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What kind of pets would the s/m brothers allow their kids to have?

Remember proper care for your pets, always research thoroughly,make sure they are legal where you live, and provide love and care for them.


Shu - A dog probably, a German Shepherd maybe.

Reiji - He believes pets to be a good source of care so he allowed his son a guinea pig.

Ayato - We all know he’s going for a big dog like a Golden

Kanato - None Kanato is not an animal person… he may settle for a fish

Laito - Maybe a chinchilla or something exotic like that

Subaru - His son brought home a yellow banana boa and it kind of stayed


Ruki - Maybe a ferret or two (one for each of his daughters)

Kou - A cat of course

Yuma - He gets his hoard of children two Blue Ticks and you can’t tell me otherwise

Azusa - Hamster, he likes hamsters

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Headcanons for the sakamaki brothers being dads for the first time? How did they handle taking care of an infant for the first time? Did they take on more responsibility or did they leave their s/o to care for the baby?


Shu -

Not sure if this kid thing is for him when his son arrived

Was a total mess due to the sporadic sleep schedule

Is rather hands off with raising the kids but still helpful in a way

Gives advice but it’s not the kind that sets in until later

Reiji -

Was so ready for the parenting thing when his son came into the world

Was a natural at taking care of his child, even did a better job than you

Takes a major role in the upbringing of his child to insure he is doing the best he can

Gives backhanded advice that you wouldn’t know was advice until later in life when you figure out that that was advice

Ayato -

On the fence about child rearing but it grew on him when his triplets came along

Definitely needs help taking care of the kids but once he gets the swing of it he’s great

Pretty hands on with raising his children since he has to be the best dad after all

Gives the worst advice for anything, don’t let him give advice

Kanato -

❣This kid thing was definitely not for him and he wonders often what made him get you pregnant, still loves them (his daughter more) though

❣Could not take care of a child to save his life

❣Had nothing to do with raising his children until they were capable of walking and no diapers

❣Gives decent advice when bribed or forced to

Laito -

Was very scared about kids, grew on him though

Pretty good at taking care of his little girl, knows her better than you~

Very involved in her life, very protective

Gives very good advice but there is always something more to it

Subaru -

Scared to death about having baby, did not think he was ready

Another natural at taking care of his children, was always afraid of messing up

Very hands on in his kids’ lives, makes sure to go to every event and be a big part in their activities

Gives probably the best, short, sweet, and to the point advice even his nieces an nephews come to him.

Bad apples: I hate Yui! She’s weak! None of the boys love her! It’s all unhealthy and abusive!

Good apples: I like Yui because her kindness makes her strong. I think the boys are blessed to meet her and fall in love with her

Me: I want to hold Yui’s hand, I adore her

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Hi, how are you? I really love your blog Can i have a scenario where the s/o misses her family and the M and S brothers try to comfort her? Thank you! Ps. sorry for my english


Shu: He would tell his s/o to stop crying because she wouldn’t make anything happen through tears. Nevertheless, Shu would calm her down with music from his earbud and if that didn’t work, he would gather her in his arms and murmur how she doesn’t need to cry anymore because he is at her side. He’ll do his best to persuade her to stay with him because she is his most precious treasure now.

“You already belong to me, you know. I won’t let you go back to your family anymore.”

Reiji: Dismissing her feelings, Reiji would inform her that she should not shed tears for people that she will never see again. But despite his cold exterior though, Reiji is a little fearful that his s/o will leave him one day to go back home. He will sit her down and make tea for her, stating that she isn’t allowed to ever leave him. In other words, he needs her more than her family.

“You are my possession and you will do what I say. Stay with me for an eternity…”

Ayato: How could she miss her family when she has the great Ore-sama at her side? Ayato finds it hard to empathize with her, and he isn’t sure what to say to make her feel better either. Pinning her to the bed, Ayato would express how he will never find sweet blood like hers centuries from now. He refuses to let her leave his side, and he wants her to know that she only needs him.

“I want your blood, Chichinashi. I’ll never quench my thirst without you. Don’t leave me, alright?”

