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how would the sakamakis + mukamis react if their crush gave them a kiss on the forehead?

-Shuu: When (Y/N) kissed his forehead out of nowhere, he was more surprised than embarrassed. She wasn’t the type of person that would do that, mainly because she was really easy to embarrass. “You can be like this too, huh…? It isn’t bad.”

-Reiji: Despite not being a fan of forehead kisses because it is embarrassing to him, somehow he couldn’t get mad at the girl she liked. “I will not punish you this time, but the next one, I will do it.” with only these words, he stood up and went out of the room.

-Raito: He was used to kisses on his lips, neck, cheek, ear, and other parts, but he never in his life received a kiss on his forehead. “Hey, Bitch-chan. Why do I feel like I want to hide my face? Eh? ‘You are embarrassed’? Nfufu~ don’t be fool, Bitch-chan, it’s impossible.”

-Kanato: A deep blush appeared on his pale skin in the moment her lips kissed his forehead. He didn’t like that feeling, though. “DON’T YOU EVER DARE TO DO IT AGAIN! ONLY I CAN DO IT!” his blush wasn’t there when she looked at him, so he had nothing to hide.

-Ayato: As usual, the red-headed was ranting about how boring the day was and that he was hungry and tired, and (Y/N) took the opportunity to surprise him by kissing his forehead. “W-What are you doing!? Don’t attack ore-sama like that, you asshole!” instead of freaking out, the girl was laughing at his red face.

-Subaru: Even thought he wasn’t dating with (Y/N), they acted like a couple, so he felt like it. They were both sitting against a tree, and out of nowhere, he felt a pair of soft, warm lips on his forehead. “T-Tch…” instead of saying anything, he just stood there, embarrassed.

-Ruki: It was one of that rare times where the black-haired was…vulnerable. He was reading, using her lap as a pillow. It was really strange, to be honest. (Y/N) took the opportunity and kissed his forehead, knowing that she would get scolded. “Livestock? You really did that, as I can see. I won’t punish you just because it was a good kiss.”

-Kou: “M Neko-chan~ M-Ne-ko-cha-n~!” he was obnoxious as usual, trying to have all (Y/N)’s attention, not letting her to talk with others. She perfectly knew that she had to give him something in order to make him go away; while he was jumping around her, she kissed his forehead in the least expected moment. “Whoa~ M Neko-chan is brave today~ hehe~”

-Yuuma: “S-SHUT UP, SOW!!” his cheeks were deep red, because (Y/N) was teasing him hard, saying cheesy things just to make him blush. She had a plan to make him blush even more. She kissed his forehead, tip of his nose, and then his lips. In the next moment, she separated a bit from him to see the red color rise its intensity.

-Azusa: The youngest of the Mukami was depressed that day by not reason in particular, it was just one of those days that he was feeling like that. (Y/N) noticed it, so the first thing she did was sit beside him, and the kissing him on the forehead. “Thank you…(Y/N)-san…you made me…a bit happier…”


Diabolik Lovers x Pokémon: Sakamaki Brothers

Shuu: Normal (Slaking, Snorlax, Porygon-Z, Pidgeot, Persian, Stantler)
Reiji: Poison (Crobat, Arbok, Drapion, Scolipede, Dragalge, Nidoking)
Laito: Water (Milotic, Lapras, Kingdra, Starmie, Floatzel, Vaporeon)
Kanato: Psychic (Meowstic, Espeon, Musharna, Gothitelle, Reuniclus, Claydol)
Ayato: Fire (Charizard, Rapidash, Arcanine, Houndoom, Magmortar, Talonflame)
Subaru: Fighting (Lucario, Scrafty, Hawlucha, Gallade, Conkeldurr, Primeape)

Can you spot the shinies? c:

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Tsunderellaaa~ *grabs his hand* Shall I take this ... pfft.. Dance..? *trying to hold in laughter* Susu looks so cute in that dress..!♡

Tsunderella and The Sleeping Shu
S-Stop it, Laito! just-sakamaki-things​ , y-your posts are c-causing me t-trouble again…!
“Heh, your face’s red…”

…And then the Tsunderella ran off, leaving only her his glass shuu behind.

Reiji smut

I slipped around the door. “Reiji? You called for me,” I said quietly into the void, “and I take it you’re thirsty.” I was notified by the sound footsteps from behind the nearest bookshelf. Cool air, tainted with chemicals and tea. The curtain was wide open, moonlight flooded the space. No artificial light. He appeared from behind the bookshelf, dark hair shining in the silvery light. His eyes glinted; he was thirsty. Cold hands brushed his pale lips, fidgeting.

“Sit.” His voice was soft and deep, not demanding like usual. I sat. He almost smiled. Steaming tea, set before me, in a cup and saucer. I don’t trust this. “Reiji, are you alright?” The question seemed to affront him. “I am not in the mood to answer your questions. Do you think you have the right?” I rolled my eyes, pretending to sip tea. “Are you going to drink or not?” I asked.

“When I choose to drink is not of your concern.”

I continued to pretend to drink tea. He fidgeted with the handle of his teacup. He was stressed about something. Probably Shuu. I dismissed it. Steam was visible in the air, so was my breath. Reiji smiled again. I smiled back, bittersweet, like the tea I wouldn’t touch. I looked away. He didn’t. Eyes on my skin, it was uncomfortable, invasive. And suddenly, he spoke again.

