not shy away from the fact that i have used various mediums to get to this point and know some of this knowledge via 4-aco-dmt, 4-ho-mipt, research chemicals such as 2ce, 2ci, 2cb, mesculine, moxy, deep inner meditation, pathwalking, tarot explortation, study of the tree of life, aleister crowley, thoth, channeling, scrying, crystals, psychology, neurobiology,  past life work, etc. I don’t see drugs as a place to go all the time but they are definitely beautiful works of alchemy for consciousness exploration and depth of study to learn the beauty of the universe. The amazing fact is you don’t have to have these substances to get there though because the fact of the matter is it’s all inside of you. All the answers, All the questions, you are your own personal akashic records or encyolopedia. It’s not out there. Your external world cannot be effected if your inner world is at peace. They go hand in hand by the law of attraction. Your inner world will forever reflect your outter existence. This is why at this time we are experiencing so many different fluctuations with the weather because consicousness is shifting. The oceans are nothing more but the global collective consciousness influencing the climate. Your outside symbols are an inner reflection of what you ARE. Why do you think spiriutal people collect crystals? we attract what we ARE, we are crystalline beings.  It’s absolutely beautiful really once you start to see it. The spiritual world is already here it’s just a matter of accessing it within your own mind and utilizing it. 

I think personally what happened is our past created the world of karma by the veil of reincarnation. We act as if in a play by the Gods and Goddesses on the Universal Playground. The light and dark are duking it out right now but it is all happening for a reason. We have lived countless lifetimes experiencing numerous lives of both sexes and different species to help heal the earth and her people. It’s about the integration of these energies and healing the Earth that we will see we are healing ourselves. We are the co-creators and once we learn to give with unconditional love we see that we are activating our divine will. Love is the basis of life and inner healing. We all work together to heal eachother through our words, our actions, our deeds, our existence on Mother Earth. We are all doing it, many are just not aware of it. You are the vehicle driving the ship, However you have to acknowledge that reality isn’t really illusion, It is filled with illusions yes but it’s a matter of releasing. You have to realize to utilize this intelligence in it’s divine capacity  you have to access that spiritual channel within your being, your inner reality and connect that world of spirit into your outter material reality. You are real because your essence is eternal non parishing and timeless but you have to see the marriage of the masculine and feminine energy together creates higher intelligence within the human mind. By learning to utilize this you are creating consciousness unity of spirit and aligning your divine soul with the energies of the Universe and Global collective consciousness. 

It is all about love <3

“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the law, love under will.”

Now see when you question these thoughts or any thoughts, your ego is intimidated. I get people from time to time saying what i write is nonsensical pseudoscience bullshit. however these people are still consumed in left-hemisphere manmade time linear logical thinking.
  When you ego feels intimidated it fights for survival via means of anger, disbelief, arguing, fighting, fear, anxiety, worry, all methods of the consciousness of psychological time past and future. the more you think the more behind you’ll be, the more you feel, the more you’ll be in alignment with universal feeling and synchronity. Its all a matter of mind discipline and inner listening. See i’m an energy reader, meaning i can pick up on energy frequencies resonating from the aura or torus. When you do this channeling becomes second knowledge, you become this receptive channel of healing light. It can be enabled across time space, tesla experimented with this frequency as well. Its the secret to universal telepathy which sounds impossibly crazy but its very real. Its also what i use when i answer questions like this one :) the energy of words and speech is very powerful for those who know and realize it. 

Also a lot of these people who wrote about 2012 missed some of these concepts like david wilcock, david icke, anyone who is still stuck in that repetallian illuminati fear is still stuck in the world of hate, fear, anxiety and worry.  It’s just fear tactics designed to limit your thinking and feeling abilties! They put Ascension as this place in the deep clouds as we 'await’ disclosure or the Aliens to come save us and take us 'home’. When in actuality the shift on the 21st did indeed happen except it was an INNER shift of consicousness. We are at point of learning about our shadow self, our subconscious world, inner fears and emotions. Ascension is very real but it’s an inner journey, it’s not a destination or a date in manmade time. It’s a process of the spirit and realizing that you are the creator of your reality, we’re all co-creators experiencing, loving and creating with our mind the perceptions of reality.

So yes i do feel spiritually advanced compared to some people but at the same time like others its an endless journey of learning. I just entered Motherhood and my little guy is teaching me new things every day :) In reality take of this article what you will, it’s your own soul progress that is the most important thing. Many ask why do i know so much? To be honest i don’t even know myself some days i wakeup and have epiphanies, i don’t know if it’s because of my past with mind substances, my past lives as a healer and priestess of egypt, why i connect with the pyramids and Thoth so much or because i understand how energy works and heals a person, my connection with people. Or i’m supposed to act against the system and one day present my work to the public, i honestly have no idea lol. I honestly question these facts everyday, how can we know so much but yet we haven’t been able to utilize this knowledge until recently. why are so many still stuck? when even during our stagnant periods we do the most growth. ultimately life is an endless mysteries but i wholeheartedly enjoy finding the keys to the universe and opening the gateways  :) Thanks for enabling such a deep question, i enjoyed it much love <3