Kanato: Kanato would not want his lover to miss her family. Her new life was with him, and he didn’t want her to misunderstand this fact. Glaring at her crying face, Kanato would say that she is stupid for thinking about her family and he threatens to burn her eyes out if she doesn’t stop. Afterwards, Kanato would caress her face and remark how she only needs him and no one else.

“You only need me. No one else matters to you but me. Isn’t that right, Teddy?”

Laito: Laito would chuckle and gently bring his lover in his arms, holding her tightly as he wiped away her tears with his slender finger. Using sweet words and some lip service, Laito would manipulate his s/o into thinking that her family really wasn’t important and that all she needed to worry about was him. His kisses and promises to keep her happy would be enough to keep her at his side.

“Bitch-chan, I’ll make love to you every day if you remain at my side. We’ll make our own family.”

Subaru: Conflicted by his lover’s sadness, Subaru might feel that his lover would be better off without him. If she misses her family that much, he’d angrily tell her to leave him while she can. Otherwise he might change his mind and kill her. But Subaru only says this to further encourage her to leave. He thinks they were not meant to be in this lifetime under their current circumstances.

“Tch…just leave already. I knew you would leave me one day for something else…”

Kino: He was abandoned before and left to be with the ghouls, so he did not want his one and only lover to leave him for her family. He doesn’t understand what is so important about family and would most likely imprison his s/o if she continues to bug him about seeing her family. Piercing his fangs into her, Kino would remind his s/o that a kiss goodbye will never occur between them.

“You exist for me. We’re match made in hell thanks to that man, don’t you think?”


Ruki: Seeing his lover cry at her desk, Ruki would quietly approach her with a frown and place his hands on her shoulders, massaging them to grab her attention. When she confesses how much she misses her family, Ruki would tell her that it would be best to forget them. After all, she was his lover now, and she wouldn’t be allowed to leave under his watch.

“Forget about them, Livestock. I can give you everything you need, including myself.”

Kou: Kou would sweep his crying s/o off her feet and carry away to their bedroom, where they can privately discuss what has been bothering her. When she reveals her hidden sadness, Kou would just pat her head and tell her that she shouldn’t feel this way. She’s married to a famous idol, what more could she ask for? In essence, Kou guilt trips her enough to make her stay with him in the end.

“M Neko-chan, I’m enough for you, aren’t I? If you love me, you would stay and not complain.”

Yuma: As rough as he appears, Yuma would actually remain calm in this situation and ruffle his s/o’s hair, emphasizing that it’s annoying to see her in this awful state. If he’s feeling generous. Yuma might allow her to go and visit her family once in a blue moon, but he sends out a familiar with her every time. Possessive as always, he wants her home before the sun sets.

“Can’t ya be quicker gettin’ home, Sow? I hate not being around ya for this long.”

Azusa: Azusa isn’t sure how to quite respond to his s/o, but he would comfort her with hugs and reassuring words. He doesn’t like the idea of his s/o leaving him or being miserable, so he will allow her to visit home as often as she likes. His s/o can’t forget him back in the Mukami mansion, and she always finds herself coming back to him. It works out for the both of them in the end.

“Eve…be safe…on your trip home…see you…soon.”

 -Admin Yuuzuki

DLhoes- how to tell "things are getting serious"

Mukami version:

Shu: when he sits up, things are getting serious

Reiji: when he takes out the whip, things are getting serious

Ayato: when he opens his eyes bigger, things are getting serious

Kanato: when he puts teddy down, things are getting serious

Laito: when he lowers his voice, things are getting serious

Subaru: when he punches the wall, things are getting serious

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What are the kids' names for the boys in the family au? or what names do you think they would have?

I let the reader chose the name of the kids but I do name them in my head so I don’t mix them up ^^’ Azusa is pretty much canon soooooo….