“Humans. You are such fragile creatures. Defenceless. Weak. And yet…” He trailed off, finally looking away.

I raised my eyebrow. “And yet?”

“And yet the second I saw you I knew I wanted you.”

I smiled coldly. “No.” The smile spread from my face to his. The night turned hateful. Fair lips twisted with a broken wish, “What makes you think you have a choice?”

The playfulness I always wore entered my features. His face was frozen, but the warmth in my smile chipped at his stiff countenance. “I always have a choice, honey.” It sounded like a challenge. I leant forward in my chair. Shoulders back, tits out. He exhaled heavily. “No. There was an aphrodisiac in the tea.”

I grinned. “Fuck you, asshole.” I hadn’t drunk the tea. He dropped his stiffness. “What are you afraid of? Me?”


It was simple, it was plain, the pleasure in his face was unmistakable. This is what he wanted. He laughed aloud, and stood. “You aren’t afraid of me,” he said, lifting me to my feet, “but I can make you.”

He smelt like old books and blood. Pulling me to his chest, lifting my chin to look me in the eye. “You’re manners are deplorable. I’m going to have to punish you. Cursing, talking back, not drinking your tea…” I closed my eyes, I felt his lips brush mine.

I opened my eyes. “Do it then.” He looked shocked, “What did you just say?”

“I said do it. I’m up for this. Make me beg.”

The playfulness in my expression, the sincerity, I could feel his rising cock pressed against my stomach. He flipped me around, walking me slowly towards the bed. The sheets were soft against my skin, he pushed me face down onto the bed, sliding my shirt off as he did so, my bra unbuckled and taken off. Suddenly he wasn’t behind me anymore. I heard rustling. Clinking. Everything went black.

The blindfold restricted my vision, I concentrated on the feeling of rope being tied to my wrists, securing, trapping my hands behind my back. The knots were small and complicated, all the way up my arms, but skilled fingers work fast. A collar around my neck, a chain leash he used to pull me back to my feet.


“Don’t. You agreed to it.” His voice was demanding again. Rough, heated, lusting. I felt him yank on the chain, and I stumbled forward, into his chest. He was solid, lean. I felt slender fingers grip my back. “You agreed to it,” he whispered softly, as those slender finger ran down my back, up my skirt, and between my legs. A sharp moan pieced the air, and I was suprised to find it was from my mouth.

He spun me around so my back was to his chest, his crotch pressed against my ass, and reached between my legs again, his fingers running long lines up and down my clit through my panties. I moaned again, listening to his quick breathing, and feeling my pussy heat up. His other hand also trailed down my body, helping to pull off my panties and skirt. I was completely naked, save the rope and the blindfold.

He pushed me forward suddenly.

I stumbled forward, collapsing onto the bed. He pulled my ass in the air, and a sharp smacking noise reached my ears, milliseconds before a sharp pain registered on my ass. He slapped me again, and I jumped slightly. Another slap. Another jump. He flipped me on my back and spread my legs. The blindfold slipped slightly. That single glimpse of him, I saw something I thought I would never see. Reiji- glasses laying on the floor behind him, shirt unbuttoned, loosening his tie. He was smiling. The blindfold slipped down again, my vision taken away once more.

“I’m going to punish you, and your going to take it, aren’t you my darling, aren’t you, your going to take everything I give you and you’re going to thank me afterwards.”


This blow was felt before it was heard, brief and painful, directly on the tender flesh between my spread legs. Shaking slightly, a soft gasp escaped my lips. I felt teeth on my thighs, biting the soft skin. He wasn’t drawing blood. Two long fingers entered me, curling forward cruelly, making me convulse. His lips pressed to my clit, tongue against my folds, another finger was added and I began to come. He didn’t stop, again and again I tightened around his fingers, again and again heated liquid flooded over his hand.

Exhausted, I took laboured breaths. I couldn’t move. I felt his fingers withdraw from my depths, and he crawled over me, lips on my neck, my breasts, my jaw. “Say thankyou.”

I couldn’t speak. He grinned into my neck as he kissed me, “I guess I’ll have to punish you again?”. I moaned at his suggestion, I can’t take any more without passing out.

I felt him lining up at my entrance, thrusting in. Pleasure filled my belly, and my hands found his back, dragging my nails down it in hard red lines. He laughed, “I thought you were out of energy, my darling.”

I giggled, reaching up just enough to pull his bottom lip between my teeth. I smiled as he fell over me as he came. I felt him fill me up, and moaned with pleasure as I finished for the last time. He rolled off me, allowing my to bury my face in his chest.


The Sakamaki Brothers Playing With Fireworks!

Kanato: “Wuhahaha!  Teddy let’s light this candle!”

Latiio: “I have a bad feeling about this.”

Ayato: “Don’t be such a spoil sport!  Come on!  Light that sucker!”

Reiji: “What in blazes do you think you are doing in my bedroom?!  GET OUT AT ONCE!”

Subaru: “SH-SHIT!! RETREAT!!!!”

Kanato: “It’s too late now!”


Reiji: “I’ll give you ten seconds to run.” 

Shu: *Jumps awake* “What the hell was that?;”