subaru 1000

As some of you may know, I live in the hometown of Subaru, Ota, in Japan. So obviously, day to day, I see a lot of Subarus. Sometimes I see rare Subarus such as special edition Imprezas and even the occasional 360. But sometimes I see very rare Subarus, like this. Having lived here for nearly 3 years, this is the only time I’ve ever seen a Subaru 1000, and I believe this is the later FF-1 model, unless I’m mistaken, which I probably am, so any Subaru experts out there, feel free to educate me on this subject. This one was sitting outside my local Konbini. The fact that it had the racy rims, bonnet pins, roll bar and 4-point harness made this even more interesting to me. It seems like a proper little track racer from the 70s. This is a real old-school ‘JDM’ Subie.

After a little bit of internet research, I found out that this was in fact the first ever production Subaru with a Boxer power unit.