Shu - (Son;Daughter) Luca; Ophelia

Reiji - (Son) Hideo or Zane

Ayato - (Son;Son;Son;Daughter) Alexander; Liam; Koji; Sora

Kanato - (Daughter;Son) Violet; Theodore

Laito - (Daughter) Adalyn or Analee

Subaru - (Son;Daughter;Son) Axel; Scarlet; Ken


Ruki - (Daughter;Daughter) Olivia; Katherine

Kou - (Daughter;Son) Rei; Emil

Yuma - (Daugher;Daugher;Daugher;Daugher;Son;Daugher) Natalia; Amelia; Aki; Hannah; Edward; June

Azusa - (Daugher;Son;Daugher) Melissa; Justin; Christina

Carla - (Son;Son;Son) Abel; Hideki; Noah

Shin - (Son;Son;Daugher;Daugher) Gabriel; Kenji; Mae; Belle


Kino - (Daugher;Daugher;Daugher) Lucinda; Mao; Ren

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The hc about Subaru with a pregnant s/o was really cute, could maybe do it with the other s brothers, please?

Anonymous said:Headcanons for Ayato with a pregnant s/o. How he treats her, does he talk to the baby, does he touch her tummy? Etc. please?

@sasu-naru-is-the-best said:Headcons with Shu with his pregnant s/o? How would he treat her? Would he be sweet or just his usual lazy self?

Sorry, this took so long babes, I’m finally getting some juice back!


Shu -  

”Hm? Pregnant? When did that happen?… Don’t play dumb I know where babies come from.” Overall he’s pretty chill about the announcement, a little surprised at first but he calms down rather fast.
♫ He will be sure to make you take it easy, there’s no need for you to be worrying and stressing during this time.
He’s still lazy, after all, there are familiars to do his bidding, so be ready for cuddles with which he constantly has a hand on your stomach.
He can handle your cravings, even sometimes getting up to get the food you want if he doesn’t find it too troublesome, don’t expect him to run to the store tho… or fire up the oven… you’re better off asking Reiji or doing it yourself.
The least likely to hover over you when you are doing something though don’t be mistaken, he’s always watching.
The chillest of all, even when you go to have the baby there is so much chill… inwardly there is no chill.

Reiji -

♠ Inwardly nervous about you and the newly found baby but doesn’t show it, happy all the same tho.
He makes sure to give you your space while pregnant, especially when your mood swings like a ticking pendulum, and will only touch you as much as you allow.
Loves to touch the tummy tho and will at night while you two are settling down for bed, your irritable moods be damned.
Tries to steer you away from unhealthy foods while you are craving and tries to give you healthier alternatives… No, Reiji, that salad is not better than that pizza and dammit get me a banana to go with it.
Makes sure you are careful with everything you do. Getting into the bath? Be sure not to fall. Going down the stairs? You better hold on to that railing. Chopping veggies or fruit? You better make sure that knife doesn’t- better yet hand that him.
Nothing really changes housework wise, he just picks up the slack which isn’t that much, to begin with. But that also means more time to yourself and more time to plan the nursery… with Reiji’s approval of decor as well.

Ayato -

Of course, he’s overjoyed, his kids are going to be the best after all!*He’s touching the tum tum and even talking to it as soon as you tell him, he doesn’t care once you get on into the pregnancy and the irritability starts he’ll touch your tummy as much as he wants.
Ayato cuddles? Yes, please! He has taken to relaxing with you more than usual and like to kiss your tummy, draw circles on it, and whisper sweet things to you during your serene moment.
That doesn’t mean he sits still often tho, instead of forcing you to play basketball or do other physical things he makes you watch him… let the praise go to his, it slows down when the babies come.
Cannot fathom how odd your cravings are… Pancake how can you eat that? You just put hot sauce on your waffles! Help him.
Pumps himself up all during the pregnancy, he’s the best dad after all, until it comes time to give birth then it dawns on him that he is, in fact, not ready… but he’s the best dad after the fear is gone.

