Setting the Date Specific Objectives: The Must Haves, Whys and Hows analysis

A question frequently from individuals overcome a challenge of eating disorder, “Why? Why do I have to struggle with food and weight? "Questions” why “question is the starting point. It certainly makes sense, the reasons why eating a challenge or expose weight challenge arose. Ask your brain, "Why?” Creates a puzzle to be solved. The mind looks logical for clues as to why something exists. Enjoy yourself in questions, why has some positive aspects. It allows you to uncover the physiological, biological, social, emotional and spiritual reasons why you run binge, compulsive or emotional eating. Rental explore yourself, “Why?” also allows you to validate your life story, is present to what previously not spoken or written, and gives meaning to your trip. It also allows you to spend time curious about your situation, instead of running and hiding from an eating disorder. Ask “why?” Helps some understanding and compassion to your weight loss journey. It begins the process of transition from a state of victimization to one of personal responsibility. “Why?” Constraints ask, “Why?” Has its limits. The problem with “why” are questions that they usually do nothing to solve the problem. After all the answers are not really moving to establish a new result. For example, one may ask, why do you think about diet and with a little willingness to know your reasons, you will discover some of the correct answers. Plenty of time, introspection, self-help books and guides to, your mind eventually piece together the whole puzzle of why something happened. And then what? You have a better understanding of your situation. Are you better? Well, partly. Understanding why you can bring sense and compassion on the way the package before you are. You can begin to forgive others and forgive yourself. You realize that your struggle meaning and purpose, the core of it. However, asking “Why?” Alone is simply not enough for you to change your life. Empowering questions It also helps to ask empowering questions on the road. These questions are the ones that you to a vision of where you go and create a movement forward in this direction. There are questions that help you stay centered in the present reality. This means, can explore options to what concrete measures do you take immediately to in the future, to move to create for themselves. The combination of understanding “why” is your situation as it is, want to build together with the generation of a sharp, clear picture of the future you is how to create a fulfilling life. Since your mind will try all the questions you answer them, makes the kind of question you ask a big difference. Consider the difference between asking, “Why do not I love?” And “How could I love myself more?” Or, “Why I have no self-respect?” And “How can I make my ? self-esteem "is another example:” Why is my life so hard “and” What can I take a step to make things a little better “questions, create change How you made the above examples of the types of questions that you yourself will bring you to see very different results. If you are ready to make changes in your life, use the questions below enable you to clarify what you want for yourself and how you on a journey with what you do want to go. 1. What do I want? What will do this for me? What is important to me about it? 2. What would I do if I were compassionate and wise? How would I do it? When, where, what, with whom I? 3. How do I know if I what I want? What a feeling I would have the inside? If I do not have what would it? What is it would be important? 4. What prevents me from truth to this? How do I know? What happens if I do what you want? What does it mean to do for me? Better than what? What impact has significant other? 5. If I what I want, what risk do I have? If I what I want, what I have to risk to win? 6. What I get from doing what I do now? Start today on these issues and move beyond "why” you’re just like you are in the life you live!
Feed - A Cruel Ritual

Imaginary guides you to your Animal Totems as imaginary guides to reflect on your life. You could also think of them as Power Animals because each imparts a special energy and power to your life. found by observing how each animal lived mates, find food and protect themselves Native Americans in the position, the animal specific strengths and weaknesses have been defined. For example, with the winter hibernation, it was said that she possessed the magic of dreams. They were also formidable foes, so Bear Energy was also about physical power and strength. It is fascinating to note that different cultures (not just Native Americans) came up with similar interpretations for the individual animals. Spiritual energies Native Americans and other cultures used shamans to help them connect with the world around them, and with the power of the animals. With dreams and visions, these Shaman with the “Manitou,” the animals would connect. The Manitou is an animal