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Re:zero LN Volume 8 official art

Diabolik lovers Lost Eden: Buscando calcetines en la casa Sakamaki ~La caja de Pandora que no se debe abrir~ (CD DRAMA) ~traducción~

Perdonen los errores, soy un asco con los audios. TuT
No-re subir esta traducción.

Y feliz día de la mujer~

*Reiji esta caminando*

Reiji: Ay que ver… por qué perdí el otro par el calcetín? (No entendí NO)

*Reiji sigue caminando*

*Alguien llama a la puerta*

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Reinhard, how do you feel about Subaru's self proclamation

At the time, I felt a whole range of emotions, to be honest



(maybe even jealousy)

But most of all

I felt a suffocating sense of guilt. I lacked virtue to stop them: what kind of knight I am, if I can’t even protect those I love?

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What's your favourite subjects in school??

Reinhard: There wasn’t anything else you liked? Really?
Subaru: … okay, this may sound weird and don’t make fun of me, but- I, huh, I liked lit too. I kiiiiiiinda wanted to become a writer, back in my country. Yeah. That’s it. Huh. You can laugh now.

sTOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT IT’S EMBARASSING!!!!!! If you have something to say, just do it!
Reinhard: That’s a wonderful dream Subaru!! I’m sure you can do it!
Subaru: Don’t say stuff you’ll regret having said, you don’t even know how do I write!!
Reinhard: You’ll have to make me read something you wrote then! Will you? Please!!
Subaru: …maybe.