Kanato -

Eew babies are gross… but he can deal.
Won’t really touch your stomach as much as you’d think he would, he’s more interested when it grows tho… He may also talk to it, but that’s only during sleepless nights without you listening.
Kind of peeved that you won’t be able to fit into the dresses he makes for you when you get further along, but can easily be convinced to start on the baby’s wardrobe.
Likes to push your limits and quite frankly is not getting into the parenting mindset at all. He’d rather watch you trip and stumble to see how much the baby can take…
Does not understand your cravings, why would you put chocolate sauce on pepperoni pizza? Please stop eating bananas with your chicken alfredo…
Rather fascinated with the growing fetus inside of you, but at the same time would rather not deal with it or you in this state.

Laito -

Oh… a baby? He disappears for a week there, meandering and doing what Laito does before coming home and facing up and taking responsibility.
Actually, doesn’t want to touch your tummy as you thought he would, he’s much more comfortable watching the baby move around on its own.
Pregnancy sex? He’s down, especially when the hormones kick in, but he’s also perfectly content with laying beside you and doing crosswords while you ponder all the baby stuff.
He picks up some of your slack when you’re tired but only when you are absolutely irritable and nagging at him. He takes the complaints with a smile and does it, he understands that by the way your stomach is stretched and how the baby keeps you up at night you’ve got to be exhausted.
Your cravings never cease to amaze him. “Little Bitch why are dipping grape bubble gum into your tea? Would you rather me go and get you something… better?… … Oh, pizza and apple slices… I can do that!”
Overall pretty chill after the initial shock wears off

Season's Storms

Fall Collection

Family Edition

Tears slowly trickled down the child’s chubby cheeks. While their small body trembled in fear as they stared out the large looming windows, staring at the angry black clouds that blocked out the pretty stars. When suddenly the clouds lit up with a bright vivid light and only seconds after a harsh crack rattled the windows and elicited a loud piercing cry that echoed throughout the manor. And with you away on business he was left to tend to his and yours child.


Teleporting into his child’s bedroom, Subaru sat on the edge of the bed beside the small and trembling lump under the blanket. He placed a hand on the lump and soothingly told his child,
“I’m here for you.” As the child threw the blanket off and quickly crawled onto Subaru’s lap.
Wrapping their scrawny arms around Subaru’s neck, they nuzzled their tears face into the crook of Subaru’s neck. While their loud sobs racked their childish body, Subaru wrapped his arms around his little one and rocked back and forth.
“I’ll always be here for you, my little rose.” Subaru whispered softly, his voice tender with compassion and adoration for his child who clung to him in terror. He could remember the nights when the storms like this frightened him, only he had no one to turn to, no one to protect him from the horror of the thunderstorm.
Calmed down by Subaru’s rocking and his arms wrapped securely around them, they pulled away and looked up into their Father’s eyes, whose scarlet eyes matched their own.
“I love you.” The words though made awkward by childish speech were beautiful as they brought tears to Subaru eyes as he leaned down and kissed his child’s soft white hair.
“I love you too.”


Coping softly as Laito teleported into his child’s room,
“My Daisy, it’s ok, don’t be scared of a silly storm, Daddy is here now.” His voice calming as his child jumped out of bed, tossing the covers to the floor and darting into Laito’s open arms.
“Pl-pl-plea-please…” shuttering their fear kept them from finished their request as another clap of thunder shook the windows and they screamed, as they clung to Laito’s shirt. Who quickly picked the young one up and cradled them close to his chest.
“I’ll stay here with you till the morning comes and the storm go away. I won’t leave your side, my special little daisy.” Laito mummered as he walked over to the bed, with his child’s head resting on his chest with their small fists grasping his shirt.
Placing his child on the bed,
“Lay down, I’ll tuck us both in.” Laito told them as he picked the blanket up off the floor and joined his child on the bed, cocooning the blanket around both his child and himself. Who cuddled into Laito, with the head resting on Laito’s chest as they laid on top of him.
“Dad why do you always call me daisy?” The child questioned their voice already heavy with sleep,
“Because your pure and full of innocence that is so beautiful and rare in this world. Now sleep little Daisy, I won’t leave you.” Laito whispered as his child’s breaths grew deeper and their heart rate slower as they quickly bfell fast asleep.