to its original spiritual energy-wolf ness, Deerness, foxness … etc. It was assumed that for every person who voted a certain Manitou (or more) that they were special. These were their personal animal totems. They discovered their totems through vision quests, although sometimes the totem made themselves known in other ways. For example, if you were attacked by a wild animal, it was believed that this particular animal totem had chosen you. Physical and mental characteristics of each animal that has existed several properties, both physically and mentally. The qualities in your personal Animal Totems are qualities that you connect with the name, feel a deep affinity to be, or simply need more of in your life. Here are some brief descriptions of the properties of a few animals. Read carefully. One of them seems to be one of your animal totems. Skunk: Self-confidence, self esteem, self-respect, creative energy, attention to intuition and inner Knowings Alligator: Power to survive, keeper of ancient wisdom, clairvoyance Cat: Magic, mystery, curiosity, independence, healing, unpredictability, inner balance, movement by fears of frog vision in all directions, physical and emotional cleansing, metamorphosis, creative power of Shark: instruct peace, solitude, emotional transformation, power protect your animal totems and protect you during your life journey. If you try to discover an animal that speaks strongly to you, an animal you need to feel draw more into your life, surrounding himself with pictures of the animal. This lets the animal know it is welcome in your room. Find to “meet” your Animal Totems One way of one of your Animal Totems is a guided visualization do (this is adapted from the book SoulCollage by Seena Frost). New Sacred Space by using music, a candle and incense, or a spot to stay. Sit quietly and very slowly scan your body, paying special attention to each of the seven chakras. Then choose a chakra to return and focus there. Ask the animal who lives there, its nature known to you. Wait. Hearing. Watch. Remember to be patient. Do not give up. You can “see” not do anything for the first time. Sometimes Animal Totem is nearby, just out of sight, you see if you are serious about connecting with are in the process. Continue to do this guided visualization until one of your animals makes itself known to you. During meditation, “take” if you want one of your Animal Totems, look in the eye and greet you remember it with love and curiosity. Ask him how he is feeling today. Make it the name. Remember that this meeting is all in your imagination, so it is in your control. There is nothing to fear. At some point, move the body into the body of the animal. Take a look in the eyes of this sacred animal and notice what you see. After a while, your body back and put the conversation with him. Ask your Animal Guide, the following questions so that you learn more about its meaning and its place for you on your journey: Who are you? What do you have to give me? What do you want from me? How will I remember what you taught me? Be sure to give it enough time to react, and surprise your expectations! You may be pleasantly surprised or uncomfortable by an animal that makes itself known to you. Try the animal that wants to be with you, to force rather than accept another to be there. Trust the process, My Summer of Skunks It is generally believed that an animal totem chooses you, not vice versa. The animals love your totems but then again could be, they could not! The animals that come to you if you are open and accepted, are the ones you need to work with. You need the strengths and weaknesses that you already own, and they will have lessons to learn for you. A few years ago I was constantly seeing skunks in our front yard, even in broad daylight. This is highly unusual skunk behavior, I assure you! A few times I also saw a white skunk with a black stripe! Later I learned that skunks are really about self-esteem, self-esteem and inner protection through intuition. And I looked at a season of my life when I completely powerless and vulnerable to some difficult family situations which directly affected to feel my self-respect and self-esteem. Coincidence? I think not! I have not seen how shamelessly they go about my front yard since that summer several years ago. I believe that Skunk had a message for me this year, and I think if I need him again, he will be there. Honor your animal guide with SoulCollage ® SoulCollage ® is a tool for personal growth is a mystical magical blend of intuitive art and imaginative play. It was created by Seena Frost in 1989, when she worked with clients in her therapy practice in California. One of the complaints in the SoulCollage ® deck companions, you can create a unique collage cards to your special animal to honor leaders. Making a card like this, and works with her in the SoulCollage ® process is an excellent way to honor these special energies animal and get to know your animal totem in a creative, imaginative ways.
