subaru legacy 555


Colin McRae’s legendary Legacy

The car that Colin McRae won his first ever WRC rally in is sitting in a Subaru showroom in Ota, Japan. This is the 1993 Rally New Zealand winning Prodrive Subaru Legacy. 

Ota city is the home of Subaru and also the place where I live. Actually this particular showroom is just down the road from my house, so I went to have a look.

Like many lads my age, I grew up watching the WRC in the 90s, so this car in its 555 livery is a bit of a special one for me. It’s always a strange feeling to see such an iconic car in the flesh. It borders on an emotional experience, to be in a quiet room with a car like this. I stood there, imagining it flying through the special stages of New Zealand at the hands of the legend, Colin McRae. It was at that rally, in this car that McRae got his first ever WRC victory, this actual car! I felt a shiver down my spine as I peeked into the cockpit. It’s a difficult sensation to put into words, but I’m sure many of you understand what I mean.