Just subbbed Victon’s latest video! In this video they made their fanchant and had some fun drawing one another! @fy-victon @victon


{SUB} Haikyuu Chirstmas Drama!

 It’s that time of year again and to celebrate, I present to you the volleyball dorks enjoying their own Christmas fully subbbed in English!  ENJOY!!!

anonymous asked:

Hey Kama sorry to disturb, do you know where I can find the mc session of toho tours eng sub? I wanted to know the ones of WITH since forever ;_;
Thank you!
Hope you have been well💕

Hi there, Anonnie!

Tbh, I don’t think With tour has been eng subbed, yet. At least I haven’t seen it ://// There is this one clip here but it’s short and for a fancam.

There is Time tour MC part subbed HERE, and NIssan Stadium HERE. The whole T1story DVD is subbed here. I think there was also video with the TREE tour part, but I can’t find it right now, sorry ;;;;;;; But I don’t know anything about actual subbs for With tour, I’m sorry ;;


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