How to stop fleas on your cat

Fleas on your cat is more than just itching, scratching his sentence. Fleas can cause allergic reactions in cats, which require cortisone shots ™ from your veterinarian. They can also cause health problems for your cat as anemia and worms. Not only that, but the bullets easily spread from cat to cat, cats to humans, cats and other animals, a cat and its environment. Therefore, you should check on a regular basis to stop the fleas on your cat. You must stop for the health of your cat and can not spread.How can you tell if your cat has fleas? If he or she is a feline pale, and he has a short coat, you can put your cat under a bright light. Then rub your hand backwards through their fur. You will see the fleas hopping. Or you’ll see tiny black dots that can be flea droppings. (Or they may just be patches of dirt. Especially if your cat is fastidious in his personal hygiene.) And when you look through the fur of your cat, see also bumps red or yellow. These indications are flea bites. To find out for sure what the black spots, use a flea comb to brush some of the spots on a piece of white paper. If you are not sure what a flea comb is that it is a small tooth comb. However, the difference with this comb over comb, hair is that the teeth are very thin. They are also positioned very close together. When you scan a flea comb in your cat’s fur, near the teeth pick up the chips smaller and their tiny droppings. Now, once you have some black dots on a sheet of white paper, wet the tip of your finger and rub it against stains. If they remain intact, they’re just dirt. But if the spots break and take a red-brown color, they are certainly the excrement of fleas. So now you know you have a flea problem, and you need to stop fleas on your cat. If your cat has dark fur, you probably will not be able to see fleas or their droppings. To stop the fleas on your cat black, you’ll have to use a flea comb to brush their fur. Next, inspect the teeth of the comb for signs of fleas. Getting rid of fleas on your cat is actually an easy process. However, because the bullets spread so quickly, to stop the fleas on your cat, you must remove your your other pets and your family too. In general, if you wash your cat on a regular basis and use a flea comb, he or she should not be bothered by fleas. A flea comb to remove the effect of flea eggs from the fur of your cat is too. You’ll need to press the reed down to reach the skin of your cat. Just do not press too hard to hurt that combing your cat. If your cat is not wild to take a bath, there are sprays and powders, you can use. Just use one of these products in collaboration with a flea comb, and that stops the fleas on your cat too. And finally, you can see the TV ads or magazine for products such as Advantage ™ and Frontline ™. These products are liquids that are applied to the skin of your cat. They kill fleas and help prevent back too. The only drawback of these products is that they are expensive. Remember: you’ll need to treat all your cats and dogs that you might have in your household too. This will help prevent reinfestation occurs from another animal. Then, to stop the fleas on your cat if your cat has a cat bed, he or she sleeps, you’ll need to clean it regularly. fur and vacuum up the dirt, wash the cat bed with hot water and bleach. Or, you can use a bleaching agent. The combination of hot water and bleach disinfects the bed of your cat. It will also kill fleas or eggs that are residing in it. And finally, the use of a killer of good quality flea spray in your home. If your cats have fleas, so they can hide in your carpet, rugs and upholstery.
Newport Beach, California Restaurant Guide

Newport Beach, California is a great vacation destination. With perfect weather, miles of picturesque coastline, numerous outdoor activities, shopping, world class and wonderful restaurants, Newport Beach has something for everyone. Located in Southern California in Newport Beach is fifty miles south of Los Angeles and 85 miles north of San Diego. Here’s a guide to some of my favorite restaurants in Newport Beach, California.For breakfast, usually enjoy something light and simple. Coffee and a muffin or a bagel and juice are all I need for my day started. For coffee and a muffin, the head of more than Diedrich Coffee at 3601 Jamboree Road. This string of Orange County with coffee served fresh coffee and delicious cakes that are sure to enjoy. If I’m in the mood for a bagel, enjoy a visit to Bruegger’s Bagel Bakery at 2743 East Pacific Coast Highway. A freshly baked roll with delicious cream cheese goes well with freshly squeezed orange juice. My favorite is a toasted onion bagel breakfast with bacon scallion cream cheese.After, a walk in the water is a good way to complete the morning in Newport Beach. For lunch, my favorite restaurant is La Fogata Rotisserie Chicken, located at 3025 East Pacific Coast Highway. If you prefer your roasted chicken or Mexican food healthier, La Fogata is on target. My favorite dish is the grilled chicken nachos, which are delicious and plentiful. For another option for lunch, there’s always Ruby Diner located at One Balboa Pier. Ruby is a 1950’s style dining room that serves great burgers, fries and milkshakes. For dessert, nothing better than a Balboa Bar or a frozen banana Sugar n Spice on Balboa Island. Balboa is a bar of vanilla ice cream on a stick is hand dipped in chocolate and then rolled in sprinkles, peanuts, or other ingredients. The frozen banana is served in the same way, in a stick with chocolate and toppings. Both are delicious and can be enjoyed while walking along picturesque Balboa Island. Sugar n Spice is located at 310 Marine Avenue on Balboa Island.My favorite restaurant for dinner in Newport Beach is JACKshrimp, located at 2400 West Pacific Coast Highway. This restaurant is located in Newport Beach, but serves excellent New Orleans style cuisine. The po'boys Gumbo, jambalaya, red beans and rice are delicious. JACKshrimp also serves seafood and pasta dishes. I recommend asking some of their appetizers and sides, so you can taste some of their delicious menu items.If you are visiting Newport Beach, these are some of the restaurants you can enjoy. My mouth is watering just thinking about them. Even if you go to Los Angeles or San Diego, would be worth making a stop in Newport Beach for a quick meal on the road. Enjoy.