92 truths

Once you have been tagged, you’re supposed to write a note with 92 truths on it. At the end choose/tag 25 people.
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Name: Seham

Age: 94

Now here are the 92 questions:
1. Last beverage: Water
2. Last phone call: My grandma
3. Last text: “I need my car so I can go pick up her gift. My gas tank better be filled when I get it back”
4. Last song you listened to: Hurricane-Halsey
5. Last time you cried: Last night

6. Dated someone twice: No
7: been cheated on: No
8. Kissed someone and regret it: I’ve never kissed anyone so
9: lost someone special: Haven’t we all,
10. Been depressed: Yes
11. Been drunk and threw up: No

12. Purple
13. Any shade of blue
14. Gold

15. Made a new friend: Yeah
16: fallen out of love: No
17: laughed until you cried: Yes
18: met someone who changed you out who your true friends were; Idk what this means
20: found out someone was talking about you: Yes
21: kissed anyone on your (fb, twitter, tumblr, etc)list: Nope

22: how many people on your ( fb, twitter, tumblr, etc..) list do you know irl: I know most of my Twitter followers and only 2 tumblr followers
23: any pets: yes, two cats; Blu and Bella
24: do you want to change your name: Yeah
25: what did you do for your last bday: I don’t even remember tbh
26:when did you wake up today: 4pm 27: something you CANNOT wait for: Going to Disney World in August
28: last time you saw your mom: she’s sitting next to me
29: 1 thing you’d change about your life: How happy I am or am not
30: what are you listening to right now: My family talking

31:ever talked to a person named tom: yes, I was at Marshals today and the guy at the register was named Tom
32: whats getting on your nerves right now: My cramps and my cold
33:most visited webpage: Tumblrrrr
34: nicknames: Susu, Feryal and Ine call me sunshine
35: relationship status: I’m as single as a dollar
36: zodiac sign: Aquarius
37: he or she: She/ Her

38: elementary school: id rather not say my schools
39: high school:
40: college:Not at one yet
41. Hair color: It changes
42. Long or short: long
43: height: 5'3
44:crush on anyone: Nope
45: like about yourself:My eyebrows when they aren’t messed up
46: piercings: my ears 
47: tattoos: Not yet
48: righty or lefty: Both actually

49: surgery: i don’t think I’ve had one
50: piercing: ears
51: bff: I can’t remember
52: sport you joined: That’s funny
53: vacation: idk
54: pair of trainers: I have no idea

55: eating: Smores sip
56: drinking: Water still
57: about to: sleep
58: listening to: My family still talking
59: waiting for: August 16

60: kids: 2
61: married: yes
62: career: Ultrasound tech

67: lips or eyes: Both I can’t choose
68: hugs or kisses: Both again
69: shorter or taller: Taller
70: older or younger: Older
71: romantic or spontaneous: Both
72: nice stomach or nice arms: Both lol
73: sensitive or loud: Both
74: hook up or relationship: Relationship 
75: trouble maker or hesitant: Trouble maker

76: kissed a stranger: No
77: drank hard liquor: Nope
78: lost glasses/contacts: Of course I have
79: dated: Yes
80: broken someone’s heart: Idk
81: had a broken heart: everyday of my life tbh
82: been arrested: Nah, I’m not tryna have my mom kill me
 (Keeping Malikah’s answer because that’s literally my mom)
83: turned someone down: Yes
84: cried when someone died: Yup
85: fallen for a friend: Let’s not talk about that

86:yourself: No
87:miracles: Yes
88: love at first sight: Nah
89: heaven: Yes
90: santa: No
91: kiss on first date: If we’re both feeling it
92: angels: Yes

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Why Jungkook is my bias!
Look at how he takes his girl group dancing so seriously lol

Six facts, ten followers.

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1. Right now, I’m laying in a bath because I just plopped a Space Girl bath bomb in and I’m drinking green tea out of my Cinderella mug from Disney World.

2. Since 8th grade, my anxiety and depression have gone up 64% and I’m taking medicine for both.

3. I feel like I’ve really found myself this past year and I’m more comfortable with person I am today. Not fully comfortable, I need some getting used to who I am.

4. I will always always always advocate self love and self worth. I don’t hate anything more than beautiful girls who don’t love themselves. And every girl is beautiful.

5. I hate people who say “oh it’s like I found my other half” about their significant other. No, because I am not a half to begin with. I’m whole and my significant other will make me a better whole and I will make them a better whole as well. And if they think that I’m their half, I will help them realize that they don’t need me to make them whole, they need to find it in themselves.

6. I’m helping my cousin in Syria plan her wedding at the moment.

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