“Have you read the Ramayana?”


“It’s the story of Sita. Janaka was king of Mithila. One day ploughing an empty field, he found a little girl on the ground–Sita. Sita was the daughter of the Earth. One day she went back to the Earth. The Earth opened up to receive her. But that was much later. In between…comes the whole story of the Ramayana.”

“I’ll hear the whole story one day.”

Subarnarekha (Ritwik Ghatak, 1965)

a boy and a girl grow up together ostensibly as brother and sister, but he’s an orphan from a lower caste. they fall in love as adults, their union a threat to their older brother’s life-long sacrificial mission for social mobility. sometimes operatic in tone. certainly operatic in story. only the music here is better. she sings these songs that are so beautiful, voicing her soul and condition. that’s what i’ll take away most. it felt like the movie just decided not to be as good towards the end, unfortunately.