nursey week day 1 - silence

Nursey hadn’t prepared for how weird this would feel. He only played with Jack for one year, after all. He shouldn’t be that weirded out by seeing him across the ice during warm-ups. He is, though, and he’s not quite sure why. Maybe it’s because Jack was his first real captain, or maybe Jack had pretty much become synonymous with NHL for Nursey these past three years. Like playing Jack makes it official, like he’s really in the big leagues now.

He’s more nervous than he’d like to admit.

Jack talks to him a little during warm-ups, both of them standing at center ice. It’s mostly terrible chirps on Jack’s end and then a weird, tense moment where Jack had said “Welcome to the show, Nursey,” and patted him on the back and Nursey had to remember that he’s not supposed to cry on the ice, especially before the game even starts.

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{SUB} Haikyuu Chirstmas Drama!

 It’s that time of year again and to celebrate, I present to you the volleyball dorks enjoying their own Christmas fully subbbed in English!  ENJOY!!!


Just subbbed Victon’s latest video! In this video they made their fanchant and had some fun drawing one another! @fy-victon @victon

aspiringbunnyearslawyer  asked:

Do you promote yourself? And if you do, how? I've been told that I should advertise myself more, but how do I do that without looking like an attention whore?

That’s a fantastic question! I believe that the one thing I was just really good at was advertising myself and taking the steps necessary to be an active part of the community. People say it’s luck but you’ve gotta increase your chances in the lottery.

  • I tagged my videos for both youtube and google searches: vocaloid, video, (name of song), english cover, (username)
  • I made use of every social media account: Facebook, twitter, tumblr, ect. and used them regularly to improve my google search
  • I was active regularly: Posted once a week near or on the same day
  • I talked with the community: Through comments on my videos or twitter and Skype
  • I did a few collaborations: to get noticed by wider audience, but don’t force it on people or just use them - I only did a few because I really wanted to work with these people and vice versa
  • I made a sound cloud: much of the community is there as well and collaborates
  • I worked to improve my content: tried out new effects in mixing and different ways of singing
  • I improved my video description: I added my contact info and all the places to find me, the more active social media equals higher on google search
  • I took requests and did “hot” songs: Songs that I knew were going to be big, I covered quickly to get noticed through searches or did songs that were much loved but never covered (people will give you a chance this way)
  • I would show my thanks: anyone who was kind, helpful, shared my stuff, or anything of the like I would be sure to thank them and just be respectful

These are all things I did in my spare time because SEO is like a hobby for me. I learned every skill I could in addition to this (recording, mixing, subbbing) but what I call “hard work” could easily be misconstrued as “manipulative” or “deceiving”. The internet kinda sucks in this way.

I personally think anyone who’s labeled an “attention whore” is a person who doesn’t try/want to improve their content, belittles people’s efforts when they are, is disrespectful, ungrateful, and uses others as tools, and purposefully acts distant and full of themselves 24/7.

Talk to people like they’re people, work hard with your own two hands, and try to not be a dick about it, that’s what I figure.

But I could be wrong about everything!





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