subaru loyale


This was a cool old Subaru I found in a junkyard. A Loyale era GL-10 turbo touring wagon. A very rare bird in that it had all the bells and whistles for the time, turbo charged  engine with 4 wheel drive transmission and a limited slip differential in the rear. This “touring” wagon also had a hump on the roofline that added a few extra cubic feet of storage.


I found an early model EJ22 (2.2 liter overhead cam subaru engine) in the junkyard in a 1992 legacy with only 135k miles on it! I pulled it and I plan on putting it in the Land Crab which currently has the EA81 (1.8 liter overhead valve pushrod engine). I have to gather up more pieces and parts but will get this done for springtime fun. Really excited, the land crab will be able to hang in the fast lane on the interstate and mileage will improve as the EA81 is too underpowered to get decent mileage when turning big tires. EA81 made only about 80 HP stock, the EJ22 will deliver about 145 HP! I’ve loved having the relic pushrod motor, but this will be cool. I’m going to mate it up to a 5 speed dual range on demand 4WD tranny out of a loyale era subaru. Fun Fun Love Fun.


Your hummer, your truck, your armored personal carrier, leave them at home.


GO! A Snowboard Road Trip

Snowboarding and an STI-swapped Subaru Loyale.