“Dada!” A soft and fragile voice called as the child decided to brave coming out from underneath the blanket as they climbed out of bed. Their feet making a soft little plops as they ran out of their bedroom and into the hallway where they instantly crashed into Kanato.
Falling onto their butt, they looked up with wide amethyst colored eyes which lit up as they saw there Father standing before them. They jumped up and held their arms up childishly, signaling they wanted to be picked up.
Kanato gently picked his child up as he wiped their tears away before running his hands through their short hair. While softly humming an aimless tune, as his child’s sobs turned into hiccups and their tears stopped flowing.
“Thank you.” The child simply said as they wrapped their thin arms around Kanato’s neck the best they could,
“Do you want to play with a new doll, I was saving it for when you woke up, but how about we play with it now, we can make outfits for her together.” Kanato suggested as the child smile and nodded.
“Please!” They exclaimed softly and politely,
“Heh, anything for you my Teddy Bear.” Kanato cooed as he walked off towards the playroom with his small and quiet child in his arms.


Slowly pulling the covered off of his trembling child, who quickly abandoned the pillow they were clutching onto so that they could cling onto Ayato. Who wrapped an arm around his child’s, rubbing his hand soothingly up and down his child’s back. While running his hand through their hair,
“Your Dad is going to let you in on a secret, I’m always having nightmares and when there comes nights that I’m scared I hold onto your Mother tightly. And she helps chase them away, so it’s ok to be scared to come for help.” Ayato admitted before proudly adding,
“I’ll be there to help, I’ll give you the best help possible to chase away every single fear.” With a smile on his face as he softly kissed his child forehead, who remained quiet as they started to fall asleep on Ayato who slowly laid down and covered both his child and himself with the blanket.
“Your the best Daddy.” His child slurred in a voice sluggish with sleep as they drifted off in the comfort of Ayato’s arms.
“Your the best too champ, I will always be proud of you.”


Already prepared for the oncoming storm, Reiji had the fireplace going warming up a room buried deep within the manor where you couldn’t hear the thunder clapping or the pelting of the rain against the wall. With a pillow and a thick blanket neatly set on the bed, with a small cup of tea to soothe the nerves waiting.
Teleporting into his child’s bedroom, he wordlessly picked them up with their blanket and all. Reiji cradling his child to his chest,
“I already have a room set up for you, and you are to sleep there when the weather gets bad, but nevertheless I will remain by your side tonight and every other that if you so wish for me to do so.” Reiji told them as he teleported them into the room he had prepared.
“Will you please stay with me, I don’t want to be alone.” The child’s voice was proper and clear as Reiji nodded and sat down on the bed, placing his child next to himself, covering them with the blanket,
“Before you sleep, here is some tea to calm your nerves and help you sleep solidly throughout the night.” Reiji picked up the small tea cup, which was one of many that were made for his child’s small hands.
“Thank you Father.” The child smiled soundly rather formal as he took the cup from his Father and took small sips, as Reiji ran his hand through their hair soothingly.


Teleporting onto the bed, Shuu wrapped his arm around the shivering and sobbing bump under the blanket that was his child. He said nothing as his child’s trembles grew softer until the child stilled and his sobbing died down.
“Daddy?” The child questioned softly, as they peeked their head out from under their blanket to look at Shuu whose eyes were closed while he pretended to sleep.
“They call you lazy and good for nothing, but your always there for me, you always make me feel better. And a lazy person wouldn’t do that, since you always care for me that means your good for something, for loving me.” Shuu’s eyes opened in surprise at his child’s awareness, before he smiled warmly and kissed his child’s nose. Which caused his child to wrinkle his nose up and giggle softly as they returned the kiss, pressing their lips softly to Shuu’s nose.
“Go to sleep already.” Shuu told them softly as they nodded, and cuddled into Shuu who whispered,
“I love you, I’ll do anything for you and your Mother, I’ll get you both the world all everything else all you have to do is ask.”