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DL- Snow Prince Edition Outfit (Subaru Plushie)

(Do ya like my new Theme Picture?)

Hi my plushie fans! It’s another plushie outfit post~

The Snow Prince Edition! This chibi is kind popular right now, plus I want to try something little bit different (Kinda tired of black and white fabrics all the time LOL)

I decided to go with Subaru’s Snow Prince Outfit instead of Shu’s because Subaru does not wear his jacket properly! (The sleeves are sliding to the sides)

(Using the Victoria’s Secret Perfume to make more luxurious)

Surprisely Shu looks better than Subaru (Even it is Subaru’s Outfit…)Maybe cuz this Shoe has blue eyes~ You know they match the snow blue~

DL (Plushie Outfits) - Collection I / Master List

Just want to review how many outfits I have made~ so far total I have 8 outfits. \(Ow<)

Let’s play a little voting game, please tell me the one you like the most~! \(>o<)/

I label each outfit’s name!!! If you want to see each’s full article you can lick the URLs:


Character Song (Shu):

Lost Eden (Shu):

Character song (Subaru):

Rejet Fes 2017/ Snow Prince(Subaru):

Lost Eden (Subaru):

Chaos Lineage (Orange):

Pirate (Subaru):


My next plans are Chaos Lineage’s Scarlet and Violet outfits~ but I will take a little break for now~ Making clothes is a job I have to be 100% concentrate and sit for a long time~ Everytime my shoulder is so tight I cannot even move, and my back is like ouch…(=w=|||)