nursey week day 1 - silence

Nursey hadn’t prepared for how weird this would feel. He only played with Jack for one year, after all. He shouldn’t be that weirded out by seeing him across the ice during warm-ups. He is, though, and he’s not quite sure why. Maybe it’s because Jack was his first real captain, or maybe Jack had pretty much become synonymous with NHL for Nursey these past three years. Like playing Jack makes it official, like he’s really in the big leagues now.

He’s more nervous than he’d like to admit.

Jack talks to him a little during warm-ups, both of them standing at center ice. It’s mostly terrible chirps on Jack’s end and then a weird, tense moment where Jack had said “Welcome to the show, Nursey,” and patted him on the back and Nursey had to remember that he’s not supposed to cry on the ice, especially before the game even starts.

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fangedmetadevil  asked:

]slides into inbox while chinhanding intensely[ bio.. what is this Villainous thing you keep reblogging stuff about?

Aaaaaaa my derg friendo you’ve come to the right place

From what I watched it’s a short little mini series in cartoon network within Mexico that based on the idea a Villian selling things for other Villian’s to use

Right now it’s in Spanish but I think it’s a english subb soon

firebirblawyer  asked:

once my friend and i were watching pet shop of horrors on dubb since the subb was hard to find but it legit replaces the term human trafficing with 'white slavery' maybe 5 mins into the first episode and we just stopped it and were at a loss tbh like wtf

dubbs are evil like the only quality dub is yu yu hakushos dub this is a fact, but yeah like that doesn’t even make sense because the ones who suspected the shop owner of human trafficking were cops and the actual professional real term is “human trafficking” goddd how fucking dumb, any cop caught saying “white slavery” would be fired so fast


{SUB} Haikyuu Chirstmas Drama!

 It’s that time of year again and to celebrate, I present to you the volleyball dorks enjoying their own Christmas fully subbbed in English!  ENJOY!!!


Just subbbed Victon’s latest video! In this video they made their fanchant and had some fun drawing one another! @fy-victon @victon





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