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blackshadowxmoom  asked:

I don't know if you already did this but could you do when the sakamaki,Mukami and the tsukinami brothers girlfriend is on their period? (You don't have to do all of them)

((Matt- SELF ADVERTISING TIME- Heres a shot I did of Subaru when his GF has her period… Hehe ~ Enjoy~~ ))

Ruki- He would be gentler, but strict. He wouldn’t allow you to eat much unhealthy food and he wouldn’t let you sit on the couch all day. He might engage in a few ‘activities’ if he learns they can help.

Yuma- He would let you sit back and relax, and would cuddle you and be very sweet and nice. If you become a total bitch on your period though, he’d leave you be a lot and would just ignore you.

Kou- He would spoil her rotten with gifts and sweets and make her feel like a princess~ Of coarse, she would owe him once her period was over. 

Azusa- He would let you eat whatever and would basically cuddle you the whole week and kiss you all over and make you feel loved~